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Hands up if you want to be sitting here watching this @sydney #sunrise right now? ✋ @davidwesson called this dreamy #Bondi scene a “poolside stunner”, and rightly so, we say! After a refreshing early morning dip in the ocean or the Bondi @icebergsclub pool that’s pictured here, warm up with a coffee and breakfast at @porchandparlour, @harrysbondi or one of the many cafes in the area, they’re all delicious! The perfect way to spend a day exploring this popular #sydney beach suburb? The possibilities are endless really, but strolling along the Bondi to Coogee coastal walk and shopping on Gould Street are both must-dos. #seeaustralia #ilovesydney #newsouthwales #sydneylocal #bondibeach #travel

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This spot right here is where we’d like to spend our day please. 💙 @matt.lambley was “swimming in paradise” at #CrystalPool on @norfolk.island, an #island paradise nestled in the Pacific Ocean, a mere 2.5-hour flight from @sydney or @visitbrisbane. This natural pool is located at the end of a rather challenging track on the southwestern end of #NorfolkIsland, but we promise the view is totally worth the journey to get there! TIP: Make sure you check the tide times at the local visitor information centre before heading out to the pool, as you can’t swim here on incoming or high tide. #seeaustralia #norfolkisland #travel #naturephotography #viewfromabove

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We promise that this is really #MaianbarBeach and not an optical illusion! 🤯 @johndean_ can confirm that this jaw-dropping scene is indeed real and can be found in the southern @sydney village of #Maianbar, which is located around 1.5-hours from the CBD. Surrounded by the historic @royalnationalpark, this spot feels like its world away from busy city life, making it a popular choice with the locals. TIP: Bring your swimmers and wear your comfiest shoes, as you’ll go on a lovely bushwalk to reach the secluded bay. #seeaustralia #newsouthwales #ilovesydney #viewfromabove #travel

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Pixie has been busy practising her new trick for the @kurandakoalagardens magic show... it’s not easy making your head vanish you know! 🐨 Relax everybody, we can confirm her head is still very much fully attached, Pixie was just busy checking on her #quokka mate, Berocca 😉 Located 40 minutes from #Cairns in the @kurandavillage, you can meet this fluffy magician in the flesh, and even cuddle up to her for a photo at this @tropicalnorthqueensland #wildlife park. #kurandakoalagardens also does great work in tracking @queensland’s koala population, learn more about this project from the keepers when you visit. #seeaustralia #thisisqueensland #exploreTNQ #wildlifephotography #travel

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Get ready guys, we’re in for a cracker @visitmelbourne #sunset! 🏠🌅 @will_mac89 ended his day the right way “down at the #BrightonBathingBoxes, with some peach-coloured clouds just after sunset.” Located 30 minutes from the CBD, you ’ll find 82 #bathingboxes lining the shores of #BrightonBeach here, each with a unique design or artwork, adding that extra pop of colour to the #beach. A beautiful spot to enjoy a seaside stroll, complete your experience here with coffee from @holygroundsbrighton, some pastries from @woodfrogbakery, or sit down for a nice dinner at @botticelli_ristorante. #seeaustralia #visitvictoria #visitmelbourne #dronestagram #viewfromabove

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A plunging waterfall in the middle of a lush #rainforest? Yes indeed, @tropicalnorthqueensland’s #NandroyaFalls looks exactly like it’s from the lost world 😮 No wonder @andrewwatsonphoto said this is “probably his favourite” @wettropicsqld #waterfall, which you can find just a two-hour drive from #Cairns. Located in @queensland’s #WooroonooranNationalPark, the picturesque Nandroya Falls Circuit is a 6.6-kilometre track, so you best wear your hiking boots and allow two to three hours for a return trip. Stay at the Henrietta Creek campground in the park if you want to spend a few days immersing yourself in the wilderness of this @athertontablelands region. #seeaustralia #thisisqueensland #athertontablelands #thegreatoutdoors #naturephotography

