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Travelling is more of exploring new things and getting to see unseen views. Taking a detour is always part of my tour and why not, because I come across such sights. If you zoom in you can propably see tiny cars passing by 🤪 . . . Can you guess this place? 🏔 . . #travelwithanunay #liveoutdoors #Justthetwo #liveandlettravel #dronediaries

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Mountains never fail to amaze me with their beauty and serenity. . I have extensively travelled the world across beaches, valleys and deserts. But mountains are where I feel the most alive. I have a beach view from my window but only dream of going back to the mountains. The peace that I find over there is unparalled. Every time I see the pictures, I feel that the mountains are calling me. And I must go. Happy Mountain Day!🏔 Keep climbing! Keep conquering!💪🏻 . . I belong to mountains. Where do you belong? 😍🤪 . . . #Mountainday #TravelwithAnunay #liveandlettravel

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Something about buddhas that really calms my always-hyper nerves 🤲🏼 . . Ive traveled to 16 countries this year, and every time I’m on a trip, I’m always appreciating the things travel has taught me, or enlightened me about! Even though we know the world is full of different cultures and religions, it is only when we visit these diverse places that we notice how beautifully intricate and immensely different these cultures are! . . Talking about learning when you travel, from my trip to Malaysia, I realised the importance of a raincoat, and now I want it make sure I travel with one 😂 . . Do you think travelling teaches you a lot? What have you learnt from your travels? 😍 . . . @malaysia.truly.asia #malaysiatrulyasia #VisitMalaysia2020 #travelwithanunay

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As the sun goes down, Malaysia lits up🔥 . . My favourite part of the trip was when I saw this breathtaking view from the top of a building. It wasn't easy to get permission to go to the top but guess what, a bunch of influencers making a sincere enough request works all the time ;) . . Even though it was raining, I could capture Malaysia in the night well enough with #MyNokia @nokiamobilein . . . #travelwithanunay #malaysiatrulyasia #visitmalaysia2020

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No matter how many times we see the Dubai Fountain, we will never get bored of it 😂 . . Whenever you’re driving to or from somewhere in Dubai, we see the Burj Khalifa from a different angle, and every one is amazing! . . #ShotOnNokia New #Nokia7 #ZEISS @NokiaMobileIN

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Thank you @nexaexperience for the #RoadToIIFA drive in NEXA S-Cross from Hyderabad to attend NEXA IIFA Awards 2019! I finally got to experience the Bollywood event I've dreamt of seeing since childhood @iifa #CreateInspire #NexaIIFAawards

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We live 5 minutes from Burj Khalifa, and see it everyday, yet crossing it always excites us! . . We always love taking the route that takes us right below the tower, so whenever we're returning home from somewhere, we always end up taking that way . . Took this photo while waiting for the light to go green ;) Look how beautiful it looks! Its like India Gate, always nice to see when you do ;) . . Do you like taking specific routes to work or back home? . . . #TravelwithAnunay #ShotOnNokia New #Nokia7 #ZEISS @nokiamobilein

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I am so fond of road trips, I can never have enough 🤣 Indian roads have their own charm, especially how you can never get bored driving because it DEMANDS your attention! thank God for @nexaexperience , that made the need for attention, slightly lesser;) . . . Where are you gonna going on your next road trip? . . . #TravelwithAnunay #iifa #nexa

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anunaysood. My first time in Malaysia!! .
Our world is wonderful, can you believ

My first time in Malaysia!! . . Our world is wonderful, can you believe this place? Sometimes what I see is so beautiful I don’t want to take pictures, I just want to sit and enjoy my view! . . Every photographer has a different perspective, as soon as we reached here, everybody went their different ways taking their own time and space 😇 . . #TravelwithAnunay #malaysiatrulyasia #VisitMalaysia2020 #Vm2020 #ShotOnNokia #Nokia7 #ZEISS @NokiaMobileIN

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A gentle reminder to everyone to stay hydrated everyday 😈 . . Why? Because staying in Dubai has taught me the same 😂 I never leave the house without my Milton prudent Thermosteel Bottle! As it helps me keep my water cold throughout the day. Can you imagine being out in 55 degrees without a water bottle ? 😞 . . Tell me about that one travel essential you can't do without? . . . #TravelwithAnunay #miltonInmybackpack @milton_homewares #MiltonInMyBackPack #travelphotography #travelessentials #backpack #backpacking #travel #AMiltonFeeling

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Constantly singing “Malaysia Truly Asiaaaaa” 😂 Did you also just sing it? 🤪 . . Visiting all the iconic places in the world with my trusty @nokiamobilein ;) Sometimes it’s annoying to take my camera out for a shot. Sometimes I don’t feel like making the effort, and sometimes, well photo nahie aati 😂 A phone camera will never leave you disappointed I’ve come to see. . #shotonNokia #Nokia7.2 . I’m still singing “Malaysia truly asiaaa” everytime I look at this photo 😂 . . . #TravelwithAnunay #malaysiatrulyasia #visitmalaysia2020 #vm2020

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My first time visiting Bombay, and exploring a whole new side to our country I’m absolutely loving! Road trips demand immense energy, from you and from your car. Always helps to have an extra muscle at work, @nexaexperience S-Cross made my life so easy! Couldn’t think of driving a better car on Indian roads that definitely are wildest to drive on! . . . What is your favourite car to drive?

