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It’s ok to be a glowstick. Sometimes we need to break before we shine ✨ 📸: @deci_dela edited by me

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Time to get cosy! Cold night, large sweater, warm tea, good books 😊 Enjoying the best view on Doha in @frasersuiteswestbay ❤️

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Always be yourself. Unless you can be a mermaid. Then always be a mermaid! 🧜‍♀️ Feeling like one of them in my dream dress from @perleicouture_doha on top of the world ...aka helipad of @frasersuiteswestbay 😍 Hair: @glamtimehair. 📸: @leobautista2782 edited by me ✨

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Night is to see the dreams and day is to make them true! ✨ 🇫🇷 La nuit venue... Éteignez vos soucis et allumer vos rêves! 😘 📸: @bisousparis edited by me

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For the love of white ❤️ Hair: @glamtimehair Glam Blonde 18/60 in 220g.

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A flashback from last year’s Dior decorations 😍 Do you prefer this glowing balloon or recent fluffy Christmas tree? ✨❤️📸: @deci_dela edit by me 🎨

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A woman has two problems: 1. Nothing to wear. 2. No room for all the clothes. As I’ve been traveling a lot recently, this struggle is real 🤣

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Strasbourg and Colmar have stolen my heart with all their festive winter decorations 😍❤️ Spent 3 days there with @hally and would definitely go back!

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Some of my biggest hair sorrows were haircuts... But no more regrets with my clip in hair extensions @glamtimehair that give me instant length and volume 😊 Also, they hold curls much better than my natural hair 👌😍❤️ 📸: @bisousparis edited by me ✨

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Happy Orthodox Christmas! ✨ Поздравляю всех с Рождеством!

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Shine, and the darkness will disappear! ✨ What are your main New Year’s resolutions? Mine’s to force myself to get up even earlier and exercise before starting my work day. Hope I’ll be able to stick to this plan 🤣 📸: @bisousparis edited by me ✨

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From Paris with ❤️ So far I’ve been to 3 traditional French cabarets: Moulin Rouge, Lido and the Crazy Horse, and while the 1st one is great for taking photos like this one, I was a bit disappointed by their show. The outfits were as great as you see in the movies, while the choreography was not that professional and music was not fun. On the other hand, Lido and Crazy Horse were absolutely amazing - their music, modern light show and fantastic dancers delivered unforgettable performances 😍 Let me know in the comments if you attended any of these shows and what did you think about them 😘❤️📸: @deci_dela edited by me ✨

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