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It’s not just the produce wilting in the heat at Longton Nursery this evening...

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Cucumbers are coming through...

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Tea(sel) for two.

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Lushness and colour at our pond this week...

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It's not all about flowers on the allotments but here's a few cracking combinations from the LNAA pollinator-friendly flower bed today...

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Artichokes are going to seed...

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Splashes of colour today at Longton Nursery

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King Edwards...

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A transforming ladybird in its pupal stage, as captured by Sue on Nigel’s plot...

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Sue watched this leaf-cutting bee taking sections of leaf from some loganberries into a metal pipe that was supporting the fruit...

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How joyous to see the grey clouds gone from Longton Nursery...

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lnallotmentsse26. Bees lovin' it.

Bees lovin' it.

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Hello Helipterum

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Lots of love for the amazing Stag Beetle spotted last night on the allotments (see vid in previous post) & If you want to learn more and take part in the #greatstaghunt being run by @ptes_org take a look in their bio.

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Glorious male stag beetle taking cover under a big stand of Lovage...spotted this evening on plot 14...

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Red jewels...

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Brief and beautiful evening rainbow over the allotments just now...

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Some views of the Churchley Rd end flower bed today... lots of pollinators loving the variety of flowers! There are roses, hops, clematis, euphorbia, saliva, foxgloves, nigella & much much more to enjoy.

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