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Baros is driven by a deeper meaning – imbuing rich familiarity with a sense of the extraordinary; transforming moments into memories. #EntrancingMomentsatBaros #BarosMaldives #ALegendinMotion

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For the Festive Season this December, we aim to create “Entrancing Moments at Baros” for our guests through a beguiling combination of traditional festivities and contemporary celebrations. #EntrancingmomentsatBaros #BarosMaldives #ALegendinmotion

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A legendary name in the Maldives, The Lighthouse shines like a beacon as you approach Baros by speedboat. #BarosMaldives #AlegendInMotion

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The dining experience at our Iconic Lighthouse restaurant is a must-not-miss, where guests can indulge in table-side Flambé as skilled waiters display their prowess. #BarosMaldives #AlegendInMotion

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Front row seat for a world-class show as the rich flora and fauna flourish underneath the Baros waters. #BarosMaldives #AlegendInMotion

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Gourmet picnic setup on our sandbank, especially crafted for you, surrounded by nothing but the hues of blue of the lagoon and the ocean. #BarosMaldives #AlegendInMotion

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Over the past four decades, Baros has carefully nurtured the natural eco-systems of the island, the lagoon and the majestic underwater world beyond. #BarosMaldives #AlegendInMotion

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Set sail to the horizon as our forefathers did, exploring what lies beyond Baros, as you enjoy delectable delicacies on board. #ALegendinmotion #BarosMaldives

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The graceful beachside garden of coconut palms in front of the pavilion that constitutes the Sails Bar provides natural shade during the day and an intimately lit glade at night. #BarosMaldives #ALegendinmotion

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Isolated in the middle of the Indian Ocean, surrounded by the colours of the setting sun as it meets the horizon, on a private sandbank that’s exclusively yours. #BarosMaldives #ALegendinmotion

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Let the luminous sunset entrance you on your private dhoni cruise as perfectly plated local delicacies are served in signature Baros style. #BarosMaldives #ALegendinmotion

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Intimate dining by gently lapping waters, the aroma of spice drifting through the night - Cayenne Grill offers delectable tastes in a thatched gazebo over the lagoon. #BarosMaldives #Alegendinmotion

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