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Summer days done the right way at @sydney's @icebergsclub 🙏 @anthonyglick perfectly captured this iconic ocean pool ’s killer views, a spot where #Bondi locals love to go for a dip or simply lounge and soak up the relaxed vibes. The great news is that use of the pool is not exclusive to club members, anyone can swim in it for a small entry fee, which also includes access to the sauna. After a few laps, make sure you pop up to the bistro for a hearty lunch with panoramic views of #BondiBeach. #seeaustralia #newsouthwales #ilovesydney #Bondi #bondiicebergs #travel

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The @gbrmarinepark stretches for over 2,300 kilometres along the coast of @queensland, which equals the size of around 70 million football fields! 🤯 It’s no wonder that @sammieandsunsets found this expansive and stunning view so breathtaking when she went on a scenic seaplane tour with @gsl_aviation. A bird’s-eye view really puts into perspective just how massive this natural wonder really is, and you can choose to fly from either #Cairns or #AirlieBeach in @whitsundaysqld. Make sure your camera is fully charged for the experience, it might just be one of the best window seats you’ll ever be in! #seeaustralia #thisisqueensland #lovewhitsundays #GreatBarrierReef #lovethereef #travel

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Sharing is caring! ♥️ It’s rather nice to see how well the @australianreptilepark’s #emu chicks, Huey and Louie, get along with resident #kangaroo joeys, Jack and Ollie, isn’t it? This @visitnsw #wildlife park is only an hour’s drive from @sydney on @visitcentralcoastnsw, and there are designated areas where animals get to roam free and mingle with both their furry or feathered neighbours and human visitors. TIP: You can also (kind of) share a meal with these guys, by packing a barbecue lunch and using the complimentary facilities in the picnic grounds... all while surrounded by friendly kangaroos. 😉 #seeaustralia #newsouthwales #centralcoastnsw #australianreptilepark #wildlifephotography #travel

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In the mood for a colourful road trip? Steer your wheel towards #Broome in @westernaustralia! 🚗 The magical landscape is so captivating here that according to @theblondenomads: “we planned to stay in Broome for only a few days... and 2 weeks later we are still here!” Expect turquoise waters and rich red earth with beautiful pockets of rainforest along the coast in this part of @australiasnorthwest. Once you get into town, book a guided tour with @narlijia to see the mangrove, or a kayak tour with @broomeadventure to paddle with turtles and discover remote beaches. Yep, definitely sounds like you can easily spend a couple of weeks here 😉 #seeaustralia #justanotherdayinwa #australiasnorthwest #naturephotography #travel

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We sure wouldn’t mind calling this picturesque little house our home 🏠 Well, this is technically a #boatshed not really a house, but @tomproudfoot calls this “the most photogenic thing in @destinationperth” nevertheless. The #BlueBoatHouse (or #CrawleyEdgeBoatshed, as it’s officially known) is a popular landmark in @westernaustralia and perches very nicely on the #SwanRiver, providing a photogenic scene for the thousands of visitors who flock to this spot. You can’t get inside here, but it’s well worth taking a stroll down the jetty to snap some photos. Grab a bite to eat at the nearby @felix_and_co or @boubar_cafe, or make a day of it and pack a picnic to eat inside #KingsPark. #seeaustralia #justanotherdayinwa #seeperth #travel #architecture

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Swing into the weekend with us in @tropicalnorthqueensland 🌴 @photobohemian enjoyed some serene beach time at #CapeTribulation’s #CowBay, where three secluded bays are surrounded by @queensland's @portdouglasdaintree #rainforest - sounds like the perfect setting for some R&R if you ask us! TIP: Book a ‘guided rainforest walk’ or a ‘jungle archery tour’ with the nearby @daintreecrocodylus to learn more about the local ecosystem, you might even meet some of the local wildlife along the way. #seeaustralia #thisisqueensland #exploreTNQ #portdouglasdaintree #travel

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