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This evening we thought we'd give you a little break from kitchens and share this beautiful dining room. Once again, the owners of this Edwardian Villa in Cardiff are showing us all how to master the simple and yet oh so cosy look. The Persian rug was actually an eBay find!! A nice reminder that there are some vintage gems out there if you can be bothered scrolling through all the pages of tat and are willing to take the risk. If you can't be be doing with all that faff, do come and visit us at the Mill or in New York where you can see a collection of really special vintage finds all picked out by our Director and Creative Director, Paul and Helen. We only stock things we love and we hope you love them too! #deVOLKitchens

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Pantries are wonderful things, whether it's a small little vintage cupboard or a whole area dedicated to food storage, if you can manage to fit one into your kitchen design we say go for it!! The owner of this project had some unused space under the stairs, how better to utilise it than turn it into a functional and lovely pantry? Hidden away behind beautiful vintage glazed doors, this handy little room keeps everything together and in an easily accessible spot. It has three roomy open cupboards topped with Carrara marble and five Shaker shelves, all finished off in our deep Flint paint colour. #deVOLKitchens

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Just outside of Berlin in the delightful German countryside, you'll find this little haven of calm and serenity belonging to the lovely Laura and Nora of @_foodstories_. It's a huge compliment that two people with such passion and keenness to live a humble but fulfilling and beautiful life chose our furniture... and even more so that they decided to work with us again to create a kitchen for their new home and studio in Sweden! This time they chose our Haberdasher's furniture in the original oak finish, an aged copper top and some of our handmade crackle pendants too! We can't wait to see the finished kitchen and share it with you but if you'd like a sneak peek, check out their other Instagram @_designtales_ and do let us know what you think!! #devolkitchens

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Twin sinks, something you will probably have seen lots of times in bathrooms but maybe less so in the kitchen. What a lovely treat, to have the space to separate used pots and pans and utensils from the sink for prepping and washing veg. Doing the dishes by hand is super easy too - a bowl full of warm soapy water and a place to rinse. And notice the draining grooves cut directly into the oak worktop, exquisite little details of a beautifully handcrafted kitchen. #deVOLKitchens

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This project in the West Sussex countryside is filled with soft light and airiness and a wonderful sense of calm. The original kitchen was located at the front of the house, small and dark and a little dingy - what a great idea to add this traditional orangery to the back of the farmhouse and create a big kitchen living space. We love that they chose to keep it as simple as possible, just a few Shaker base cupboards, a Classic English prep table, a lovely big family dining table (just out of shot!!) and the most beautiful views from every window. #deVOLKitchens

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We have all had that feeling, when you step into a room and just love everything, it makes you happy and content and comfortable. Well, that's the same feeling we get when we see the Petersham Kitchen, every single choice made here was a good one. The dark paints, the rich tones, the simple Shaker furniture, the combination of cosy but moody, it's all just right. So much so that when Tim and Helen went to shoot this project they didn't want to leave, it was such a welcoming and away-from-the-world type of place. #deVOLKitchens

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Pearl Lowe and her husband Danny Goffey moved to Somerset from Primrose Hill, bought an absolute fairy tale of a home and chose to have a deVOL Kitchen, mixing Classic and Shaker cupboards to create a really special place for their family to hang out. Cosy, sophisticated and original, this kitchen is the perfect combination of traditional and quirky. The grand proportions of the room required a bit of thought, it's a lot of space to fill so the furniture needed to be substantial and easy to use - you don't want to be dashing back and forth around this eight-metre room when you're trying to cook and entertain. The island measures just under four metres and is the perfect centre piece with lots of storage, a sink, pull out bin, integrated dishwasher, hob, little under counter oven and even a spot to pull up a few stools. As kitchen islands go, this is pretty big but it feels perfectly proportioned in this decadent space. #deVOLKitchens

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After the opening of Cotes Mill things just went a bit crazy for us... but crazy in the best kind of way!! We were selling kitchens all over the UK and into Europe too but saw a particular want for our designs in London. It was 2014 and we hadn't even finished painting the outside of Cotes Mill yet and we were already opening up another new showroom in London! It was a perfect little red-bricked shop in a very good spot, literally across the road from Exmouth Market and a few yards from Sadler's Wells Theatre. Things tend to move very quickly here at deVOL and before we knew it, it was 2016 and we were gearing up to open our second London shop. This time in a gorgeous old townhouse built in the 1800s, right on the corner of the famous and historic St. John's Square. We've shown you the renovation of our two Clerkenwell, London shops lots of times before and they're documented on our blog too!! So for this post, we're sharing some photos of the latest, and arguably biggest, deVOL adventure of them all... our NYC showroom!! You've all seen plenty of photos of the finished showroom, but check out how it looked in the very beginning when it was just a big plain white box, can you believe the transformation!!?? We hope you've enjoyed this little look back at the early days of deVOL and all the amazing things that have happened along the way. As always, a big thank you to all of you for supporting us whether you've been here for 30 years or 30 minutes, we appreciate you. Happy Birthday deVOL, here's to the next 30 years!! #30YearsOfdeVOL

