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Thanks to @cjallison1 we managed to get the main Orchard access path weeded and re-chipped today. And thanks also to @nigel_plot30 for the tea and mince pies!

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More Orchard renovation work today...clearing the ground and putting in a path beside plot 15 so that we can work on getting the area ready for use next year...Lots of exciting plans and finally we will have a lovely communal area on the site for LNAA members to enjoy.

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'Daisy thing, you make my heart sing, you make everything groovy....' (spotted on plot 31) #allotmentlove #daisy #longtonnursery #flowergarden #allotments #se26 #urbangarden #urbangardener #allotmentgarden #plantsforpollinators #growyourownfood #growyourownflowers

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lnallotmentsse26. Great news! Lewisham’s planning committee has rejected plans to build

Great news! Lewisham’s planning committee has rejected plans to build two houses in the garden of 5 Churchley Road, which adjoins our site. It was a development we felt would damage a wonderful old oak tree that’s covered by a preservation order (pictured), affect the biodiversity of the site and generally impact negatively on the allotments and our neighbours. This latest plan followed the rejection of a block of flats on the site, a decision supported by a planning inspector on appeal. Of course, the developers may appeal the latest decision but if they do, we’ll be ready to fight it. Thanks to all those who worked to oppose the application and to our councillors for recognising the value green space plays in our lives.

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Yesterday we were hard at work on paths for some new plots...

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Sue’s captured more autumn fungi...

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Fungi - another of Sue’s pics from Longton Nursery...

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Did a bit of pond maintenance today and found this little chap. Lots of dead vegetation cleared and the reed mace in the bog brought under control. Many thanks to @cjallison1 for helping out - much appreciated.

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A waterlily drenched in early morning dew, taken a week or two back by Sue

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Bit of a burn up today. Nice. #bonfire #se26 #sydenham #allotmemtlife #autumn #allotmentgarden #allotment

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Glorious autumn sunshine on some cosmos on the site yesterday...a bit different today but fingers crossed for some fine gardening weather at weekend - we've got 'pond maintenance' work to do!

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Handsome Mr Fox.

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lnallotmentsse26. Autumn bulrushes around the pond

Autumn bulrushes around the pond

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lnallotmentsse26. Quince


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