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So proud to share the pictures of our guests. @aglashamadeinrussia was in Paris with last week. Do not hesitate to share or to send us your best Hometown Experience memories !

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Friday mood 🤗

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As they were returning guests, we provide them a lovely tote bag with the whole family printed on it 🤗 @jen.garza hope you wear it 😘 @salome.illustrations Thanks ❄️

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One good reason to visit Lisbon ... 🙄😘

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This is how we welcome our guests 😍 “We will always stay with @hometowexperience when we travel in all areas of France, paris, Tel Aviv or Lisbon. Their beautiful apartments, attention to detail, diligence, attentiveness and overall kindness keeps us coming back. We are so thankful for the time and effort they put into making sure evert stay is the most perfect experience. Thank you, Hometown Experience ! “ @jen.garza Thank you for this lovely comment 💓

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The lovely @acid.m in Lisbon, in one of our apartments. Bath time with @cartier 😍

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Created in 1850, Avenue Montaigne is named after the 16th-century French writer Michel de Montaigne, famous for his Essais. The city’s focal point for high fashion and luxury goods, the avenue is home to all the great haute couture stores, such as Chanel, Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton, Chloé, Céline, Thierry Mugler, Saint Laurent Paris, Prada... illustration @salome.illustrations 🌟

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@acid.m was staying with us in Lisbon 😍 Lovely view from one of our apartment !

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A half-hour drive from Lisbon, this seaside town has lots to offer if you have a day to spare... Or two. 🐠 Illustration @salome.illustrations

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Cascais is a municipality in the Lisbon district of Portugal 🐠 This is a delightful fishing town situated close to some of the finest beaches of the Lisbon region.

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The tower of Belém 🌟

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Lisbon’s most important square: the Praça do Comercio was for decades Lisbon’s main entrepot, and crucial for its maritime trade. It was built on the site where the old Royal Palace used to exist before it was destroyed by the earthquake of 1755. The southern end of the plaza is open and looks out onto the Tagus River. The three other sides have yellow-coloured buildings with arcades all along the façade. When the square was first built, the commercial ships would unload their goods directly onto this square, as it was considered the ‘door’ of Lisbon. Thanks @arndaudrey for the picture 😍

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Next week on our website : a new blog article giving you reasons to spend Christmas in Lisbon ❄️🌲 thanks @arndaudrey for the picture 😍

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Born in 1914, the legendary line 28E ("E" for "eléctrico") of the Lisbon tramway serves the center of Lisbon and its hills. This hundred-year old means of transport is undoubtedly the best way to furrow the most beautiful steep streets, while sparing the tedious exercise of traversing these paved slopes on foot. If it still looks like a collector's toy, this "Remodelado" (historic tramway) has two qualities that modern trams do not have. There is of course the old-fashioned charm of this unique yellow car with polished wooden benches. But the bumpy vehicle has especially the technical possibility to take a circuit with tight turns, on steep hills.

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Located just 30 kilometers from the Portuguese capital, Sintra is definitely worth a detour when staying in Lisbon. Classed in 1995 as a UNESCO world heritage site, it offers remarkable landscapes and monuments, giving it the nickname of "glorious Eden". In one day or more, discover this unmissable destination, whose multiple palaces will amaze you...

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Enjoy the oceanarium of Lisbon with the whole family 🐟 Illustration @salome.illustrations

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The Lisbon trams are to the Portuguese capital what the red double-decker buses are to London: real time machines that are part of the scenery and which allow us to explore in the most picturesque ways. Line 28E is the most emblematic, offering a particularly wide range of discoveries, between monuments and hidden treasures.

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Don’t wait to book a wonderful Christmas in Lisbon ❄️ illustration @salome.illustrations

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