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Life is better in a bikini 👙☀️ Muse @iamkarissaduncan1 | We let her hair rest for a bit & been embracing her natural Blonde. Double tap if you’re loving her hair.. and everything else I’m not responsible for lol

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LOW maintenance ||Soft Transition close to her root area for the best growout. @hairbychandler @thegrandsalon

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Roses are red, rosé is pink. Pour me a glass and just let me drink #rosegoldhair #schwarzkopfprofessional #morevibrance @hayleylarue

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Perfect Fall tones 🍂🍁 Color&Cut || Toned down precious blonde Balayage @hairbychandler @thegrandsalon

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Blondes Year Round 📆 @hairbychandler @greatlengthsusa Extensions: Our main focus was fullness & volume, while also adding some length. We used 150 fine strands which will last her about 4 months 💫 Swipe for before

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Reflecting on my trip to New York😍✂️ I am always striving to continue my education! It is vital to stay inspired and up to date with the latest trends and best techniques. No better place to do so than @bumbleandbumbleuniversity Until next time ✌🏼

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Had a blast working with this gorgeous model today @carlycatalana #bbumodelproject #bbsalonsnyc

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Soft & Subtle Balayage Color @hairbychandler

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BLONDIE Cut|Color @hairbychandler

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After & Before • Make everyday a good hair day 💫 Everyone’s hair can handle different levels of lightening. Be sure you go to someone who is honest and you can trust!! Your hair can be your BEST or worst accessory. (This is after only two sessions. she only has a couple warm areas still. This is very uncommon results w just 2 sessions especially starting out with such dark hair)

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Okay, last one! A little side profile so Full & NATURAL 💫

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AFTER😍😍 Swipe for Before using all @greatlengthsusa Fine strands to create length& Volume On Average a new set is needed every 4-5 months (dependent on client) Great Lengths require NO Maintenance besides brushing your hair. Brushing 1-3 times a day is mandatory!! (While using Sulfate free shampoo &extension safe products of course) | | In the last video I show what her extensions look like on the inside after 4.5 Months. She took great care of her hair and did her brushing👏🏼 Each bond should be separated without any tangles/matting. Proper installation and Proper brushing is the Key to Damage Free extensions🤗

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Enhanced her Natural color with a little Balayage ☀️

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Hair by: ME @hairbychandler I was told to bless my feed with men more often. Here you are ladies 💙🙌🏼 @_tylerthomas Color inspo @neymarjr

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hairbychandler. Rooted Rose Gold💫 @schwarzkopfusa @pulpriothair

Rooted Rose Gold💫 @schwarzkopfusa @pulpriothair

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Life isn’t perfect, but your hair can be. 💆🏼‍♀️ @greatlengthsusa makes it easy to create a seamless look on my clients💫 @hayleylarue

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hairbychandler. YEARS of lightening 👉🏼 She comes in 3/4 times a year for her Balayag

YEARS of lightening 👉🏼 She comes in 3/4 times a year for her Balayage. Patience, patience, patience! Swipe to see her first session from a couple years ago. Yes, her hair was warm but nobody leaves my chair with Orange hair 🍊🙅🏼‍♀️

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