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Our Water villa features a spacious bathroom which opens up to the outdoor with an open-air bathtub. Are you ready to let go? #KanuhuraMaldives #TimelessMemories 📸: Our guest @luxurylifemafia

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Some days you won’t want to leave the villa but there is nothing wrong with that! #KanuhuraMaldives #TimelessMemories

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What's your favourite thing to do on vacation? #KanuhuraMaldives #TimelessMemories 📸:@olivecooke

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Tag the person that you would love to have on the hammock next to #KanuhuraMaldives #TimelessMemories

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We are pleased to announce that Kanuhura Maldives is part of the 2019 World Luxury Hotel Awards. How to Vote: Step 1 Cast your vote for us by clicking on the link below: https://luxuryhotelawards.com/hotel/kanuhura-maldives/ Step 2 Choose your favorite category and enter your email address Step 3 Click on the vote button.

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If you could only bring one item to #KanuhuraMaldives, what would it be? #TimelessMemories

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Tag the person that you would love to bring to #KanuhuraMaldives. #TimelessMemories

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Red Carpet redefined. #Timelessmemories #KanuhuraMaldives 📸: Our guest @zeebalife

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If you were staying on our island resort, would you chose an over the water villa or a beach bungalow? #TimelessMemories #KanuhuraMaldives 📸: Our guest @seefromthesky 🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞 We're part of the hospitality group @sunresorts

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A few minutes away by shuttle from our island resort lie two incredible deserted islands. Both are pure, untouched, uninhabited. This is solitude, refined. Let your gypset spirit come out to play: whether you're enjoying a picnic with your loved ones, or taking a dip in the lagoon, just live. #KanuhuraMaldives  #SunLuxuryMoments  #timelessmemories

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Climbing down the ladder of your water villa to immerse yourself in the refreshing crystalline sea : an indescribable feeling. #TimelessMemories #KanuhuraMaldives 📸: Our guest @thewonderingdreamer

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Starting the day right: Leisurely Breakfast by the pool, in the privacy of your beachfront villa. #KanuhuraMaldives #Timelessmemories 📸: Our guest @traveltomtom

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