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Maybe her dress is a little wrinkled, and her hair always out of place. Maybe she doesn’t need to seek perfection to live her life with grace. Maybe some days it seems she has swallowed the sun with her smile. Maybe other days she allows herself to fall apart for a while. Maybe some moments she enjoys the sweetness of doing nothing. Maybe other moments she races towards her dreams until she can touch them. Maybe she understands the never ending lesson of being human. Maybe she understands a seed is planted in darkness before it begins blooming. Maybe she knows all of the love life can give. Maybe she knows that a life without love is not one that has been lived~ @alliemichellel . @autumnnicole_ at @wanderworkshop Jumper @freepeople

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Jordan and I reunite after being apart for a week! Thank god because I was getting tired of relying on the cats to save me from all these spring spiders 🕷🔪 . Being apart has become part of our relationship. Something we never originally intended for but with Jordan being a tattoo artist, and having strong ties to the north; he operates two studios. At first the idea of being apart is always gut wrenching, we spend so much of our time squished in a tiny vehicle on the road, or traveling overseas living out of backpacks. The idea of being apart feel so foreign, but as the hours turn into days, that feeling subsides. I’ve truly learned to cherish my time alone, taking care of the mini farm, going to yoga, working, meditating, and practicing self love. These thing all keep me busy and the time flowing by smoothly and quickly. When you have space from your partner it teaches you to get over things in a timely fashion, not to sweat the small stuff, and how to communicate in a different way. It teaches you how to trust, and cherish one another on a different level. The butterfly’s you feel when you first fall in love, those for me have never left. I’m sitting on ferry headed to the mainland to pick Jordan up before heading on our next adventure, butterfly’s are dancing around, they are what woke me up at 4;45 am this morning🦋 . So to you who is reading this whose partner has to go away for work, or is about to take a trip and is feel anxious or sad, I understand your feeling; however I urge you to try and change your perspective! Cherish your alone time fill it with self care and love, be eager to learn new ways to communicate long distance, and get excited for your reunion! Hold onto one another a little tighter the next time you see one another, let that kiss linger a little longer, and soak up those moments together with new found appreciation 💞 📸 @mallorycarlsonphoto featuring @wildandfreejewelry butterfly crown✨

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One more sleep. #missingyou

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June, As I am sitting down to my laptop to organize a few things for next week I became aware of the date. June 13th, almost half way through June, almost half way through this year. That startles me, almost catches me off guard as i double check by counting each passed month on my fingers. Yep, half way through this year. How amazing how quickly time seems to fly. I actually really love June, the half way mark, because it gives me a much needed reminder to check in, to look back to those aspiring ideas i had set out for myself at the beginning of this year. As i check in with my dreams for this year i am actually quite happy i feel as though i am really moving in a direction i am quite happy about. However a thought does pop into my head, i am very on track with the ideals and values I had set out at the beginning of this year, however I still have this feeling of urgency, the year seems to be racing by, and although i am on a path i am quite happy about why am I met with this feeling of time slipping away? As i meditate on this thought I am really brought back to a thought I’ve been carrying with me most of my life. Time is truly a gift, we are never guaranteed any specific amount, and it is the one thing we can’t gain more of. What we choose to do with our 60 minutes each hour, our 24 hours in each day, and our 365 days in each year is remarkably completely up to us. Im going to be auditing my calendar a bit more, tweaking a few things to giving a bit more space for freedom of time. This is also your reminder, to check in with yourself at this half way point, is there anything you are really hoping to achieve this year, or do, explore, try? This is your reminder that at the end of you life,, whenever that time may find you, It will never be the things you did you regret but always those things you didn’t do, or make time for. So lets all be inspired by one another, and make this second half of the year truly amazing! . Shot by @marimascarlos in the sand dunes of Peru! I have a bajillion travel photos still to edit and post! Hope your excited to see them!

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I'm happy out here. Messy hair, dirty feet & wild water on my skin. Out here with the wild things; this is where I belong - 📸 @oliviaapeltierphotography at @wanderworkshop

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All living organisms, relationships, and businesses are either growing or dying. Period. Think on that statement for a moment. Are you achieving growth in your life currently? Are you wondering why your relationship isn’t feeling as inspiring as it once did? Are you putting in the effort to grow with your partner as much as you did when you first met. I’ve always said the key to a successful relationship is to grow together, I truly believe that is why after eight years jordan and I are going so strong. We made a commitment to one another and decided a common goal; to create a life of adventure together, and are now practicing each and every day to grow and evolve with that goal in the forefront of our mind. Looking back to the beginning of our relationship; I was a wild and free party girl who loved late nights, and loud dance floors, Jordan was a keep to himself artist who was battling depression. The fundamentals wild and free; artist mind are still there but we have grown into early morning world travellers with a love for health and fitness, a passion yoga, self love, and meditation. As I evolved; he evolved, as his passions grew they sparked mine. We are forever wanting to grow a life together; one day be parents, grandparents, to find happiness in new cultures, and find more ways to inspire one another creativity. Captured by @brittanyboote . . . . . Workshop: @wanderworkshop Florals + Styling: @brierandivy Handlettering: @maggiemurraycreative Macrame: @bennett__co Jewelry: @barbaracpellegrino Dress: @reclamationdesigncompany

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When a photoshoot turns into your favourite memories, with your newest best friend ✨ @jessicaheron_images 🏔

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A tiny cabin in the mountains, to live out our days. You chopping fire wood to keep us warm, myself filling the house with the smells of dinner and freshly baked pies for dessert. What a life we will have, you and I. What an adventure we will embark on. Just you and I, and a tiny cabin in the mountains. 📸 @jessicaheron_images @jessheron_

