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Back at ya with a snow Leila 🌨 It has been a hot minute since I’ve posted anything. I swear it just kinda happens out of nowhere. I’ll tell myself that I won’t post one day then one day turns into a week, then over a month, and so on. When I get super unmotivated/inspired with my photos (and Instagram in general) I detach myself completely. I hate when Instagram sucks the fun out of taking pictures + sharing them. It’s a constant thing to work at, reminding myself that I don’t owe it to anyone to post every single day if I don’t feel like it. Especially with a chronic illness, some days I’m not feeling it and it doesn’t happen. Which is okay! Sometimes it takes me a few days to bounce back and other times it can take weeks. It happens. 🤷🏻‍♀️ But all is well with us! While we’ve been away I’ve used the extra time to do more training with Leila and strengthen her skills. Christmas preparations have also been happening so her and her brother think every box delivered to the house is theirs. How are you guys?!

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Somewhere between fall and winter ❄️

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How we’ve been getting that excess energy out on this road trip @kongcompany If you saw my story you’d know we went to the Grand Canyon yesterday and that was absolutely incredible. Leila did so good on the trails and she made a lot of friends. (Which she was thrilled about) The thing with Leila is that she thinks EVERYONE needs to be her friend so I’m constantly working with her to stay focused on me unless someone asks to say hi. She behaved so well though and I’m incredibly proud of her. Today we’re heading back to Santa Fe and we have our fingers crossed for some snow up in the mountains 🤞🏻 It’ll be our last chance for one final snow adventure before making our way back to Texas.

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That look she gives you when the treat bag is opened Okay so this has to be one of my favorite shots I got while we were at Valley of Fire. When she stuck her head out from behind the rock I knew that’d be the winner 💛

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Happy #TOT from this mountain baby I think one of the best things about this trip and the hiking we’ve done is people’s reactions to Leila’s booties. Almost every person we pass has something to say about them and Leila just eats that attention right up.

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I’m not sure who was more excited about the crunchy leaves, me or her 🤔 Let me just say, this girl is a mountain baby at heart. We did a short hike on Friday and another yesterday and she was all over it. She was climbing on the different rocks and boulders without any hesitation and soaked everything up. She’d go ahead of us on the trail to check things out but would turn back to look at us and wait until we caught up. I had some doubts about how she’d listen with these new environments but she really has amazed me thus far. One thing I love about her is how crazy observant she is (this can get us into trouble at times but we’re working on it). I’ve learned so much from her just by watching her explore and figure these different things out for herself. It makes me so happy to see her explore these new places and figure out the new smells that sometimes I don’t even bother taking my camera out. She has really taught me to live in the now.

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Something we don’t see back home 🌨 We’re back! It has been a crazy couple weeks for us. Last weekend I was a second shooter for a wedding (this was my first big photography job) and as soon as I got back home it was making last minute preparations for our road trip to NV. With everything that has been going on I’ve had no time to edit photos but I am extremely excited to share more of these adventures with you guys. This was Leila’s first road trip and she really surprised me with how well she handled it all. The long hours in the car, the hotels, she has been a total champ. Her excitement with each new experience is definitely worth the exhaustion that comes with traveling. But since we got to Vegas last night we have the weekend to do some hiking! Peep our story if you wanna see this goofy girl in action. ☺️

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This was the pumpkin I decided to take home with me

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I present Leila’s big ‘screw you’ to fall Props to everyone who is able to get cute fall pictures with their babies. My girl just looks pissed 24/7 🤧

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Coming at you live with the rbf 🎃 Long time no post! I‘m back from a much needed mental health break. How is everyone?! . . . #canonusa #dogsofinstagram #bestwoof #topdogphoto #dogsonadventures #weeklyfluff #dogsofinsta #pitbullsofinstagram #dogphotography #pibblepride #pitbulladvocate #ilovemydog #cutepetclub #teamcanon #canonphotography #exploremore #adventuredog

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We drove out to Conroe yesterday to explore some trails with @thetexaspups only to get there to find it closed.... seriously y’all, only with us. 🙄 BUT! I knew of a place close by where the dogs could be off leash and we stumbled across this cute lil dock. Gotta love the unexpected — Bandana from @hmbymich 🍦

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We take spooky season VERY seriously in our house. I honestly can’t restrain myself from getting all the Halloween themed goodies. It’s a problem. 👀 All we need now is some actual fall weather @houston please pull through we’re dying

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I love love love the way she looks at my brother. I just see all the love and admiration in the world. (She also can get away with rougher play with him so he’s definitely favorable 🤦🏻‍♀️) Do your pups have a strong connection with someone aside from yourself?

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We had so much fun with @thetexaspups yesterday! You know it’s a good outing if you leave as soaking wet as the dogs 🤦🏻‍♀️ — Tag: @copper.paws Collar: @friendshipcollar Bandana: @bandedpines

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The yoda ears are in full action today, folks

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It may not be Wednesday, but every day is wet dog day in her mind

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Dogs? Dogs. Dogs! My everyday thoughts summed up nicely by socks @blue_q

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Happiest when there’s a ball to fetch

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