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Self care for our furry friends is equally important as our own self care. Lou baby has been my ride or die for eleven years; and keeping her looking and feeling her best is the most important thing to me. That is why I was so excited to be #sponsered by @biologicvet to #supplimentTheLove adding to her daily routine of good diet and exercise with these new products. I took Lou baby to The Black Rock resort a few weeks ago for a girls trip and we loved every moment of trying these new products and running along the beaches of the west coast with the added benifts from these products. Do you have a fur baby? I would love to hear all about your pets in the comments below!

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Do you feel exhausted after a crazy week; or inspired to keep the momentum going? The whirl wind of stylized shoots on icy lakes, creative workshops in cute air b and b’s, and visiting a whole town full of important people has come to an end! We have driven over 3500km in this past week; and over 1500km of it was yesterday plus a ferry, unpacking and laundry ahah we are feeling amazing though, on a high from the creative buzz and love from our family and friends. #kreativeworkshop by @madinkcustomdesign

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It has been a whirlwind twenty four hours visiting friends and family up here in Kitimat! We have one last day before we leave this evening to make the long adventure back home! Thank you to everyone who has opened up there home, went for lunch, walked the puppies, or stop by for a visit! Means so much to @jordanunrautattooer and I to have time with friends up here in Kitimat. Looking forward to another busy day of visiting! Do you live close to your family? Or are they far away like ours? . Photo captured from @kreativeeyestudios during #kreativeworkshop

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There are moments when your whole life stands still. When the sound of the world disappears, and everything seemingly makes perfect sense even just for a moment. You inspire those moments every time you pull me close, draw me in, and kiss me softly. You inspire these moment of bliss, even just for a moment, you @jordanunrautattooer control the world. . Shot by @kreativeeyestudios during her first workshop yesterday #kreativeworkshop . I couldn’t be more proud of the collaboration we put together! Here’s to chasing dreams together and creating a community of positivity and growth.

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laceyiris. There is nothing more beautiful to me than the feeling of your fingers

There is nothing more beautiful to me than the feeling of your fingers tracing across my body 🖤 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ We spent our day braving the cold on a frozen lake; today we will be snuggled up for an in home session work shop. Life is a trip friends, and we are loving every minute of it! How are you spending your Sunday?

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Do you spend your days creating with the one you love? ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ There is a magic within the minds eye of creativity waiting to be shared, let it live through your relationship and watch its magic take hold. @nikkihollettphotography

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@jordanunrautattooer Today I give you a gift no money can buy; the gift of unwavering love. I give you my time, my trust, my loyalty. I give you a life of early morning wake ups for long days of adventures. I give you the gift of healthy homemade food for road trips, and overflowing itineraries. I give you the gift of early bedtimes and laughter in bed. I give you the gift of creativity, and always having a partner cheering you on. Today on this Valentine’s Day I give you a gift no money can buy; I give you my life 🖤 @trinacaryphotography

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laceyiris. There is no happiness like the happiness that you feel when the weeks

There is no happiness like the happiness that you feel when the weeks and days you have been counting down become hours and minutes. Photo by the talented @myrtleandmossphotography

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laceyiris. They’re delicate vessels, these body’s we call home 🖤 @indieandharper

They’re delicate vessels, these body’s we call home 🖤 @indieandharper

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You don’t need all those things you think you need to live that lifestyle you have been dreaming of. You have all you need right here, right now. Stop waiting stop waiting for the right moment, make life beautiful. Xo, Lacey @frankiegomezphotography

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Do not count each day, make each day count ... ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Are you a Roadtripper? I sure am. I love all things road trips, living out of a vehicle, long hours just Jordan and I, road trip snacks, sight seeing, all of it brings me so much happiness! I love the feel of living moment to moment, never knowing what the next turn is going to bring you! Where is your favourite place to road trip? I love Arizona and Utah !

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Do you have a mentor who has inspired you? Someone who has transformed your thinking? The moment l met @elisabettalillyred I was overwhelmed by her energy. Bubbly, outgoing, genuine, authentic, creative, and most importantly encouraging. She not only made me instantly feel like we were long lost friends, but she made me feel empowered. She cared deeply about connecting with us, getting to know us, and inspiring me to break the barrier I had and really think of my passion for travel and modelling differently. The words she shared with me in Morocco sparked a fire within me which helped me grow my confidence to expand my creative outlet into a business. There is something so magical about @elisabettalillyred and I will forever me grateful for the experiences we share, the time we enjoyed, and the passion she inspired within me. When life hands you mentors like her you listen, listen whole heartedly. #travelmemories

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Romance isnt something that magically falls upon some and over others - it’s a chosen choice, your sweet loving choice. @frankiegomezphotography

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I fell in love with the way you loved me. You taught me what love is, how to receive it, how to give it, and how to let it become my life 🌸 now and forever; I love you. . Captured by @desireemartinphotography during @cabinfeverretreat

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Who else loves a great cleanse? Especially after a winter of snuggling by the wood stove; eating to many treats! #sponsered by @florahealthy This 8- herb blend inspired by Ojibwa Indian formula and safe for everyday use! Cleansing your body from the inside out down to the cellular level! I would love you guys to feel these amazing effects I am feeling; all my followers are getting 15% off using discount code FLORESSENCE15 at florahealthy.com #beflorahealthy

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Friends! We have some exciting news we are just about ready to release! First off @greetingsfromheck my dear tech savvy bestie has been working so hard creating me my first official travel and wellness blog!! To say I am excited, nervous, ecstatic would all be an understatement! Feels like years in the making! And secondly; I’ve been working on something extra special for you photographers out there. There is so many guides by photographers on creating the perfect stylized shoot, while I’ve been putting my years of content creating, stylized shoot organizing, wedding assisting, and modelling for photo work shops to use. I’m compiling a completely different look at the stylized shoot; a look from behind the lens, from your models! A new fresh perspective that will take you from your first contact with your couple, all the way to styling, on-site tips to make the day go smoother, and to get the most out of your couple or model! Have you ever finished a whirl wind of a stylized session and though okay, okay we made it through but how can I improve next time? This guide is going to be for you!!!! @jordanunrautattooer and I wandering Mars👽 with our fast friend @frankiegomezphotography slightly freaking out about the possibility of connecting again in Colorado this year!

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I think meditation is even more essential now that we have all this technology at are fingertips and distraction has become a way of life. I truly believe that we as a species are becoming more and more conscious I’m amazed by how at the same time our attention spans are rapidly is shrinking - Jen Sincero . Thank you to @breeze.photography For capturing this stillness 💖

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“Sorry I can’t I have plans”... my motto this week. Plans ie cleaning my crystals, submerging myself into yoga, and snuggling my cat 😂 balance is key to a healthy life and It’s been a whirl wind weekend. We celebrated my two favourite people with karaoke, paint balling, an extravagant Indian dinner cooked down by the river, sparkler pancakes, snow shoeing ontop of a mountain, lots of cupcakes and even more giggles! Such an amazing weekend, but I am so looking forward to spending the next week restoring my personal energy and snuggling up by the fire with @jordanunrautattooer and our fur family. Do you feel like you have good balance right now in your life? I would love to hear how you juggle life, friends, and self preservation ! . . Photo by @rootedbylove for @rizingmagazine

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