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A picture taken on my beautiful West Side to invite ALL THE BRIDES-TO-BE out there!!! πŸ’πŸ’ƒπŸ»πŸ’πŸ‘° This Saturday, November 17th, I will be hosting the @MartinaLianaBridal trunk show at @RKBridal , on 619 W 54th Street, 5th floor! Appointments are not needed, so make sure you get there when it opens at 9.30! From 10 am to 2 pm, I'll be there to help you find the Martina Liana dress of your dreams! #RKBridal #MartinaLiana #ad


Where did the sun go? 😱


Enjoying this weather while I can πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ™ŒπŸ»


Why is the coffee always running away from my love? πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ˜’


* Opens the jacket, takes picture, closes jacket right after to not freeze * Wearing @vicidolls ❀️❀️ #vicidolls #vicicollab


If this cold weather is good for anything, it is to wear fluffy 🐻 coats!


Waiting for the rain like... πŸ˜…


Swipe for a quick tutorial on how to drink a latte very elegantly β˜•οΈβ˜•οΈ @vicidolls #ViciCollab #vicidolls


Wind striking again πŸŒͺπŸŒͺπŸŒͺ


Let’s talk stress? . As the holiday season approaches, work starts to get crazier and crazier - especially for people who work in fashion, like me (anyone else?πŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™€οΈ)! As the schedule gets busier, my stress levels obviously have to follow! As a result, I end up having my brain completely clouded, messing up my ideas, and being all over the place when I’m working, which consequently also affects my sleep, because I get so angry at myself for not being productive. And the cycle starts all over again on the next day! . About a week ago, I started to introduce both @Ollynutrition Goodbye Stress and Restful sleep vitamins into my routine: the first one during the day to help me focus and reduce my stress levels, and the second one at night, right after my β€˜tea & book’ ritual (lol). They both taste amazing (my fave is the Restful sleep and I look forward to it every night), and I felt a HUGE difference in my sleep cycle - I’m sleeping all night long! My stress levels are way lower and I just feel I’m facing my holiday season with much more calm without the bad vibes, as it should be! #sponsored #happyinsideout


Stormy weather 🌩 just love those days where I can work from home and really focus on creating blog content ✨