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Under the sea - there’s no place we’d rather be 🐠🐙🐡

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The island of palm trees 🌴 — Everyone keeps asking us where our favourite place in the Philippines has been and we can’t decide! We loved the waterfall chasing in Moalboal, living the island life in El Nido, the endless supply of palm trees in Siargao and the relaxed vibes in Siquijor 🌞💛

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The island life is definitely the one for us 🙌🏼 — Our time in the Philippines is coming to an end and we will be flying back home to Australia in a few days 🐨 Thanks to @value.alliance we were able to take a break from our lap of Aus for this spontaneous trip of a lifetime, we have made some memories we’ll never forget and will definitely be back 🌴 — If you are looking for cheap flights from Australia to the Philippines, make sure you check out @value.alliance - made up of 6 low cost carrier airlines, they offer affordable flights to over 160 destinations in Asia Pacific #RealValue

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The best way to explore the islands of the Philippines? Scootin’ around 🛵 — We spent most days waking up with sun, stocking up on mangoes at the local fruit shop and getting lost for the day before the crowds - no schedules, no tour groups, just pure freedom 🌿 ⇢ swipe across for some zoom-zoom 🛵

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Jungle huts and cheeky booty grabs 🏴‍☠️ — We called @maomaosurf home while we were in Siargao and this place is a serious vibe - our dream of owning a little a-frame shack in Aus lives on ✌🏼🌴

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They had us at unlimited swings for 10 pesos 😜👌🏼 — We are onto our last week in the Philippines and can’t believe how quickly this adventure has gone, every day has been jam packed with exploring and to be honest we are feeling a little burnt out. Let’s see if our bodies can hold up for one more week of waterfall chasing, rock jumping and rope swings 🤙🏼

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Found our own little quiet slice of paradise next to the perfect palm tree 🌴 not bad hey?

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There’s nothing more spectacular than Mother Nature herself - this waterfall had so much power behind it we could feel the incredible energy flowing around us 🙌🏼💛 — 📷 @jonathanmcmillan_

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If for some reason we ever go totally missing, you might find us here - hiding from the world in our own little cliffside island home 🌴 ⇢ Swipe for a little video

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Embracing the unexpected 🙏🏼 — If you asked us what our travel plans were 2 months ago, we would’ve said continuing our road trip around Australia. Yet here we are, exploring the islands of the Philippines and loving every moment 🌴 We usually love to plan in advance, so to organise a month long trip within a few weeks was definitely a shake up to our usual routine and we kind of loved it 😜 it has made us realise you don’t always need a plan and it’s completely fine to not know what you’re doing in a week or even in a month from now! 👌🏼 Are you a planner or prefer to go with the flow? — Jess wearing @vergegirl 🌞

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Each day we are just blown away more & more by the Philippines! 🙏🏼💦 — We have been waking up soooo excited every damn day to see something new and totally immerse ourselves in this place- it’s truly something else 🙌🏼

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Early morning floats in paradise 💧🌿 — Every waterfall here has absolutely blown us away, most of them have several levels to explore and more than one set of falls. This one in particular was one of our favs! Little swimming holes like this, deep pools to jump into and one big mama of a waterfall greeting us at the end 🙌🏼

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If only every day looked like this 🙌🏼🌞 — Sunshine, good company & our own private boat; just island hopping for an entire day 🏝

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Palm tree paradise 🌴 — We’ve been blown away with the beauty of Cebu, not only have the waterfalls been out of this world but the journeys to them have been just as amazing 🙌🏼 — Jess wearing @vergegirl

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Totally in our element exploring waterfall after waterfall the past few days 💦 you could even say we’ve officially become total waterfall snobs - if it doesn’t have bright blue water we don’t wanna know about it ✋🏼 . . . . #aguinidfalls #philippines #philippinesgram #philippines🇵🇭 #gophilippines #explorephilippines #instatravel #travelphotography #travelgram #welivetoexplore #waterfall💦 #nature_good #naturegramy #cebuphilippines #waterfallsofinstagram #passionpassort #waterfallphotography #discoverphilippines #travelcouples #earthpix

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After 12 hours of flights and a 3 hour bus ride we finally made it to our first destination in the Philippines 🌴 We were absolutely wrecked once we arrived but decided to hire scooters and ride another 2 hours for a sunset mission - we clearly had the best seat in the house 🙌🏼

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Sunshine, sand and palms trees to play on = total happiness 🌞🌴 — Only 2 days to go until we are in palm tree paradise! But who’s counting?!😝🙌🏼

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Early mornings in the city, out exploring before the crowds and treating ourselves to views like this ✨

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