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Nature lovers ☀️😌💛 Explore secret, hidden and unknown landscapes of Croatia with us. Link in bio 🌱

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Such a beautiful day on 📍Mreznica river, Croatia ☀️🌲

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always wandering, always exploring 🌿🌲🌳 #intactnature #Croatia

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Join us on our Multi activity Holidays on Dubrovnik Islands 🙌🏼🌴We’ll do some kayaking, hiking, sailing, cycling... All while exploring the local life and enjoying traditional Croatian cuisine 🥳

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Discover beauty of Croatian islands while kayaking, swimming and snorkeling 🌿🌴☀️ Both one day and multiday trips available 😊 link in bio

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the sky 🙌🏼 check the link in our bio for active trips in Croatia 🇭🇷 We sail, kayak, raft, bike, hike... ☀️🌴💪🏼

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“I now walk into the wild.” - Christopher McCandless

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Having the time of our lives 🙌🏼 Summer 2019 we love you so far 💛

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Active and recreational cyclists 🚴🏼‍♀️ Let us show you the scenic cycling tours around Croatia’s inland mountain region and intact islands down south. Together with other activities such as river and sea kayaking, rafting, hiking & sailing we’ll experience the most of this beautiful country. 🙌🏼🌴🌲🌳

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we love posting embarrassing photos of our guides, sorry Marko 🤷🏼‍♀️

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We are having so much fun! 🌴💛 SUP paddling in between sailing through the intact islands of Croatia. Book your trip through the link in bio 👉🏼

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Our signature trip 👉🏼 Dubrovnik Adventure Sailing Break 🌿🌴🌊 On this trip we visit islands of the Dubrovnik area, we sail, kayak, swim, cycle, hike, try Croatian cuisine along the way, sleep on the yacht and get to know local life of small intact islands. 😌👌🏼

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Warning nature lovers! ✋🏼 Our multi activity holidays are a carefully balanced mix of history, culture, activities and relaxation. Our trips include river or sea kayaking, whitewater rafting, cycling, sailing and hiking in various parts of Croatia. 🌿🌲🌳 Our focus is intact nature free of crowds. Only us and the wind in our hair (we are getting cheesy, k, bye).

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Discover Kolocep blue cave, cliffs and reefs, sandy beaches and pleasant walks. Perfect for anyone wanting to explore unspoiled nature. 😌☀️🌴

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Explore the northern side of Croatia on our 8 day Multisport trips. 🌿🌲🌑 We’ll explore Plitvice Lakes, kayak down the Zrmanja and Mreznica River, cycle through Krka National Park, try homemade cuisine prepared by the locals, sleep in traditional houses in small village Korana and so SO much more... link in bio

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Mostar: so much more than just a bridge. 🙌🏼🌿🌸

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Canoe down the Trebizat River surrounded by its never ending green landscapes while on our BEST OF CROATIA trip! ☀️🌲🌳

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huckfinncroatia. When family comes together ☺️☀️

When family comes together ☺️☀️

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