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When @jessheron_ sent me these photos my heart skipped a beat. Jordan and I have been blessed to have so many talented photographers take our photo over the years. However these photos have an extra touch of magic. It was 10:30 pm at night, the photo shoots were done, stylized outfits have come off and just our normal comfy clothing back on. Jess, who had been taking video for the day, respectfully asked if she could just snap a couple photos before we headed down the mountain. When I look at these photos I am overwhelmed with joy, don’t see a perfectly posed shot, what I see is Jordan and I in our purest form. As if we were spending time with our dearest friends, and someone (very talented) just snapped some candid shots. The emotion in these is real, the energy is pure, the talent capturing these; effortless. Jess I can not thank you enough for not only these photos, but for your friendship. I feel like being apart of @wanderworkshop was to bring us together, to create this friendship. Both Jordan and I felt so connected the moment we met you, like running into your long lost best friend! I can’t wait for many more adventures together! #wanderworkshop @jessicaheron_images

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Dear Dawn, ✨ @dawn_photo ✨ I’m sitting here at the airport in Alaska trying to think of the right words to say... Describing the last three days here in Alaska seems utterly impossible. How do you describe effortless love, complete acceptance, and unwavering support between such a large and diverse group. You have created a community that truly is a world of its own. Filled with encouragement and creativity each day became my favourite day yet. I feel blessed to have been included in such an experience, to have built lasting connections, and to have been apart of something much bigger than myself. So Dawn, I say to you, thank you from the depth of my heart for creating this magical space for us all, for bringing us together, for being an inspiration of positivity. It is not goodbye, just see you soon!! 📸 by @brittanyboote for @wanderworkshop #wanderworkshop

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Wandered our way up to Alaska for @dawn_photo ‘s @wanderworkshop ! Unbelievably grateful for her including us in this workshop and so excited to see what the next two days have in store for us! Last night we explored the surrounding area of Anchorage, and all I can tell you is it has us over the moon for a Alaskan road trip ASAP! Has anyone roadtripped Alaska? I would love to hear your experience! xoxo

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His little wanderer I am, with a mind full of wild forests, and eyes that await adventures. 📸 @mallorycarlsonphoto shot deep within the California Redwoods last week! . If you have been following my stories you have seen we only headed home for a couple of days; crammed some 13 hour in salon days, a huge clean up of our gardens and yard, a trip over to gabriola island for a wedding, and a family bbq all before jumping on a little sea plane early this morning to head to @wanderworkshop by @dawn_photo ! See you soon Alaska!

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Follow me to the ends of the earth, To the end of each day, Follow me till the last colour leaves the setting suns sky, And than follow me into the star filled night, Follow me each morning as my evenings dreams become our days new plans, And than follow me to the ends of the earth.

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We put on over 6,000km in the past ten days. We’ve slept in the car twice, our yurt for a week, and splurged for a basic cabin one night. We ate food I prepared from our cooler, and the occasional gas station treat! Total cost for this trip was about seven hundred Canadian dollars each. We saw so much, met some amazing new friends, and finalized something special we have been planning forever! Can’t wait till next years road trip it’s going to be one for the books! What do you think about this road trip, cost? Amount traveled? Would you do a road trip like this with the one you love? ❤️✌🏽 . 📸 @photosbysarajames

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The perfect end to a long road trip, soaking away the last day in Oregon, feeling the slight rain fall gently. People always seem so shocked by our crazy adventure filled life, but to me, this is the only way to live. When i am old and grey snuggled up in a tiny house somewhere remote I will have a lifetime of memories to look back on. A whole life of adventures with the ones I love. . When looking for information on any subject who do you talk to? An expert of course. So when It comes to living, asking those who are nearing the end is where I get my answers. What’s the secret to a long happy life? I ask my elders often. And you know what not one single one of them has ever said they wished they worked more hours, or stay at the job they hated, or even invested or saved more money, none of that ever comes up. What they say always is “live life to the fullest”, “don’t care what others think”, “you never regret what you do, only what you didn’t do” . So here’s to the end of one adventure, and the start of another, because I have a lot of living left to do! 🌱 @bikiniempire

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There’s a moment when your living on the road where you know your life is about to change. A moment that comes up after hours in a vehicle, after countless radio changes to find a new song to listen too, after you have seen so much beauty from the world around you. It comes after you realized you can live life completely fine with only two forks, two plates, one pot and one pan out of a small car, sleeping under the stars every night. This moment is like a release, a re birth, whatever you want to call it. Your life before this moment is gone, a distant memory, your life after this, it’s a dream it can be whatever you imagine it to be! But this moment; this exact moment when everything else is stripped away, this moment changes your life. It is the moment you realize all you have is this moment, and all you’ll ever need is this moment 💫 📸 @photosbysarajames . . . Edited with @mariefeandjakesnowpresets #dearphotographerxoxo

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Take the photo. Messy hair, no make up or a dirty old t-shirt, it won’t matter to your children when she is gone someday. What it will mean is you loved what you saw enough to take a photo, to document it, to preserve that moment in time of the woman you love. Forever grateful to Jordan for always capturing my most cherished memories 💞

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We packed up our camp in Joshua tree and headed straight to the California coast yesterday. We pulled into a campsite around five pm, it was just our usual campsite luck that we got the last site available. We have it down to an art now; packing up in the morning, driving durning the day, setting up, dinner and finding the perfect place to watch the sunset. Our road trip routine. Left the coast at nine am today, driving half the day and than a couple days to explore our favourite park of this road trip; the Redwoods ✌🏽🌲 #roadtripupdate @indieandharper

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