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anunaysood. I love you ❤️ @justthetwo_ 
Thank you for always being there for me ❤️

I love you ❤️ @justthetwo_ Thank you for always being there for me ❤️❤️

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Ive driven all over the world now, and driving in India still takes my breath away 🤩 . . Adding another road trip, and this one TO IIFA, to my list! No better excuse to visit Mumbai 😇 We were driving from Hyderabad, through SO many different terrains and experiences on the way; no better way to drive through those differences in the @nexaexperience #nexaScross! 😍 Driving the nicest car is the most satisfying! 🤩 . . Do you like road trips? I always find an excuse to drive to a destination? 🤪 . . . #TravelwithAnunay #roadtoiifa #CreateToInspire #NexaIIFAAwards @iifa @nexaexperience #nexa

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The best tips you get are from the locals 🤩 . . We booked an @airbnb in Austria in a very small town, about 2 hours from Hallstatt. It was amidst the mountains, that cute cute town 💕 We reached quite sometime before the sunset, when we started talking to our host and asked him where we could go nearby. . . He told us of this beautiful lake just 20 mins from where we were staying, and it going there was the best decision we made 🤤 . . Do you talk to the locals from where you visit? 😇 . . . #TravelwithAnunay #visitaustria #salzburg #jagersee #lake #Landscape

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Checking things off my bucket list one by one 🤩 . . As a photographer, as an artist, there are so many things that inspire us. For me, it’s how different every city, every country is; how different a place looks in different lighting, and how beautiful it looks in the year round natural light show 🤩 . . A good photo comes from patience, and waiting for that perfect light! We were having beer at the bridge, sitting taking photos, watching the sun set and making my photos better with every minute of darkness 🥰 . . . #TravelwithAnunay #romediaries

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Location scouting is an acquired trait 🤪 . . Even though I’ve been A LOT around the world, it is still daunting for me to explore a new country or city! Not only do we do a lot of research before heading for our trips, we also keep searching while en route. 😌 . . We saw so many pictures of Vernazza, from this spot, that we had to find it! Also, it’s the best view of the entire village with the sea, so beautiful! 😍 . . We reached Vernazza, early morning after our photo session in Manarola, totally confused about where to go. After 2 hours of walking on empty stomachs, and three hours of sleep, we saw the sweet spot on another mountain, across the village, and we were on the opposite side 😂 . . Sabar ka fall meetha Hota hai for sure ;) Would you make extra efforts for the best views? 💕 . . . #TravelwithAnunay #italydiaries

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The struggle of finding the PERFECT picture spot is REAL 😂 . . When you’re visiting a new place you have no idea about, it’s quite difficult to decide where you’ll get the perfect shot from, in the limited amount of time you’re there for, isn’t it? And coming back home discovering a place you couldn’t go to, is the WORST feeling in the world 😂 . . TRAVEL TIP: GOOGLE MAPS! If you don’t know this, I’m making your day trust me. Open maps when you’re on the go and explore the places through photos and people’s reviews! . . How many of you follow google maps? 🤩 . . . #TravelwithAnunay #italydiaries

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Standing over 80 floors, I can promise you I couldn’t look down 😂 . . I met @dubai.uae.dxb on Instagram, since when I’d been convincing him to take me and @justthetwo_ to this place, when he was nice enough to agree to my requests 😂 . . From all the places I’ve been to in Dubai, I can tell you this was the best ;) . . Who felt uncomfortable looking at this? 😂 . . . #TravelwithAnunay #dubaidiaries

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We circled the city 10 times for 1.5 hours looking for parking, because this has been one of my “bucket list” shots ☺ . . A lot of things add to a good photo, specially good favourable weather, and time of the day. My favourite time of the day to take a photo is the blue hour 🤩 . . When the sun is bright and shining, and the sky is clear, photos aren’t exactly spectacular, but al hail the @nokiamobilein for this beauty at 2pm in the afternoon ;) . . . #Nokia9pureview #shotonnokia #TravelwithAnunay #austria

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SUPERMANNNN!! . . I loved how everyone was worried about @justthetwo_ and I after seeing our stories from here, but there was a penthouse a floor below us, so if we fell, it would've been in someone's balcony ;) . . Also, darr ke aage jeet hai 🤪 What's the most daring thing you've done? . . . #TravelwithAnunay #dubai

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When we aren't hopping around the world, we love to explore the beauty of the city we live in. Dubai hosts loads of architectural marvels as the Meydan Bridge seen in this picture✨ Most times we come across these kind of places by chance and don't end up having all our camera equipment but the #Nokia9PureView does not disappoint! We love how it picked up the details even in low light photography 😍 . . . @NokiamobileIn #travelwithanunay #Shotonnokia

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We love this spot, and even though it’s not allowed, we end up there with a sorry surprised face acting like we didn’t know 😂 . . This is the 43rd floor of Shangri-La, and you get the BEST view of the city and the Burj 😍 Also, incredible photos from the #Nokia9PureView 😍 . . . @NokiamobileIn #TravelwithAnunay

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Have you ever seen something on TV, and wondered what it looked like in real life? 🤩 . . When we went to Iceland, we only KINDA knew what the northern lights were going to be like. The first few days we were just aimless looking in the sky for green streaks of dancing lights across the sky, thinking they’ll be visible from everywhere 😂 . . They really do dance in real life, they really look green (sometimes bright, sometimes faded, sometimes shades of red), and they really are as beautiful as think 😍💕 . . After Iceland, @justthetwo_ and I want to go chasing the Aurora from as many countries as we can! Where should go next? 😉 . . . #TravelwithAnunay #icelanddiaries

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