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Flamingo Hotel was originally built by a gangster “Bugsy Siegel” as a first Casino & Resort Hotel in Las Vegas. I could only bet $3 at their casino and I regretted I should’ve bet more😂 1. Flamingo hotel at night 2. Flamingos in their garden 3. Twilight view from the hotel June 2019 #flamingolasvegas #lasvegas #nevada

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Looking at “The Chandelier Bar” at Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas. I wasn’t brave enough to go in alone. I wonder if anybody can join me the next time? June 2019 #chandelierbarlasvegas #cosmopolitanlasvegas #lasvegas

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The night view of Las Vegas Strip! June 2019 #lasvegas #nevada

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I miss living in Indonesia. It was so relaxing and fun!

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From this place, you can get El Capitan, Half Dorm, Bridalveil Fall in Yosemite Vally. June 2019 #tunnelview #yosemite #california #worldheritage

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I took a popular trekking course, Mirror Lake Trail. The water was a little bit cold but felt good on my feet. June 2019 #mirrorlaketrail #yosemite #california #worldheritage

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The most massive trees in the world, Giant Sequoias🌲🌲🌲 June 2019 #giantsequoias #toulumne #california

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Half Dorm view from Glacier Point. June 2019. #glacierpoint #yosemite #california

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Night view from Twin Peaks. #twinpeakssf #sanfrancisco

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Sunset at Ocean Beach. 📷Model: My niece. The last time I visited San Francisco was almost 17 years ago when my niece was born. Now, she grew beautifully and even taller than me! June 2019 #oceanbeachsf #sanfrancisco

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Pier 39 at Fisherman’s Wharf. 1. Sea lions 2. Sign 3. Clam chowder June 2019 #pier39 #fishermanswharfsf

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“The Crookedest Street in the World”, Lombard Street. June 2019 #lombardstreet #sanfrancisco

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I crossed Golden Gate Bridge by bicycle for the first time. It was fun!June 2019 #goldengatebridge #sanfrancisco

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1. The view from Coit Tower 2. The view of Coit Tower #coittowerview #coittower #sanfrancisco June 2019

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Wall painting on the way to get burritos 🌯 (No photo of burritos because I ate it first as always) They have many Mexican restaurants on Mission St. June 2019

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1. The view of San Francisco Bay Bridge 2. The Seagull’s bullying... June 2019 #sanfranciscobaybridge

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Navoi Theater in Tashkent. This theater didn’t fall down even other buildings around it fell down when they had Tashkent Earthquake in 1966. And Uzbekistan people still admire the workers who worked hard in good attitude. Now Uzbekistan people are very friendly to us, Japanese. I really have to thank that they made a good reputation about Japanese... April 2019 #navoitheatre #tashkent #uzbekistan

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Shah-i-Zinda (meaning "The living king") complex was formed over eight (from 11th till 19th) centuries. Amazing breathtaking decorations... April 2019 #shahizinda #samarkand #uzbekistan #worldheritage #世界遺産

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