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2012 was the year everything really changed for deVOL. What seemed like an impossible dream became the most incredible reality and we were finally able to purchase our perfect showroom in the most amazing old building and location… Cotes Mill. In 1086, the Doomsday book listed an established Saxon mill on this site, nobody really knows when that first mill was built, but it was certainly 1000 to 1200 years ago. When you imagine buying a place as vast as this, with its 1000 years of history, its acres of lush grounds by the River Soar, its unique array of outbuildings and its endless room after room, floor after floor, you know you are taking on a huge project. You know you are sticking your neck out, not playing safe, but that’s what Paul does best, he takes risks and doesn’t follow the rules, it’s how he has become so successful. Before we bought Cotes Mill it was a run down old pub and restaurant, dark and dingy and really not very nice inside… if you grew up anywhere around Loughborough, you’ll know just what we mean!! The renovations began back in 2012 and we opened our doors in early 2013. Still to this day we’re doing bits here and there to make this the most wonderful and unique kitchen showroom there is. #30YearsofdeVOL

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From the little shop in Quorn to an industrial estate on the outskirts of Loughborough... this is Jubilee Drive. It was our offices, kitchen showrooms and workshop too and deVOL was based here for about 6 years from 2006. It was a tiny 1970’s brick workshop with an asbestos roof. The office and makeshift display were upstairs (flick through the pics for a little look at our very first Classic English and Shaker displays!) We did our best to make this not so beautiful building as beautiful as we could, but still nobody really knew that inside we were designing and making the loveliest kitchen cupboards. @hapdesigns and Tim started to style and photograph little corners of the showroom and a few years later we began to do a little bit of PR from the office here. This was much before social media was really a thing but, with a little determination and Helen and Tim’s photos, before we knew it deVOL was popping up in national interior magazines and papers and we began to see our small business turn into something more than just an anonymous local joinery firm in an old market town in Leicestershire. #30YearsOfdeVOL

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It’s officially deVOL’s 30th Birthday!! We’re feeling all nostalgic and happy and proud thinking about where everything started all those years ago. So if you fancy taking a little trip down memory lane with us, way back to the very beginning then here we go... deVOL was founded in 1989 by two design graduates from Loughborough University, Philip deVries and Paul O’Leary. If you’ve ever wondered why we’re called ‘deVOL’... well, it’s an amalgamation of Phil and Paul’s initials! Renovating antique furniture was the start and designing and making bespoke furniture for clients from their small rented workshop soon followed. And then we get to here, deVOL’s very first showroom in the little village of Quorn in Leicestershire. @devolpaul bought this shop over 15 years ago and planned to live and work in it, he popped a notice in the window saying ‘handmade bespoke kitchens for sale’ and kept his fingers crossed. Paul began to employ a few local people including Robin and Helen, who started out as an apprentice and a kitchen designer and are now our Managing Director and Creative Director! From small beginnings, this little kitchen company has become quite famous all over the world, who would have believed it. #30YearsOfdeVOL

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We've seen a definite trend towards bold and daring colours in kitchens lately, and this isn't restricted to just the cupboards! Lots of our customers are opting to paint the walls the same delightfully dark shade as their kitchen cabinets. Contrary to what you might expect, this actually makes a room feel more spacious, even when it's as sumptuous and rich as this deep green. The owners wanted to make it feel like you were out in the garden surrounded by nature. What a clever choice, especially with the aged oak floors and interesting wooden clad ceiling. #deVOLKitchens

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You're unlikely to see lots of bins and dishwashers and big chunky washing machines in our kitchens - but we promise they are still there!! We just usually go for the integrated option, it's simple and neat and helps to create an uncluttered feel. How lovely to keep things behind hardwood fronts, painted in the same shade as the rest of your kitchen cupboards and finished with matching hardware. Here we have a big double bin cabinet to the left of the Belfast sink and a dishwasher to the right, both perfectly identical in size and almost undetectable. #deVOLKitchens

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Our New York showroom is a really lovely blend of new, carefully crafted furniture and charming antiques, our customers can wander around and see exactly why we love this interesting and eclectic look. This table in our bench seat corner always gets a lot of attention, many of our customers are convinced it's a vintage piece and they'd never be able to find anything quite like it... but actually this table is made in our workshops back in Leicestershire!! The Millhouse Refectory Table is banquet-style so it's designed to be long and slim, usually 8-10ft in length, with distressed painted legs and apron, a couple of pieces of handcrafted hardware and a reclaimed pine top. How perfect, to find a piece so full of character for your home and have it in the colour of your choice, the size of your choice and the finishing touches of your choice. #deVOLKitchens

