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Tongue and groove panelling is an easy way to make a room look special and really quite bespoke. These traditional boards are not just for the inside of cupboards, they're beautiful enough to show off for all to see and add a little extra detail and interest to a room. We cladded the wall in our Shaker utility room at Cotes Mill in tongue and groove and painted it in our famous Pantry Blue colour to match the cupboards. It looks all sophisticated and rich and handsome. We wouldn't recommend these panels as a backsplash behind your cooker, they don't always conform to building regs and they'll get pretty messy with cooking splashes - but behind a sink they work perfectly and look the part. #deVOLKitchens

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There’s nothing better in life than hanging out at home, cooking and eating wonderful food. This was the perfect kitchen to do just that, lots of open space and a big table, a few lovely pieces of bespoke furniture including an island for perching and prepping, and floor to ceiling doors that led out to a little urban garden. A clever way to bring the outside in, especially in this kitchen as it was down below street level and could have easily felt a bit dark and gloomy. Even the new floor tiles looked as though they were made for this London townhouse, this pale sandstone was so soft and natural and not too polished. #deVOLKitchens

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We are so in love with the aged copper worktop in our New York showroom!! In case you're curious about how our metal team created this one, here goes... It all starts with hours of sanding the sheet of copper down, this one took about three hours in total and had two people, Steph and Holly, working on it! This gets rid of any pesky scratches and makes the surface nice and polished. Immediately after sanding the ageing process begins, this is something our metal studio have really mastered, using just the right amount in just the right places. It’s absolutely imperative that the surface isn't touched from here, which was a little tricky when we had a load of peacocks wandering around Cotes Mill!! It was a bit of a nightmare but easily rectified with a sheet covering suspended over the copper. Even the oils in our hands could alter the patina so absolutely no touching allowed until the next day when it's all dry. Now it's time to wash the surface and this has to be done super quickly, the whole metal team (and anybody else they can find!!) will throw buckets of water over the copper and wipe it down - if this isn't done quickly the copper will start to dry and form horrible swipe marks. After it’s cleaned and as the metal dries the gorgeous patina really starts to develop and gets all lovely and rich and dark. A coat of oil is the final step and once dry it's packed up and sent on its way... in this case, in a big old shipping container across the ocean. #deVOLKitchens

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A brand new photograph of the Classic English display at Cotes Mill. This has been here since we first opened our doors over 6 years ago and today it's looking more beautiful than ever. The same cupboards, the same colours, the same worktops, the same hardware, all that's changed is the addition of a few fresh plants and a couple of our treasured vintage finds. We always hope to design and make and show you furniture that is truly timeless, furniture that you'll love forever, furniture that will age beautifully and gracefully instead of getting tatty and worn out. We think we'll still be posting about this dreamy kitchen in 5, 10, even 20 years time! Take a look at our story for a peek behind the scenes on today's shoot with Helen and Tim, or better still, come and see these handmade cupboards for yourself. #deVOLKitchens

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Helen's Stool takes its name from its designer and our wonderful Creative Director, @hapdesigns. Helen styles all our photoshoots so is often out and about visiting beautiful deVOL Kitchens and in the process gets to see a plethora of stools: industrial, chunky, retro, upholstered, showy, understated - they come in all shapes and sizes. The only thing she didn’t really see was something petite, pretty and quite shy in its beauty. That's where the idea for this delightfully simple stool came from, an immaculately finished oak stool with just a hint of glamour from the brass foot rail, which is aged in our very own metal studio at Cotes Mill. She describes it as 'a little place to perch' - how lovely! #deVOLKitchens

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The addition of one of our Haberdasher's glass sideboards was the finishing touch to the Lincolnshire Hall Kitchen. We love customers who mix things up a bit but always stick to the rule of quality over quantity. Hanging out in this room, the doors open, an endless view of the English countryside through gothic style windows and a quietness that you seldom hear was just perfection. #deVOLKitchens

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We love our cupboards, that's a given!! But it's often the other things in people's homes that we notice the most... an interesting or unique original feature, intricate coving or an ancient stained glass window, that one beautifully mottled old copper pan that's been handed down from generation to generation or the family's treasured collection of crockery and glassware. We were particularly fascinated by these old stripped pitch pine sliding panels in front of the window of the Bloomsbury Kitchen when we went to photograph it. We learnt they were called a Highwayman shutter, they move up and down on a rope pulley system and were a common feature in many London townhouses in Georgian times. #deVOLKitchens

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Two double door and one single door cupboard make up this simple run. Inside each you'll find two adjustable shelves, they sit on little notches which allow you to pick and choose the shelf height. Its proper name is a 'sawtooth rail' - a traditional Shaker detail, simple but oh so functional and something we would never want to modernise or change. The cupboards here have been hand-painted in our classic Mushroom colour, decorated with copper catches and knobs and topped with an elegant piece of Carrara marble. #deVOLKitchens

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There simply isn't anything better than getting a new cupboard, finding it a home and then enjoying the delight of filling it neatly with all your treasured possessions, especially if it's pink!! We would fill this one with piles of white linens, it would be so happy in a laundry room or a bathroom, in fact you could find a spot for this Shaker cupboard just about anywhere in your home. We chose two delicate white ceramic knobs and petal cut-outs because they are lovely to look at and provide a bit of extra ventilation and keep a nice flow of air inside the cupboard. #deVOLKitchens

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This is one of our all-time favourite deVOL projects and we have a feeling you might like it too!! From the incredibly sympathetic glass extension and the seamless incorporation of an exposed Bath stone wall, to our Sebastian Cox cupboards finished in 'Natural' and 'Inky Blue/Black', looking all lovely and tactile and stylish. Words don't really do this one justice so swipe through to have a little look for yourselves and let us know what you think... #deVOLKitchens

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We love using moody, deep, dark paint colours in our showrooms and we love to see them in our customers' homes too. The Islington Townhouse had cupboards and walls painted in a dramatic grey with bluey green undertones and it looked fabulous. The ceilings and intricate coving were kept clean and white, a traditional choice and a surefire way to achieve a timeless look. Painting your home with dark colours can seem a bit scary, but it's good to remember that no paint is permanent, you can always switch things up if you change your mind or get bored. #deVOLKitchens

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There are lots of things to love about the Classic Millhouse Kitchen... but we wanted to give a special little mention to our Porcelain Pendants. They are individually handcrafted at Cotes Mill by Kat, one of our very talented in-house ceramicists. We have fourteen different styles and sizes in this collection, some plain, some with pleats and some with a really cool and unique chattered pattern. We supply them with an antiqued brass lampholder and a subtle off-white twisted fabric flex cord, and a beautiful matching ceiling rose is available too. These lights are delicate and elegant and above all, simple. #deVOLKitchens

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