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australia. All aboard the world’s first rideshare submarine! 🐠 Promise that we’r

All aboard the world’s first rideshare submarine! 🐠 Promise that we’re not kidding, this once-in-a-lifetime experience from @queensland and @uber_australia really does mean that you can now explore the #GreatBarrierReef by hopping into a #scUber… AMAZING! Between 27 May and 18 June, travellers and locals in selected #Queensland cities can book themselves a scUber ride to be immersed in the @gbrmarinepark’s incredible underwater world; surrounded by colourful corals, tropical fish and marine life - all without the need for a snorkelling mask. Sign us up for this sweet ride, we’re in! ✋🏻 #seeaustralia #thisisqueensland #submarine #underwaterphotography #travel

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It's easy to see why Tripod is the local staring contest champion 😬 @iamsavi snapped (excuse the pun, we couldn’t help ourselves) this incredible portrait of a huge #crocodile, who you may recognise as one of @mattwright’s pals, in @ausoutbacknt. There are approximately 150,000 saltwater crocodiles and at least 100,000 freshwater crocodiles across northern Australia - that's almost as many crocodiles as people that live in the #NorthernTerritory - crazy, huh?! 🐊 IMPORTANT: When exploring this incredible part of our country, always observe crocodile safety signs and assume that they are present, even if you can’t see them. #seeaustralia #NTAustralia #wildlifephotography #nature #adventure

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RARE SIGHT: Hundreds of post-it notes making their way towards #BondiBeach! 😱No need to be alarmed, @dronesharkapp have confirmed that, upon closer inspection, it turns out to be a school of Cownose Rays - not stationery supplies that have escaped the office. @dronesharkapp regularly fly over @Sydney’s famous coastline and this is the very first time they’ve ever spotted a sight like this. Two species of #CownoseRays can be found in Australian waters, but it’s pretty unusual to see them in this area. These marine creatures are rather shy and always swim in large schools towards the surface, creating the mesmerising patchwork effect that you see here! #seeaustralia #ilovesydney #NewSouthWales #beach #wildlifephotography

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#CircularPool proves that blue and green should totally be seen 💙 💚 @denham.robert perfectly captured the natural beauty of this refreshing spot, that can be found hidden away in #KarijiniNationalPark. As @westernaustralia’s second largest national park, the expansive Karijini National Park in @australiasnorthwest has a seriously spectacular landscape that’s been carved out over two billion years. It's got plenty of freshwater pools to take a swim in, unforgettable scenery, and between June and September, an abundance of colourful wildflowers 🌼. #seeaustralia #justanotherdayinwa #australiasnorthwest #naturephotography #adventure #travel

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Cheers to making it halfway through the week! 🥂 @sincerelykn spent her last evening in @sydney “watching the #sunset from 36 floors high at @shangrilasydney’s #BluBar” with “an amazing #cocktail list paired with incredible views of the city.” Located in @therocks, the #shangrilasydney hotel is a short walk from #CircularQuay, and you can start with drinks at the #bar on level 36, before moving across to #AltitudeRestaurant on the other side of the floor for a fine dining experience - all served with a delicious side of #SydneyHarbour views, of course. #seeaustralia #restaurantaustralia #newsouthwales #ilovesydney #sydneylocal #foodwithaview

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Red skies and white sand… @westernaustralia’s diverse colour palette just keeps surprising us! @michaelsarich captured this mesmerising #sunset at #Lancelin, which is @australiascoralcoast’s most popular #sandboarding destination, thanks to its gigantic snow-white #sanddunes. Located 1.5 hours from @destinationperth, @adamsperth, @exploretoursperth and @westsidetours all run tours here with a stop to sandboard at the sand dunes (of course!), or you can simply rent a sandboard on site if you’re driving there yourself - both easy options! #seeaustralia #justanotherdayinwa #australiascoralcoast #naturephotography #travelgram

