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What’s in your Palette? #makeuptools - Seems like everything at @imatsofficial #ImatsLA2019 was about Palettes. - #Beauteafterdarkmoment As an avid traveler for business and for pleasure I’m committing my 2019 year to downsizing my kit to the essentials only! I’m getting too old to have 4 bags running through airports lol - The main stage demos were soooo good, well organized high energy and knowledge... knowledge , knowledge and not to mention that @macPro booth was lit 🔥! •On Saturday @gregoryarlt & @romerojennings LED us in praise and worship with their humor & unintentional synchronization with the “Power of the Palette” and @victorcembellin @carolinehernandezmakeup Took us right into The Sunday Sermon unpacking his demo “Test Shoot Essentials “ ... Hour of Power! -Swipe to meet these beauties. - • With lighting precision @maccosmetics is making that commitment so easy for all of us #TravelingMUAS with the all new M•A•C GIRLS PALETTES which comes in 4 Distinct Personalities- Classic Cutie - Power Hungry- Pretty Punk - Smarty Pants (My Fave) • 😆 In addition to all that goodness there are two new highlighters from the HYPER REAL GLOW PALETTES name “Get Lit” 🔥 and “Shimmy Peach” 🍑 • The New Powder Kiss Lipstick 🙌🏽 that’s all I’m going to say and walk off..... •😘. • I learned so much about the versatility of these new additions to the #MAC family and am so excited to put them in action. • If you went to IMATs let me know your favorite new Power Tool Essentials from the new @maccosmetics additions below in the comments. • Comment me a 💄 below if you would like to see me do a mini live #DemoRial aka #DrBeautyDemoTutorial • Comment a 🎨 if you think I should join the @MacCosmetics team Los Angeles.... • Swipe to see some of the beautiful artists that I got to share a selfie with!!! ❤️. #Makeup #makeupartist #mUA #imats #imatsLA #powerofthepallete #losangeles #beauty #mainstage #maccosmetics #macpro #artist #beautypreneur #

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Had dinner tonight with one of the most beautiful people I have ever met and one of my favorite people and they pretty much said the same exact thing.... my spirit is so high and so FULL..... if you are reading this you know what this means... - #getinformation #levelup - - Repost @iamgabbyj #inspiration #quotes #qoutesoftheday #qoutesaboutlife #quotestoliveby #imatsLA2019 #motivation #encouragement #leadership #leadershipquotes #BeYourself #authenticity #goodbye

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iamdrbeauty. @imatsofficial  Los Angeles... January 11-13th Ready for looks! Educat

@imatsofficial Los Angeles... January 11-13th Ready for looks! Education x Investment #Imats #imats2019 #makeuparts #romerojennings #makeupbymario

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Don’t miss your chance to have your New Year #DrBeautyAppointment With Only A few Days left in the Month of January for New Year Makeover sessions, I’ve been Getting several DMs , Facebook messages and texts requesting services . So here you go -Available dates left, January 9, 10, 16, 17, 18, 23, 24, 25 - Has this been on your to do list? Is a new look on your #VisionBoard ? Make it happen NOW! click the Link in my bio to Secure your appointment directly from my website - Do you need to schedule your Rebranding/ Image Consulting Session? Email us @ info@dewaynerichards.com and a member of the DrBeauty Family will follow up with you. - It’s your time to make History! - - #DrBeautyRx #calltheDoctor #Makeover #Nashville #Beauty #Hair #Photoshoots #KingofTransformations #DewayneRichards #Makeup #BuildingConfidence #BuildingBrands

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#Expansion was the word from @ascendnashvillechurch today! and then then this followed! Brunch with these Two DEVA’s ! This was my First time hanging with @patiencebhaircolor and the owner of @poiseblusalon At my Favorite Brunch Oasis #Rhnashvillecafe one word to describe the experience was #Refreshing The Sun was out, on the first Sunday of the year so I had to bring out my favorite floral print from @asos All kind of new things blossoming in this New Season What are you excited for in the New Year? Let’s talk comment below or check my #TheYearofGatsby #DrBeautyRx #beauteafterdarkmoment #greenHills #RestorationHardware #theempoweredbeautybossexperience #Devacurl #DevaCertified #devacurlcertified #devacurlpro #devacutnashville #BlackExcellence #myblackisbeautiful #hairStylist #blackhairstylist #nashvillecurlspecialist #OwnTv

