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...on 1/15/14 I quietly packed 2 suitcases & lied to my friends & told them I’d be right back. cried crocodile tears as @freddybeezy dropped me off at the airport cause I was afraid. didn’t know what I was gonna do but I knew what I desired to do. here it is 5 years later and I couldn’t be happier that I took the leap. they say if your dreams aren’t scaring you then they aren’t big enough - well it’s Halloween everyday round here lol! all in all you gotta go thru the fright to get to the light. I’m so grateful to God & those who have prayed for & supported me. wishing myself a happy 5th year LAnniversary! if you prayed for it - prepare for it. let’s see what these next five hitting on. 🙏🏾💡🧸 #iCONtips #Thankful #Motivation #Gratitude #LAnniversary

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...don't be guilty of not stepping out on your dream because you don’t have the funds. God made us smart enough to figure it out. figure out the first step and FAITH out the next one. we all deserve to know what's on the other side of trying. this year’s goal is to get over there. love y’all. ✨💡🧸 ps follow @voidmerch for the crew neck I’m rocking. something special is happening there very soon! #iCONtips #VOID #Goals #Style #StreetStyle #HypeBeast #Brand

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...decked the halls & poured @msamberpriley into 2 beautiful couture gowns last night as she commanded the stage for her charity Christmas concert.✨ (SWIPE) wearing @fouadsarkiscouture (black) & @daughtersofnonyelum (red) & @therubyla diamonds. 👑 #iCONtips #AmberRiley #Vocalist #Fashion #Style #Curvy #VOID #Christmas

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...pulled up to the #SetGala last night in my jungle drip 🐾🐍 wearing @ysl boots, an @asos shirt & @dolcegabbana necklace - it was only correct that i finished it with a piece of hip hop history in fashion. this amazing green fur coat was designed by a underground fashion legend Nija Battle. (SWIPE) she designed fur coats for @diddy, @whitneyhouston & @lilkimthequeenbee to name a few. Nija was a hood gem that would legit pull up to restaurants, clubs and studios just to make sure her pieces hit. she made it to @voguemagazine thanks to @andreltalley before her untimely death in 2000. she was 37. I’m so grateful i had the chance to wear such an iconic piece & brand. 💎💡 #iCONtips #Fashion #HipHop #Creators #Design #NijaBattle

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...i used to go to sleep to dream. now i just get dressed for em. @versace | @johnvarvatos 🧸🙏🏾✨(SWIPE) #iCONtips #Gratitude #Style #Dreamer

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...out here in Kosovo designing & blessing the city. such an experience. thank you @valdrinsahitiofficial for allowing me to collaborate with your stunning brand! will be epic. ✨🔥 (SWIPE) #iCONtips #internationalTips #Kosovo #Design #Fashion #Style

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...ate a slice of turkey & then had an idea - let’s just go there. 💡✈️ flewed out on @turkishairlines. thank you & God for getting me there safely! 🙏🏾 (SWIPE) #iCONtips #internationaltips #FirstStop #FlewedOut #Turkey #TravelingCoat

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...wanna take a moment to have an honest one. this year I didn’t wanna come home for thanksgiving. Ive been battling with different emotions when it comes to home because of the sense of complacency that seems to permanently reside here. but here i am on the block that raised me. the block thats reminding me that a fight is still a fight even when it’s with energies that attack where u come from. thankfulness & gratitude is capable of squaring up with every single negative force. I’m learning daily to allow them to work thru me to get the KO on all of the issues i face. if the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you - it will be enough. Happy Thanksgiving champs. I’m grateful for you all. 🙏🏾💛🍂 #iCONtips #Home #Alabama #Gratitude #Thankful

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...tune in to the @loveandhiphop reunion to see @kmichellemusic perform her latest single “save me” wearing @donamatoshiofficial & @dsquared2. 🦢🔥✨ #iCONtips #KMichelle #LHHH #Fashion #Style

