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Loving those details by Andrew Clayson (@andrewclaysontattoo). He has limited walk in availability this week at both studios, inquire early before it's gone! Inquiries • Availability: Questions@adornbodyart.com

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🍀 Happy #SaintPatricksDay from Adorn! 🍀 Both East and West studios will be open our normal 12PM-8PM business hours today just in case you need to add a little last minute green to your wardrobe. Have fun, be kind and stay safe today! Pricing • Sizing • Shipping: AdornEast@gmail.com

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"Love more" knuckles by Nathan King (@droidtag) at Adorn West. Nathan accepts first come, first serve walk ins Wednesdays through Sundays between appointments, but don't wait! Availability dissappears quickly. Inquiries • Availability: Questions@adornbodyart.com

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"You're a wizard, Harry!" Behold: The most magical ear in all the land. This Harry Potter themed project was pierced and curated by Brit Shostak (@whothefvckisbritshostak) with some of our most beloved @BVLA jewels, perfect for wizards, witches & warlocks alike. Pricing • Sizing • Shipping: AdornEast@gmail.com

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Goodbye old tattoo, hello new cover up! Big, bold and beautiful was the answer for this geometric transformation by Wes Fant (@wes_does_stuff). . Inquiries • Availability: Questions@adornbodyart.com

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Meet @PresleyPoe, hairstylist extraordinaire and beloved client of Adorn. This babe always blows us away with their fashion-forward jewelry styling and this ensemble may be one of our favorites yet: . "Gemmed Oaktier" septum clicker by @BVLA with Smokey Quartz, Honey Topaz and Champagne Swarovski's, "Saturn Rings" earrings by @MayaJewelry, "Karen Coil" necklace and eyelets by @Tawapa. 💅 Pricing • Sizing • Shipping: AdornEast@gmail.com

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3 of Swords & pretty daggers by Ashley Antolin (@ashleyantolin). Catch her at Adorn East this weekend for walk ins! ⚔️ . Inquiries • Availability: AdornEast@gmail.com

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Happy International Women's Day from all the wild women at Adorn! Our studio has been proudly owned and operated by women for 18+ years and we have so many countless babes to thank for their help and hard work turning Adorn into the beautiful beast it is today. 🙌 . Let's give a shout out to these ladies above who pour their heart and soul into their jobs every day at Adorn. We can thank their incredible passion and enthusiasm for the spectacular service our clients know and love. 👏👏👏 . And thank YOU, all of the wonderful women in our community who allow us to adorn your bodies with our art. It's our honor to be the safe place you choose for your adornments. We wouldn't be where we are without you, thank you. 🖤 . #internationalwomensday (PS: Trans women are women too. We see you & appreciate you!)

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If you haven't been keeping up with the travels of Todd Clark (@shaggytattoos) lately, here's some of his handy work from abroad. Give him a warm welcome back to Portland with more rad projects like these! Inquiries • Availability: AdornEast@gmail.com

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When the sun comes out to play, so do some of our favorite @BVLA beauties. Don't forget to recharge your sparkles and bathe in the sunshine while you can. Pricing • Sizing • Shipping: AdornEast@gmail.com

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Hoo are you looking at? #OwlTattoo by Andrew Clayson (@andrewclaysontattoo). . Inquiries • Availability: Questions@adornbodyart.com

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Every conch deserves a crown. Luke Horton (@lukehorton_) had the pleasure of using this beautiful black pearl by @BVLA to pierce this dreamy ear. Pricing • Sizing • Shipping: AdornEast@gmail.com

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What does it mean to be a great client? This article by Emma Boshart of @GetBookedIn covers 30 topics about how to properly prepare yourself, set realistic expectations and have the most awesome tattoo experience possible. Your artist will thank you. Check out the full article by copy/pasting this link: https://bookedin.com/blog/things-your-tattoo-artist-wishes-you-knew/ Or just retype this tiny URL into your web browser: http://tinyurl.com/y4kgud6o

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Another fresh philtrum by Jameson Shaw (@piercing_by_jameson), this time featuring a Rose Gold "Rosette" by @BVLA with Champagne Swarovski's. Swipe over for angle appreciation. 🙌 Thanks Kelly for having such great taste, this piece is exceptional on you! Pricing • Sizing • Shipping: AdornEast@gmail.com

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"Die young and save yourself" by Nathan King (@droidtag). Catch him at Adorn West Wednesdays through Sundays. Inquiries • Availability: Questions@adornbodyart.com

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We just can't get over this radiant babe and their fancy new #Philtrum by Jameson Shaw (@piercing_by_jameson). That princess-cut sparkle though.. 👌 Pricing • Sizing • Shipping: AdornEast@gmail.com

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Snake & Peony by Wes Fant (@wes_does_stuff) at Adorn West. Inquiries • Availability: Questions@adornbodyart.com

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Some pieces simply take our breath away. Behold the "Tesseract" clicker by @BVLA, with alternating Mercury Mist Topaz & Sandblasted Tanzanite Marquise. A future conversation-starter for a very special Septum or Daith piercing. Pricing • Sizing • Shipping: AdornEast@gmail.com

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