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The Best just Got Better!! My #Girlfriends they Hold me up as it all Goes Down! I could not have done it with out you all believing in me, giving grace to grow and love to #BECOME the man I am today!!! “There through Anything “I call them my #TheGoldenGirlFriends not Pictured @not2shebi #IntheCity -@oprahmagazine here are mine!!! Tag your your fave friends below Mya, Lynn , William, Toni Childs, Joan or you Rose , Blanche , Dorothy, Stan, Rose or Sophia #Friends #FriendShip #schmoney #sexandthecity #theGoldenGirls #GirlFriends #NewYear

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“Trusting God when you don’t understand “ As this year ends this #7SecondPrayer is getting me through! Thank you Father for being the Master Gardner, thank you for keeping me connected to your vine, Thank you for being the Father of Truth. Extend your grace, your love and your peace as this Season changes. Help me to stick through this transformation process, thank you for knowing the Plans you have for my life and that they are to prosper me and not to harm me. Lord prune me that I may be more like you that the beauty that you desire to be revealed in me and nourish the the fruits that you are bringing through me in 2019! #ItisWritten “He cuts off every branch in me that bears no fruit, while every branch that does bear fruit he prunes so that it will be even more fruitful.” ‭‭John‬ ‭15:2‬ ‭NIV‬‬ #Inspiration #scripture #love #prune #Truevine #revelation #patience #prayers #wisdombydrbeauty

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#SecretSantaGiveBack #DrBeautyFeeds2000 Call me Dr.-Claus 🎁 Read Giveback Rules Below @cashapp 👇🏿I’m bringing Holiday Cheer to one Deserving Follower with a Dr.Beauty Makeover for Christmas for Free. —————————————————Announcing the Winner on Christmas Eve. Tag your Beauty to nominate them for this once in a lifetime experience! ————————— Must be tagged by Midnight on Christmas Eve. —————————————————- You can also participate in this Secret Santa Giveback by Donating $1 Second Harvest Food Bank donations will be collected via @cashapp $DrBeauty —- ———————————————— 1. Download @Cashapp or Click Link in My Bio 2. Type in $1 3. Click Pay 4. Type Cashtag $DrBeauty 5. Type in memo #DrBeautyFeeds2000 ! 6. Come back to this post and type #iSpreadLove 7. Share this post 8. ———————————-Smile 😃 9. I will match every dollar submitted and will go live Next Tuesday at 5pm CST to submit Donation . My Goal is for 125 loving Dr. Beauty Followers to donate at least $1 which I will personally match put to $125 and will be matched again by organizations that partner with #SecondHarvestMidTN Just $250 = 2000 meals.. Talk about Multiple Dreams!!! We CAN DO MORE TOGETHER .. #santaHave a Wonderful Christmas! Some Stevie for your Feed 🎼 🎶 . - #NeverForget #ThereasonFortheSeason #christmascard #avemaria #steviewonder #holiday #happyholidays #christmaslights #joy #haveyourselfamerrylittlechristmas #christmas #feedyourbrother

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iamdrbeauty. #RestInParadise. 12.14. 18  @cappcorn Gladys More ... Flashback to 2k1

#RestInParadise. 12.14. 18 @cappcorn Gladys More ... Flashback to 2k16 ..It Seems like yesterday you were peeling me Off the floor in the middle of me doing your makeup . You were placed in my life in that season to send me a word from Heaven. Not that you even needed my makeup artistry with your beautiful skin but I’m so glad that you gave me the opportunity to express my gifts. Thank you for always being a cheerleader and supporter as it’s only been few short years ago that I began to doing hair and Makeup Full Time again and you were there to Remind me that God had called me to be Set Apart and that I would Go very far by following my dreams.... Thank you for keeping it real telling “ Baby what’s that’s Spray you used at the end.... Yea that... don’t use that again it made my face itch last time lol” I still remember not having on any makeup and waking up lat to do makeup at 5:30am and you told me I was beautiful without it! I think that was the first of many times after that people started saying the same thing... you would be proud I’ve only worn a full face about 7-8 times this whole year! Put on your robe, pick up your crown and REST IN Paradise! #Youwillbemissed #RestInHeaven #StellarAwards #TBT #lasvegas

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iamdrbeauty. #TrustGod August 2018, God told me I was a Teacher. -
Pastor Roache (A

