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Everyone was asking for content from gopro , so here's the first 🤪😍 . . Exploring a city on foot is so good for you because when you’re walking like 20,000 (tracking on my @fitbitin) steps a day, you don’t have to worry about that burger you have from McDonald’s ;) . . The Prague Castle was our last destination for the day. By the time we reached we were quite tired from all the walking and saw so many people just sitting on the floor, for no reason. Thank god for the culture, because I surely needed the rest 😂 . . What is your favorite travel gadget? Its so much fun to see how much you’ve burnt affer a long day, @fitbitin progressively tells me my count and it's so rewarding 😍 . . . #TravelwithAnunay #praguediaries #visitczechrepublic #FitbitVersaLite #FitForEverybody

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anunaysood. TRAVEL TIP #672836: Prioritise cities/countries where you have a frien

TRAVEL TIP #672836: Prioritise cities/countries where you have a friend/relative living! Not only will this save you money on hotels, exploring the city will be 100 times easier with them 😍 . . Believe it or not, this picture was taken at 8pm, sun sets weirdly late in these countries 😂 (also extra golden hour which is a big win win ;)) . . Shot on #Nokia9PureView - the world's first 5 camera array smartphone #ShotOnNokia Thanks to @NokiaMobileIN for getting me this great Nokia 9 device #sponsored . . . #TravelwithAnunay #prague #visitczech

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Life in Deutschland! . . We were so surprised to see how lovely and slow life is for people living in Germany! I don't think we've ever taken out time to be outdoors, and really "talk" with people we love, because life is so fast, and busy 😖 Human effort is not regarded enough in places we reside in, unfortunately. . . It was a Friday, people had taken an early off from work, and everyone was having good food, with their families and friends on a picnic, by the river or at the Valhalla 😍 Ah, @justthetwo_ and I would give anything for a life like that! Wouldn't you? . . Also how crazy is the power of 5 #ZEISS lenses & 3 monochrome sensors? 🤩 . Shot on #Nokia9PureView - the world's first 5 camera array smartphone #ShotOnNokia Thanks to @NokiaMobileIN for getting me this great Nokia 9 device #sponsored . . #TravelwithAnunay #germanydiaries

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A house with this view is on my list now 😍 . . We were too excited to visit @hoteleverestview, specifically for these views! The best and first views of mighty Everest are seen from here, and from every room ;) So nice to be casually chilling with Mt. Everest, watching the BEST sunset we've ever seen, something we can watch over and over again sitting in the same spot 😍 . . We constantly choose one beautiful mountain location after another! We're now going to Switzerland (you guys got it right 🤩) to top that list 😍 . . Give us your suggestions for Switzerland and Italy 😍 . . . #TravelwithAnunay #everestview #nepaldiaries

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I’m not a poser, I prefer being behind the camera, but sometimes @justthetwo_ motivates me enough to bring out my inner model ✌😝 . . We took turns here in Copenhagen, the entire street was so photogenic 😍 . . How many photos do you take before finally choosing one? 😂 . . . #copenhagendiaries #TravelwithAnunay

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anunaysood. The man behind the camera, because change is good sometimes 😂

The man behind the camera, because change is good sometimes 😂 . . @justthetwo_ is always taking random photos of me, and since I’m hardly used to being in front of the camera, it’s very weird for me to pose 😂 . . We were exploring Copenhagen when we saw a chain of yellow houses that we later guessed was an iconic place to visit here! Gotta be a tourist in places like these no ;) . . . #TravelwithAnunay #copenhagendiaries #LiveandLetTravel

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PHONE CLICK!! . . I hardly ever put pictures from my phone, but I figure it should do it more 😍 It’s so easy to take good photos from your phone. With the right angle, and lighting you can have a masterpiece! . . There are actually times when pictures on my iPhone are better than the ones I’ve taken from my camera 😂 . . We were exploring an unknown, very small town near Akuryeri in Iceland when this dog came with so much excitement, to play with us :’) After at least 30 minutes of playing with him, we decided to leave, and it was one of the hardest goodbyes 😭 . . Who here has a dog? 😍 . . . #TravelwithAnunay #icelanddiaries

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Only we know how hard it was to come above the water 😂 . . It was -11 degrees, and we realised the Myvatn Nature Baths were around the corner while we headed to the north. It took a little convincing by @justthetwo_ since we weren’t visiting the Blue Lagoon, but as soon as I saw that hot blue water, i needed no more convincing 😍 . . It was so cold that even the tiny hair on our faces would freeze above the water 😂 We would constantly move around in the pool to hotter areas when we got used to the temperature. . . Have you guys bathed in a hot spring before? 🏊‍♂ . . . #icelanddiaries #TravelwithAnunay

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Something about airports 😍 . . Going to all these countries we saw even airports were so beautiful 🤣 While waiting for our flight in Iceland we were roaming the airport when we found this wall. Art everywhere in that country, in nature and at the airports ;) . . But other than this, airports in general are very exciting, and I still haven’t been able to figure out why. Why do you guys think airports are special? 😇 . . . #Travelwithanunay #icelanddiaries

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Another one from our weekend excursions, and we love the golden hour 😍 . @justthetwo_ . What’s your favourite time of the day? . . . #justthetwo #abudhabi

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anunaysood. No matter where we go, India will always be #1 for us 😍
There’s s

No matter where we go, India will always be #1 for us 😍 . . There’s so much to see in the world, so many people to meet, but no matter how many times I’ll visit the same places in my country, it’ll always be on my list! Leh is one of those places. Went there thrice last year, and can’t wait to make another plan 😍 . . Tag someone you want to go here with 😍 . . . #TravelwithAnunay #lehdiaries

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Those rocks look really easy to walk on, but with big crevasses and ice frozen on all of them, I’m just glad I didn’t fall 😝 . . Everyday in Iceland, we’d made a rough very flexible itinerary. We always knew what our destination was, but we were never on a tight timeline. Every morning we left, we left with an agenda of getting lost and getting late 😍 @francis1x0 . . Do you guys like a relaxed itinerary? Or are you a time table person? . . . #TravelwithAnunay #icelanddiaries

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