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...swipe for a surprise. 😋 a smile is happiness you’ll find right under your nose. 🧸💙 #weekendvibes #iCONtips

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...my prayer has always been not for God to move the mountains but to give me strength to climb them. obstacles are inevitable in life so we must equip & condition ourselves so that they aren’t effective in any way. this small quote on all @voidmerch pieces will serve as a reminder to never give up on filling those VOIDS that inspire you. cop a piece today to officially become a #VOIDfiller & help grow this cool movement! tag a person that inspires you! 🧸✨Vibrant. Originals. Intercepting. Design (LINK IN BIO) #VOID #Purposeful #StreetWear #GentleHypeBeast

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...i’ve always been a sucker for a hoodie. it’s wearable during any season & it brings you the ultimate comfort - which is what u should feel as you go for your goals everyday! here are a few of my favorites at the moment: the VOID iCON hoodie. available in a range of sizes & colors! (SWIPE) cop your piece & join the movement! Vibrant. Originals. Intercepting. Design. Link In Bio. 🧸✨ #VOID #Purposeful #StreetWear #GentleHypeBeast

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...growing up in a super traditional southern city - I’ve always had to find ways to be creative & liberated. being my size & “fashionable” has been a challenge from the jump but I’ve always filled the void by being relentless & not settling for the mediocre. i plan to continue to help everyone no matter what size - to push the envelope & live out loud. we’re all weird & guess what? it’s ok. 😏 so how do you plan to #fillthevoid? once you cop your @voidmerch piece answer that hashtag & join the movement! again - thank you for believing. 🧸✨ #VOID #StreetWear #GentleHypeBeast #iCONtips

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...thank you guys so much for all of the birthday wishes & most importantly the love shown to @voidmerch! please take the time to explore the PURPOSE behind the brand. more than anything it’s my desire for that to infiltrate the world. big love to those who have already ordered! I can’t believe it! it’s so much more to come! I love you all immensely! 🧸✨ #VOID #Purposeful #StreetWear #GentleHypeBeast #iCONtips

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...I’ve dreamed about & sat on this concept for a while now & I am extremely excited to share it. here’s a gift to you guys on my birthday. a capsule dedicated to those who’s constantly had to fill them @voidmerch. Vibrant Originals Intercepting Design. this is only the beginning. as a virtual hug or dap - please feel free to share. thank you for believing. 🧸 #VOID #Purposeful #StreetWear #GentleHypeBeast #iCONtips #Fashion (LINK IN BIO)

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Progress report: so I’ve been still figuring my way thru this fitness obstacle course & I just wanted to update/help fuel those who also maybe on the same path. Through my partnership with blu’s @pledgeworld, I pledge to make & keep fashion, size inclusive. filling the void of plus-size styles for both women and men, while making all feel equally beautiful. I want the world to know that no matter what size you are - you can be healthy, CONFIDENT, fashionable and stylish. 💪🏾🧸 #OwnIt #Sponsored #PoweredByBlu #ad #iCONtips

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...popular doesn’t always mean approved. all I ask is that y’all believe in yourself. there are enough people and circumstances trying to tear you down already - don’t you participate in the demolition. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF! God will not only meet your expectations - he will exceed them. you are closer to your breakthrough than you think. tag someone who u feel may be battling. we got #iCONtips #inspire #CreativesMatter

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...starlet/model turned actress @damarislewis tipped out to the @staymacro Oscar party celebrating @blackkklansman. wearing @likelynyc, @anyoldiron & @gucci. 🍫👑✨ #iCONtips #DamarisLewis #blackkklansman #Fashion #Oscars

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...melanin goddess & 6 time Oscar nominated @blackkklansman actress @damarislewis glowed last night at @uptownmagazine Pre-Oscar gala in @stjohnknits gown, @h.crowne jewels & @stuartweitzman footwear. 👑✨🍫 #iCONtips #DamarisLewis #blackkklansman #Oscars #RedCarpet #Fashion

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...had to give y’all the full look. lol. these are all moc up pieces of a collection I’m developing. I’ve always done things I’ve never fully been ready for but I’ve found that your breakthrough is on the other side of that! thank you @houseofcyndarella for always sprinkling your magic on my ideas ✨. still floating @melissamagsaysay & @nicole_bette! cc: @11honore #iCONtips #VOIDmerch #11Honore #Fashion #Style

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...it’s been a dope kick off to Oscars week 2019! thank you @11honore, @voguemagazine, @okjanelle, @jessraiter, @nicole_bette & the wonderful @melissamagsaysay & @jenniferpauline for having me as we honor the imaginative @christinajpacelli. such a great room full of fashion mavens & I couldn’t be more honored to have sat among you. the love was felt & I cant wait to work more alongside you gems. a dream came true today. *see my story for more highlights!* 🙏🏾💙👠 #iCONtips #11Honoree #Vogue #Fashion #Oscars

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...couldn’t imagine what my thoughts would be illuminated with if it weren’t for your existence. you have been an illustrator for many visuals that consume the minds of creatives worldwide. it wasn’t your desire that made you the first celebrity wardrobe architect - it was solely your vision. thank you Mr. Lagerfeld for providing us with the ticket to see some of our best dreams on the runway. job well done. rest in chic @karllagerfeld. 🕊👗👠💔 #iCONtips #KarlLagerfeld #Chanel #Fashion #Inspiration

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Thank you to my @instagram family & @fadiakader for having me today as we celebrate the awesome women nominated this Grammy season. (SWIPE) 👑💪🏾🔥 @Gucci | @houseofcyndarella on the 💧 #iCONtips #Grammys2019 #Insta #Style

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...could write a book on our love @janellemonae. a constant inspiring energy from the commencement. thank you for only changing your color way. you deserve every once of acknowledgement. Love, an ORIGINAL arch-android. 🤖💜⚡️ #iCONtips #JanelleMonae #Grammys2019

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...sometimes the pain is louder than the promise but this month tell your symptoms to shut up. God has not changed his mind concerning what he’s promised you. feel the pain but focus on the promise. things are going to get better for you. tag someone who you feel may need to hear this. love y’all. 🙏🏾💡✊🏾 #iCONtips #BlackHistoryMonth #Message

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“This Is Us” starlet & my little muse @faitheherman arriving to the @sagawards 💙✨ wearing a custom @valdrinsahitiofficial dress + @houseofcyndarella custom bow belt & @nordstrom shoes. (SWIPE) #iCONtips #SAGawards #KidsStyle #RedCarpet

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