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A day of rope swings and raft rides in this tropical theme park 🌴. It’s memories like these we won’t ever forget 💫

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A photo from the day after we picked up our new home on wheels, Rocket 🚀. Crazy to think that this was 6 weeks ago and we’re almost ready to hit the road again and explore some more incredible places just like this 💛🙌🏼 . Swipe to see a 360 view of just how high up we were 🦅 — Disclaimer: please understand the risks of taking photos like this, we assessed what we were doing and felt confident enough to do so. In no way by posting this are we trying to encourage others to do the same. Everyone is responsible for their own safety. 💛

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We had to kayak for a solid 40 mins to get to this little slice of paradise and we’ll tell you what.. having it to ourselves was 100% worth the arm burn 👌🏼

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Luke literally jumping for joy rn because he’s just finished up at work which means it’s time for us to get back on the road for the rest of the year 🙌🏼 . — Keep an eye on our stories for the next two weeks as we get the troopy finished and set off to a region of Aus we’ve never been before! Any guesses where we’re headed? 😜

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Gatorade blues 💧 — We still can’t believe this is the actual colour of the waterfalls in Cebu 💙! We were in awe when we first saw them in person but now when we look back over photos and video we feel so lucky that we got to experience something so incredible! 🙌🏼. — Side note: we found this dodgy handheld video (thanks @jonathanmcmillan_ 😂), we were about to delete it and then thought we’d get creative and try to make something out of it 😝 hope you like it 💛

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Places that feel like something out of a fairytale 💫 . — When we were planning our trip we heard that Bohol was more touristy than the other islands, so we almost scraped it from the itinerary but thought we should experience it for ourselves. To our surprise it was actually one of the most laid back islands we went to, it wasn’t overrun with tourists, we met some of the friendliest locals and we even had spots like this to ourselves in the middle of the day 👌🏼. No matter what you read online or what someone tells you about a place, don’t scrap it off your list, go check it out - you might be lucky and come across gems like this 🙌🏼

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We receive so many questions asking how we afford to travel so much. We work hard, save hard and budget well. Every dollar earned we put straight back into our next adventure 🌞 . — When we’re travelling abroad we keep our budget down by staying in hostels, eating local food and booking affordable flights. — Our go to for flights within Asia Pacific is @valuealliance - you can score return flights from Aus to the Philippines for as low as $700!! Sooo what are you waiting for?! - this could legit be you on the beach in this photo right now ✈️👋🏼 #RealValue

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Anybody up for a game of basketball? 🏀 It’s not your standard though, the court is made of sand and you’ll need to get a boat to the island if you wanna play 😬 who’s in?

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Life with you is just one big adventure 🙌🏼 Swipe for some rope swing action 😏

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Just two big kids having the time of their lives in nature’s playground 🙈🌴

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Looking over all our remaining Philippines content and still can’t believe how quickly our trip came and went! ⚡️ We still have soo much to edit and share - we hope you’re not over blue water and palm trees just yet! 😏🌴

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Magic morning light 💫 — Travelling to touristic places like this, sometimes it can be a little bit hard to create something that hasn’t been done before. This is why our favourite part of the creative process is editing. We use @adobecreativecloud to transform our photos into so much more, it gives us total creative control and we love that we can create something completely unique! Swipe to see the before & head to our stories to see how we made this edit come to life using @adobecreativecloud ⚡️ — See link in bio for a free trial 👌🏼 #AdobePartner

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All the early wake ups are worth it when you get to experience moments like this⚡️

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Probably one of our favourite views in the Philippines 🌴 We drove down this road a few days in a row while on the island and couldn’t help but stop each time and take it all in 🙌🏼

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Under the sea - there’s no place we’d rather be 🐠🐙🐡

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The island of palm trees 🌴 — Everyone keeps asking us where our favourite place in the Philippines has been and we can’t decide! We loved the waterfall chasing in Moalboal, living the island life in El Nido, the endless supply of palm trees in Siargao and the relaxed vibes in Siquijor 🌞💛

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The island life is definitely the one for us 🙌🏼 — Our time in the Philippines is coming to an end and we will be flying back home to Australia in a few days 🐨 Thanks to @value.alliance we were able to take a break from our lap of Aus for this spontaneous trip of a lifetime, we have made some memories we’ll never forget and will definitely be back 🌴 — If you are looking for cheap flights from Australia to the Philippines, make sure you check out @value.alliance - made up of 6 low cost carrier airlines, they offer affordable flights to over 160 destinations in Asia Pacific #RealValue

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The best way to explore the islands of the Philippines? Scootin’ around 🛵 — We spent most days waking up with sun, stocking up on mangoes at the local fruit shop and getting lost for the day before the crowds - no schedules, no tour groups, just pure freedom 🌿 ⇢ swipe across for some zoom-zoom 🛵

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