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A haven of cool tranquility at the back of this double-fronted Victorian home in South London. Just because your home is old it doesn't mean you have to stick to traditional furnishings throughout, this property had the perfect combination of original and modern features and it was a joy to see our simple Shaker cupboards in such a contemporary setting. White metro tiles, original artwork, lots of marble and an amazing polished concrete floor which went through the kitchen, past the wall of glass and into the very private little sun-trap of a back garden. Swipe through to see more of this cool kitchen. #deVOLKitchens

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What do you think of when you imagine a deVOL Kitchen? If you've followed us from the beginning, maybe it's pale and paired back, a little more country in style, or perhaps it's a long run of deep navy with Carrara marble worktops. Or maybe it's a mix of colour and vintage and a little English eccentricity. The deVOL look may have evolved over the years, but the cupboards and the way we make them has remained the same. It's so fun to give you a new take on this classic look and show you the versatility of simple, handmade furniture. Whatever your style, these humble cupboards suit any room, big or small, modest or grand. #deVOLKitchens

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It's so exciting when our customers do something a bit different with our cupboards. We're used to seeing our Sebastian Cox furniture finished mostly in a dark bluey black with just a cupboard or two in this pale natural stain but wow, how good does it look to have absolutely everything pale. Everything in this room is of a neutral tone but it feels far from dull and boring and bland, it must be all the varying textures and beautiful natural materials. That's one of our pendant lights dangling down from the ceiling too, all crackly and organic, what a perfect choice for this calm and impossibly gorgeous kitchen in Edinburgh, Scotland. #deVOLKitchens 📸 Photo taken by Nina of @ingredientsldn

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Rustic country, modern country, whatever you call it, these kitchens are no longer the dated, frilly rooms from the eighties. It’s all about handmade, super stylish, simple designs and what makes it so appealing is that it's not a mass produced, generic look anymore. It has become carefully considered, beautifully and thoughtfully made furniture by people with skill and vision for design and a desire to create something with provenance and soul. #deVOLKitchens

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A great kitchen has to have personality. Whether it's the kind of room that shouts loudly or sits quietly, it doesn't matter, it's about having a little something that sets it apart. The soft textures and colours are what make this kitchen so appealing to us, lots of natural materials but not everything is the same - there are subtle changes, wood and stone and then the very cool and slick, but quite unexpected, wall of floor-to-ceiling metal-framed doors. Just beyond the doors was a little urban garden designed and planted to attract birds and wildlife, how cool is that, a little haven for humans and animals alike, right in the centre of busy London. #deVOLKitchens

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You'll find this Classic English Kitchen in a Grade I listed medieval fortified manor house in the Lincolnshire countryside. We feel lucky to work on every one of our projects but there is something extra lovely about being involved with a renovation in a home that has such a vast and rich history, thank you @the.history.keeper for choosing deVOL to help you design your dream kitchen. Our Classic English range was the absolute perfect choice here, entirely bespoke pieces inspired by traditional Georgian Irish designs and painted in any colour. We never want our cupboards to overwhelm a space, we want them to fit in seamlessly, almost as if the room had never been renovated at all. #deVOLKitchens

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This Shaker kitchen was nestled in a pretty town on the River Thames in Oxfordshire and the lady who owned it was truly lovely. She really did love her deVOL Kitchen and had done the best job of making the space feel like a home, with a really well-considered and stylish collection of old and new pieces of furniture and bits and bobs, it’s the kind of place you get comfy in and never want to leave. Isn’t it something so special, when you walk into a room and it instantly makes you feel a little bit better, a little bit more relaxed and at ease. Swipe through to have a look around this deVOL Kitchen which also doubles up as a fabulous photoshoot location. #deVOLKitchens

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Hoping this simple sink set up brings a little inspiration to your Sunday afternoon. The glossy metro tiles, the sleek black counters, the pale cupboards and mix of metals and the winter sunshine bathing everything in a golden, sumptuous kind of light. #deVOLKitchens

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Bespoke Classic English cupboards, a big vintage dining table, oodles of space, original wooden floors and huge windows - wow, isn't the York Townhouse Kitchen just a dream!! This is our idea of a beautiful and hard-working open plan kitchen, a multi-purpose room where you can do everything from cooking to entertaining to hanging out or just pottering about and doing not that much at all. Designing a kitchen in such a big space can be a tricky job but, with a little help from our designer, Matt, the owners made it look so effortless and easy. #deVOLKitchens

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We don't often meet a shade of green we don't love. And look at this one, have you ever seen a more perfect olive tone? It's deep and dramatic but still does that thing that green always does so well, it gives a feeling of vibrancy and freshness, life and, above all, positivity to any room it graces. We'd never seen a colour quite like this on our Shaker cupboards before, so we were very happy when the stylish owners said we could come and take a few photos and share them with you, thank you @homeiswherethepackis#deVOLKitchens

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