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1996 y’all! I wish I still had every single one of those chokers. I’ll pass on revisiting the braces tho. 📷: @meredithmcglohonfotovat

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Just a girl and her smoothie, celebrating the sun coming out. ⛅️

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Patient appears calm on the surface they said.

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Power tools and also screwdrivers. 🤙

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🌱It’s getting cozy in here 🌿Getting stuff hung on the walls!!!🖼❣️ (Swipe for before pic)

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Subterranean TONIGHT!! Wednesday, May 8th, from 10pm-2am, the BLOW THE WHISTLE party will feature performances by Fela Kutchii (Oakland) and GoGo GoDiva (Chicago), DJ Cut Cuz, and food by Sup! Shrimp Pimp (Oakland) — plus La Luna Mezcal, Four Roses Bourbon, and Iichicko Shochu cocktails by Starline Social Club! This party benefits Chicago Period Project, so bring a box of menstruation products or pay a cool $5 at the door!

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Just found my old septum jewelry. Should it stay in retirement? I can’t decide. 🤷🏻‍♀️

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!!TECH FREAKS!! 🤪 #google

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🦅wing span like whoa 🦅

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Dale! 🍳🌯

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Does anyone besides me listen to Mattiel? I have an extra ticket for tonight. Get at me.

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Happy anniversary beautiful, special, angel!!! I miss you so so sooooo much! ❣️❣️❣️

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😜*wink wink, sip sip*😜 • @mexicoinabottle

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THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN AND WE HAVE LISTENED. out of respect for all of you rockstars involved with Espolon cocktail fights, we have rescheduled the Beach Clean Up for the day after! TUESDAY MAY 21st. I promise this is the last schedule change. Saving the planet is hard. Love all of you for your patience.

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Who wants to come over and watch trash tv and eat cookies with me? It’s trash tv and cookies weather. ❄️☃️

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<3 babes <3

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Miss Jasper

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