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And in that moment, I swear we were infinite

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You will never take her, for she is the sea ... @jmstormquotes If you asked me when I was younger what I would be doing at twenty nine I think I would have told you I’d be married, with two/three kids, working part time at a whatever job. I would have probably painted a picture very similar to my childhood, which I absolutely loved, and probably would have described myself very similar to my childhood view of my mother. However fast forward, I am twenty nine, I am not married (shocking yes, so many wedding dresses) I do not have children; yet, I work tirelessly at my career as a hairstylist which I am so passionate about, and am traveling the world pretty extensively! I don’t know how it happened, or when or even why but some where along the way I realized my life truly could be anything I wanted. I remember hearing that as a child, my parents were so encouraging for us to do whatever we wanted, but when you live in a small town in a modest manner, with limited resources or knowledge of the world outside of your island your don’t even really know how to dream much bigger. Regardless along the way I started to expand; I expanded my horizons by traveling, my mind by consuming as much knowledge as possible from books and the use of internet sources, my body through yoga, hiking, and out door activities, and lastly expanding my mind through meditations and sound therapy. I could have never imagined my life now, it keeps exciting me around every corner, ever new day as it unfolds into a new opportunity for growth and adventure. As this year is quickly coming to an end I am really taking some time to reflect and feel true appreciation for all of the amazing opportunities that have come my way. I am also feeling a warm excitement for this upcoming new year and all the possibilities that are about to unfold ahead of me! I hope you find encouragement in this post, and that you take a moment to think about about yourself as a eight year old looking up to your adult self now; feel proud accomplishments and expand your dreams to now shape your ever growing mind. . Xo Lacey @trinacaryphotography

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Run away with me, run to the very ends of the earth. Lets keep running through space and time you and I, until we end up on Mars. We’ll settle there, exploring a new land, and starting a new way of life. A simpler more pure life, just you and I, let’s run away together. . . Forever grateful to @frankiegomezphotography for capturing these moments

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laceyiris. I met @jordanunrautattooer forever a go plus a day. I was starting a n

I met @jordanunrautattooer forever a go plus a day. I was starting a new job at a hair-salon that was attached to a tattoo shop. My new boss even proclaimed to Jordan after I was hired that “he had just hired your future wife” it’s was fate I guess you would say. But it didn’t feel like fate; it felt more like a magnetic pull, like my energy and his were made to collide. There’s is something truly magical about creating art with your partner. Sharing creatively ideas and watching them come to life. When we first started dating we spent hours in the tattoo shop together. But over the years as work has become so busy for both of us our date nights went from late nights listening to hip hop at the shop to quietly snuggling by the fire. Last night we finally we’re able to get a good three hour session in on a piece of art Jordan and I have been dreaming up forever. Such an amazing experience last nights session was, as I sat in some terrible pain, breathing deeply through it. Every now and again a soft kiss would fall onto my neck, or side of my face. The flutter of my heart at that moment is indescribable. I am so excited for many more nights spent together creating, and loving one another. I am forever proud of Jordan and his skills and grateful to be his canvas 🖤 If your interested in seeing the start of my back piece check my stories! Three hours down, one bajillion left to go!

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Travel to Morocco to work with one of the most talented woman in the industry ✔️ @elisabettalillyred has just released her stylized shoot guide, and I couldn’t be more impressed. She truly is such an inspiration of following your dreams! If you haven’t checked out her guide click the link in her bio! Shooting for @islandtribe_ and @bemarrakech

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I could have stayed wrapped up in your arms drinking coffee all day... Anyone else working extreme hours before the Christmas holidays? I work full time behind the chair as a stylist @hairby_laceyiris so I’m working 10/12 hours days 6 days a week right now! What is your profession?? Shooting with @kellijohansenphotography for @hotellunamystica Wearing my vintage #hisbabe Sleeping tee from @hubsandhers

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laceyiris. Self care in my @truselforganics face mask. @peta and @leapingbunnypro

Self care in my @truselforganics face mask. @peta and @leapingbunnyprogram certified truself organics mixes self care and compassion 💖 the perfect blend! It’s so important to use products that have a strong moral code, and put the earth, its furry ones and environment first 🙏🏼💫🌲 @truselforganics #truselforganics

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laceyiris. Some moments are simpler than others 🌿 hold on to the ones that are s

Some moments are simpler than others 🌿 hold on to the ones that are soft and sweet, let go of the ones that are not serving you.

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I didn't fall in love with you. I walked into love with you, with my eyes wide open, choosing to take every step along the way. I do believe in fate and destiny, but I also believe we are only fated to do the things that we'd choose anyway. And I'd choose you; in a hundred lifetimes, in a hundred worlds, in any version of reality, I'd find you and I'd choose you ~Kiersten White Photography @nikkihollettphotography For @maplebaymanor Hair and make up @floralashartistry Florals by @fleur_de_lii Dress @shadesofwhitebridal Crown @enchantedyouatkhh Cake @cobblehillcakeco

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Waking up this morning I felt the chill in the air. Feels like winter is finally coming! Dreaming about chilly winter hikes; and soaking in natural hot springs. I love the contrast of the nip in the air and the warmth of the water! Balance ❄️

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Spent my weekend nestled in the woods surrounded by laughter, way to many snacks, and the best company. Late night hikes in the dark around an abandoned ski hill, calls for Sasquatch, and a mission to find snow, this weekend was a much needed escape from the everyday hustle and bustle this time of year! Remember what is truly important this holiday season, be present!

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Live a life full of love 💫 and get lost in each and every moment 🌸 #indieandharper

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Whenever you feel hopeless, all you need to do is go outside and realize that you have been molded into human form for some reason. You are somewhere you may never be again. Your actions, no matter how inconsequential you think they may be, have been essential. ~Brianna Wiest, The Truth About Everything, one of the most important reads of our time in my opinion ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

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As we pulled into the national monument the sun was just starting to set, the warm glow made up for the strong wind. We were amazed as we saw a herd of elk grazing in the field. I was a stones throw away from those majestic animals. It amused me as we sat there watching their movements, and the way they interacted with one another; other cars passed with only a glance. Most people came to see the ruins. There is something so captivating about a living being to me, I want to study, watch and learn. As the sun was setting and we were driving down the dirt road we stoped to watch the shadow elongate from the buttes. Life is beautiful; precious, and in a moment I can be gone. Take in each moment fully, whatever moment it might be, let it completely engulf you🏜💫 My friends over at @zungalow sent me their limited addition Shaka tee to take on this trip to New Mexico. If you want to scoop one of these up before they are gone head over to there stories to find a 20% off code.

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I’ve been working away on writing something really important to me; ethical traveling. For now remembering these amazing views of the Sahara with my love. Necklace from @barbaracpellegrino

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laceyiris. Stop looking for the meaning of life, start living it. Trust your cosm

Stop looking for the meaning of life, start living it. Trust your cosmic journey 💫 @breeze.photography

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Try to say nothing negative about anybody. a) for three days b) for forty-five days c) for three months See what happens to your life. ~Yoko Ono @rootedbylove shot for @rizingmagazine #rizingmagazine

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Early mornings on a Sunday mean we have something exciting to share today! Check out my stories to see what we have in the works for today! Think 📸🎥+💏+🍿+💫 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Image created by @kellijohansenphotography

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