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'Interdimensional Portal to Infinity' # 4 - made using a heavily edited blacklight photo of a painting I finished recently, I'm working out a way to install these portals in places other than the Instagram world; be on the look out for development in this series, I also eventually intend to begin incorporating an audio element to each portal for an added touch of pleasure for the observer. Hope everyone has enjoyed these so far, I really enjoy making them and love sharing them with people when I get the chance 💚🙏🧠

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ㅤ ㅤ TDL並みの待ち時間。 ㅤ でもあと30回は行きたい。 ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ #チームラボボーダレス #ランプの森

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Poslední dobou se mi honí hlavou jedna myšlenka. “Pokud neděláš to, co opravdu milujes, tak ztrácíš svůj drahocenný čas.” Kolik z Vás dělá práci na plný uvázek, kterou opravdu miluje a byla jeho snem? Vám bych chtěla pogratulovat. Je to muj cíl dělat to, co mě naplňuje a věřím, že to vyjde. Jen na nás závisí nase budoucnost tak pojďme se nad tim společně zamyslet. #myself #me #dreaming #heels👠 #goodmorningall #blondynka #prolepsibudoucnost #future #hanickach

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depicejascr. Nos complace informarles el próximo curso de Maquillaje Profesional co

Nos complace informarles el próximo curso de Maquillaje Profesional con certificado avalado de Fecoprobe!!! Quieres aprender aplicar la base, tapar ojeras, corregir imperfecciones? Cómo maquillar los ojos con las técnicas de última tendencia? Cómo Maquillar las Cejas, labios, delinear ojos? Cómo perfilar tu rostro según tus facciones??? Esta es tu oportunidad más información déjanos tu mensaje!!! #maquillajeprofesionalencostarica #makeup #makeupartist #costarica🇨🇷 #costarica

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✌️NOTE to Self✌️ STOP 🛑 Getting in your own way, SURRENDER, & Let EVERYTHING that is not serving you GO! “As Dr. Hawkins explains, the ‘small’ part of ourselves is attached to the familiar, no matter how painful or inefficient it is. It may seem bizarre, but our self with a small ‘s’ actually enjoys an impoverished life and all the negativity that goes with it: 👉1. Feeling unworthy, 👉2. Being invalidated, 👉3. Judging others and ourselves, 👉4. Being inflated, 👉5. Always ‘winning’ and being ‘right,’ 👉6. Grieving the past, 👉7. Fearing the future, 👉8. Nursing our wounds, 👉9. Craving assurance and 👉10. Seeking love instead of giving it.” ❤️Letting Go: THE PATHWAY OF SURRENDER by Dr. David R. Hawkins🌈

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In Paradise 🌟

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bitchsprite_. I made buttons uwuuuu

I made buttons uwuuuu

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grazia_and_co. dining with DIIVA @theprincehotel .
Farewell and thank y

dining with DIIVA @theprincehotel . #graziaandco Farewell and thank you @dita.b

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hijaelusifel. Lettuce


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d0nalddd_. AFNF 💉🖕🏽

AFNF 💉🖕🏽

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Владимир #Путин посетил деревню Универсиады и встретился с членами спортивной сборной России. © / #фото: пресс-служба президента

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On vacation☁️🌞☁️☁️☁️

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karl_w_feilder. Hey, look Mum, I'm on a billboard! #karlwfeilder #Sandstörm

Hey, look Mum, I'm on a billboard! #karlwfeilder #Sandstörm

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