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How’s the serenity? ⛰️🌙 @craig_richards_photography captured this golden autumn light over #GrampiansNationalPark, which is known for its rugged mountain ranges, spectacular wildflower displays, and a rich collection of Indigenous rock art sites. A three-hour drive from @visitmelbourne will get you to this beautiful part of @thegrampians for some fresh air and zen time in the great outdoors. @aatkings, @gowest_tours and @autopiatours all run guided tours to the park, they make life easier by picking you up in #Melbourne, and you’re guaranteed to learn loads more about the park’s history from the guides. #seeaustralia #visitvictoria #grampians #thegreatoutdoors #hikingadventures #travel

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Flap your fins if you’re excited for #turtleTuesday! 🐢 @francescaapage spotted this little guy near @heronisland in @queensland, and according to her, “watching hatchlings enter the water for the first time was one of the most magical ocean encounters I have experienced.” Part of the @southerngreatbarrierreef, beautiful little #HeronIsland becomes a significant nesting location for #seaturtles between November to March each year. You can get to this island off the coast of @gladstoneregion by boat, seaplane or helicopter, and stay at the resort onsite. We recommend joining the resort’s complimentary ‘turtle walk’ to learn all the fascinating facts about the turtles that call this spot in the @gbrmarinepark home. #seeaustralia #thisisqueensland #southerngreatbarrierreef #gladstoneregion #marinelife

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@westernaustralia’s #HuttLagoon is all kinds of dreamy 💗💕 So much so that @hobopeeba, who captured this video, even said: “I dreamed about the pink lake for a long time, and it turned out to be better than my dreams.” This picturesque #pinklake in @australiascoralcoast gets its vibrant shades from hue-producing algae, and the spectrum of colours here vary depending on the time of day and the amount of cloud cover. See the #lake from close up with a 30-minute road trip from @kalbarriwa, or book a @kalbarriscenicflights tour to get a bird’s-eye view which will definitely leave you in awe! #seeaustralia #justanotherdayinwa #australiascoralcoast #travel #naturephotography

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Baby spam alert! ⚠️ We know your feed is probably already full of it, but we simply couldn’t resist adding one more adorable shot - you’re welcome! @timswildlife shared this adorable pic of a rescued #wombat joey looking snug as a bug in a rug, and we sure wouldn’t say no to a cuddle with this little one. As the director of the @australianreptilepark in @visitnsw, Tim has dedicated his life to #wildlife conservation and is no stranger to hand-raising orphaned Australian animals such as koalas, kangaroos, wallabies and Tasmanian devils (which is a 24/7 job, by the way). What a legend. 👏 #seeaustralia #NewSouthWales #australianreptilepark #wildlifephotography #weeklyfluff

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There’s no such thing as a “good side” for @visitsurfersparadise - it looks great from every angle! 😍🏙️ @deanjohnson enjoyed this gorgeous view from @skypoint_au in @queensland, which is #Australia’s only beachside observation deck. This scenic spot is located inside the world's tallest residential building, @q1resort, and offers 360-degree views of @destinationgoldcoast’s beaches, right through to the hinterland and beyond. TIP: Get the multi-day ticket so you can come back at different times during the day (or over multiple days) and see how the city looks during the day, at sunset and nighttime. #SeeAustralia #thisisqueensland #WeAreGoldCoast #travel #thegreatoutdoors

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We’re loving this fairy floss sky, @southaustralia! 😍 @m.hemb snapped this colourful shot at #BrightonJetty, an iconic site at #BrightonBeach which is just half an hour from the #Adelaide CBD. Cool cafes and restaurants line the road leading up the jetty, so we highly recommend starting with a bite to eat at @viewat85, @cafelunebrighton or @beachpitbrighton, then getting an ice cream for your stroll to the jetty, enjoying it as you admire the views (if you haven’t already finished it on the way there, that is.) 😉 #seeaustralia #seesouthaustralia #travel #explore #travelgram #photooftheday

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