#TrustGod August 2018, God told me I was a Teacher. - Pastor Roache (Ascend Nashville Church Preaches- Ride the Wave( Of Grace ) - September Go to LA, attend Class, get A tour of Warner Bros Studio - October- 4 School Career Fair Invites - Sitting at table having lunch with a retired school principal a parent of a 6th grader says to me “As you climb you lift others! That’s what you did for my daughter today, Thank you!” 😭 - Friday, Saw building... and said Wow, this is a Beautiful beautiful Building!! - 3 Days later I was asked to attend an exclusive Event in that same building... Meet a great Guy that just relocated from LA - A week later he offered me a position to create and Teach 1 Week Course “The Art of Makeup, Hair, Wardrobe... - Run into Old Highschool Associate who I haven’t seen in a decade“ Hey you still live here, I thought you moved to Cali, I met someone overheard them talking about all your different characters Anna makeup etc, they thought you was being extra... (They shifted the convo) I had to let them know nah he’s been like that since high school, he’s very talented and a force to be reckoned with....” - One week later I attend #imatsatlanta meet a random older white Guy who says” it’s your Turn, These new Kids need New ICONS, Teach them every thing you know. “ 😭 - Anxiety sets in, “I can’t do this, what do I know” Mom, And Best Friend says you got this... Teach what you know... Client comes in and says without know “You’ve practiced for this” 😭 - A week Later I’m Standing in front of 10 film students with no Beauty Industry Knowledge - I was met with frustration... I quickly shifted gears and Taught with my heart giving everything I had! - Up at 4am every morning trying to get creative... God reminding me, remember all those years of hard work, dressing up, acting classes, making costumes, doing makeovers... it was leading you right here “TRUST ME”... 😭 while writing lesson plans (Ugly Cry) - On lunch one day , a Student asked me to Finish applying his fake beard. “I’ve always dreamed of... ...continued in my Story ☝🏾and on Facebook #Inspire #wisdomfromdrbeauty #motivation #Staytuned #makeupartist

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It’s time to let go of your limiting beliefs! Hope deferred makes the heart sick! Choose life by making up your mind to be FREE! Free from past failures, Free of Fear, Free of Judgment, Free of self sabotaging behaviors! Today you can make the choice to be free!! Love yourself more than your desire to stay the same!!! #wisdombydrbeauty #kingoftransformation #DrbeautyRX #motivate #inspire #influence #uplift #encourage #believe #free #freedom #peace #purpose #transformationTuesday

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#Hero I’ve run into @j_shaw9 at least 4 or 5 times in the last 6 months at events I’m working. Coincidence... I think not! This past Saturday he was named as @hurdagency first recipient of the”Gilda York Award” Gilda, a sweet spirit who is gone too soon has left behind a great legacy that permeates the Nashville Community! James Shaw Jr. has done an amazing job using his platform to bring smiles , laughter and awareness and stressing the importance of being brave and doing things you have never done before. I was honored to take document his debut as a male model walking in the 24th Annual Hurd Agency Fashion Show! Photograph📸: @iamdrbeauty #713thelightproductions #skywaystudios #wafflehousehero #malemodel #Fashion #jameshawjr @hurdagency

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iamdrbeauty. What if the Dream was never yours to begin with? If you are a visionar

What if the Dream was never yours to begin with? If you are a visionary you understand how frustrated it is when you feel like you have to always chase your dream. Pastor Jeremy Roache of @ascendnashvillechurch proposed the idea in the current series “Dreaming with God” that maybe You are in a dream that belongs to God. This takes away a lot of pressure knowing that God is sovereign and always in control! What’s in your dream? #mondaymotivation #inspiration #dream #dreamchasers

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When you just doing what you do and @champagnepapi “God’s Plan” is the Soundtrack of your Week! What are the odds we live 12 hours away... Randomly took this gig 5 hours before. So good to see this beauty!! @getkissedbyshay She’s on the makeup I’m on the Camera Tonight! #decembertoremember #oldPals #makeupartist

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“Pursue what is Pursuing You! “Met this amazing beauty as a result of the Career Fair! She is a full time school teacher who is following her dream. She said that as a teacher she has to play so many roles it’s practically acting anyway!!! Here’s to this future Hollywood Actress. Inspiration: @kerrywashington I Used @blackopalbeauty foundations in a custom blend to create this flawless skin for her new actress headshots! Can’t wait to see how they turn out! Makeup by me! #makeupartist #actorslife #beauty #drbeautyRX #discoveringthelightrevealingyourbeauty #nashvillemua #muaLIFE #DreamsCometrue #naturalBeauty

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