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...singer @kmichellemusic brought it in a chic effect in a @alexandrevauthier dress & @balmain heels as she hosted the official @soultrainofficial awards post show. be sure to tune in! you don’t wanna miss it. 🔥✨🦢 (SWIPE) #iCONtips #KMichelle #Fashion #Style #SoulTrainAwards

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...start unknown - finish unforgettable. believe in what you pray for. (SWIPE) 🙏🏾💪🏾 #iCONtips #WeekendVibes #KeepGoing

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icontips. ...love me - that’s all i ask of you. 🥀🎭 (SWIPE) @richfresh_  suit |

...love me - that’s all i ask of you. 🥀🎭 (SWIPE) @richfresh_ suit | @gucci shoes | @stetsonusa hat #iCONtips #PhantomOfBeverlyHills #HalloweenButMakeItFashion #Style

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...the beautiful @msamberpriley arriving to the premier of her first movie @nobodysfool starring alongside starlets @whoopigoldberg, @tiffanyhaddish & @tikasumpter. directed by @tylerperry. (SWIPE) dress: custom @rue107 shoes: @incfashionamsterdam jewels: @therubyla MUA: @reneemadeulook #iCONtips #AmberRiley #Fashion #RedCarpet #Film #NobodysFool #TylerPerry #Curvy #PlusSizeFashion

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...street style shots. arriving - the @thombrowneny way. 🇫🇷 thank you @simonzchetrit for this image! #iCONtips #PFW #StreetStyle #ThomBrowne hat: @stetsonusa suit: @rontomson (custom) accessories: @cartier | @nixon shoes: @maisonmargiela

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...as I close my last day of this trip to Paris, France that I planned 3 days before taking alone *looks up* i just wanna say - thank you. 🙏🏾 I’ve never in my life been so thrilled, excited, scared, stunned, floored & inspired all in one window of time. I’ve literally felt every emotion listed everyday that I’ve been here. most rewarding risk ever. I’ve dreamed of visiting the epicenter of FASHION since i can recall being able to think. From watching documentaries, runway shows & learning of couturiers - I’ve yearned to breathe the same air as these geniuses. Coco Chanel, Jean Paul Gaultier, Christian Dior & Hubert de Givenchy - these are all ppl who started in this very city. since being here all I can think of is would my dad in fashion @andreltalley approve of my looks & of my thoughts. I’ve walked around & taken it all in. I’m grateful. Never in a million years would’ve thought that this black kid from Alabama would be sitting in rooms & on rows with figures who’ve inspired him every single day. I can’t say thank you enough to anyone who prays for me or even thinks of me as anything - THANK YOU. a special thank you to @theethiopiandream for pushing me to do this & always motivating me like the iCON that she is. & to @jenniferpauline for guiding me & fueling me along the way. & to the best seamstress in the world @houseofcyndarella for bringing my wild last minute design thoughts to life! we were doing fittings on my looks until i left my house for the airport. a REAL one! thank you! lastly thank you to the amazing brand @fyodorgolan who invited me to a private viewing of their SS19 collection. it’s incredible. thank you for believing in me & trusting my advice. let’s do this! see my story for more of the viewing! I’ll never forget this. until next time Paris, Au revoir. 🇫🇷🙏🏾 (SWIPE) #iCONtips #Grateful #StillInAwe #ParisFashionWeek #PFW

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...such an ethereal time today. major love to my family over at @thombrowneny for having me. (SWIPE). ⚪️⚫️⚪️ shout out to @maisonmargiela, @warbyparker, @cartier & @iamhdiddy on the accessories. thank you @rontomson for the custom suit. peep my story for show highlights! 🔥🇫🇷 🐻 #iCONtips #PFW #TipsTakesParis #ThomBrowne FYI - my driver took these photos for me! 💪🏾💪🏾

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...Niggas In Paris Going APESHIT 🦍. thank you @driesvannoten for the look. big love to my family at @openingceremony. y’all knew this was gonna happen right? BLESSED. Hey @beyonce. (SWIPE)😩🙌🏾🔥 #iCONtips #PFW #DriesVanNoten #Beyonce #ApeShit

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