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Through the rough seas. Boating season ‘18 check. Was amazing. Sleep well #booahelsinki and see you in the spring❤️🐍 #makiaclothing #searay


Amsterdam backstage door last year before the show. Time flies... #tb


Oulu! Nyt ei tulla jännittämään jääkiekkoa hallitsevaa mestaria vastaan, vaan tullaan vuoden ainoalle klubikeikalle Suomessa. On jättimäinen kunnia vetää meidän täysi rokkisetti legendaarisen Teatrian avajaisissa lauantaina 17.11. Odotan kuin Kärppäfani pleijareita Rotuaarilla. Liput myynnissä huomenna (link in Bio) #sunriseave #teatria #oulu #Repost @meisterfoto


8 more nights and we’re back on stage with my boys. Counting... #Repost @tiffy3003


After a long day at the office I told my assistant to tell the President to tell the PM to tell the Secretary of State that I can’t make it to tonight’s board meeting. #theflyingdutchman


Size doesn’t matter. Taller guys hit the tatami harder. Still burning the summer festival beer calories. Thank you for another great morning sweat master Timo and thanx for the new “hang loose” gloves. #shaka

hapahaber. Still thinking about our last festival show this summer. I had the #ho

Still thinking about our last festival show this summer. I had the #honor dudes with me to make a mini clip of the day. See the full clip on my Facebook (link in bio). #HonorPlay #CrazyFast #CrazySmart


Summer is over and I’m scrolling through all the shots you folks posted after the shows. Thank you again for the great summer season. It was the best ever and I’m missing it all already ❤️ #Repost @palinakailine


Summer 2018, check ✅ We got more than we deserved, hope you all got what you came for. Big love 💕 and thank you 🦊🦄


Proud to be part of TEAM HONOR. I’ll let the @honorfinland dudes join us and film my day backstage & on stage on our last 2018 festival next Saturday. Let’s show them all how we rock the house one more time #honorplay #CrazyFast #CrazySmart


Back to the gentle loving arms of @hipkoman after summer break. Only one of us needs a shower after the workout🦄🦄😂 #Repost @hipkoman ・・・ Start of season 2! First training, we did it @hapahaber #sunriseavenue #training


Biting my lip & tongue hoping the best summer ever wouldn’t end. Was a bit colder last night and had the chance to wear my favorite denim jacket by @summerhanninen again after the super crazy hot summer. Thanx everyone for another great night and see you all in a few weeks! #fox #Repost @itssunriseavenue ©️Ulrich Stamm