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A glorious day at @lnallotmentsse26 today, with lots of people working their plots ready for Spring. The Salix (pussy willow) is starting to burst with fluffy catkins... in a week or so this will be alive with bees. Can't wait!

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'Who's been sleeping in my (great big steaming pile of horse manure) bed???' Answers on a postcard please...

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So it seems our celebrations on 28th Nov last year were somewhat premature. .. This beautiful, un-pollarded, wild and tangled old Pendunculate Oak (with a Tree Preservation Order) may still be under threat. An appeal has been lodged with the planning inspector to try to overturn @lewishamcouncil decision to refuse planning. The refusal was given for a whole host of reasons including the possible harm to the allotments, ecology, and trees including the Oak. The Longton Nursery Allotments Assoc. will be submitting comments to the inspector by 21st Feb in support of the decision to refuse. We will keep on fighting.

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First signs...

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Paul, Jane, Sharon & Chris are planting a wildlife hedge at the back of the LNA Orchard today, with a mixture of plants (hawthorn, guelder rose, dog rose, purple hazel and hornbeam) from Ashridge Nurseries and using some of the compost donated to us by @bandq_uk Bell Green as part of their Community Re-use Scheme. ..at least we won't need to water the plants in today!

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So, rain/sleet/wind/lightning/freezing temperatures stopped play today but we got a couple of hours of good digging in at the back of the Orchard ready for hedge planting next week...thanks to Chris (plot 34) Paul (plot 35a) and hardy volunteer @cjallison1

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It's amazing what you find on allotments. ..while renovating yet another area of the site we unearthed this beautiful antique roll-top bath! It will now be re-purposed as a planter full of herbs for communal use in the LNAA Orchard with the help of some free bags of compost kindly donated by B&Q (Bell Green, SE26) & their Community Re-use Scheme. Now we just have to shift this bath to the other end of the site.... hmmm... #bandq #allotmentgarden #repurposed #recycle #lesswaste #lesstolandfill #urbangardening #longtonnursery #growyourownfood #sydenham #se26 #herbgarden #gardenrenovation #allotments

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Lovely sunny day on the allotments today #longtonnursery #wintergardener #allotments #allotmentgarden #urbangardening

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Oregano growing in an old water tank outside on plot 35a. Always seems to survive the winter very well like this...

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Sybilchecking on work in progress in the LNAA Orchard

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Making (& renovating) tables for the LNAA communal orchard. Thanks B&Q for all the decking planks - put to good use rather than going to landfill!

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It might seem like Spring is a long way off but we've passed the winter solstice so the countdown begins towards the new gardening season...Merry Christmas everyone, from Longton Nursery Allotments Association. #winter #allotment #longtonnursery #gardeners #urbangarden #urbangardening #sydenham #se26 #wintergardening #allotmentgarden

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lnallotmentsse26. Paul is travelling and came across this self cooling, heating, waterin

Paul is travelling and came across this self cooling, heating, watering etc greenhouse system at the Rural studio in Hale County, Alabama. It’s made from scrap metal mint oil drums and is a project completed by students on a hands-on architecture course run by Auburn College. This visionary project was the brainchild of the late Samuel Mockbee. The students operate no dig policy and are developing the system for growing their own food.

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Thanks to @cjallison1 we managed to get the main Orchard access path weeded and re-chipped today. And thanks also to @nigel_plot30 for the tea and mince pies!

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More Orchard renovation work today...clearing the ground and putting in a path beside plot 15 so that we can work on getting the area ready for use next year...Lots of exciting plans and finally we will have a lovely communal area on the site for LNAA members to enjoy.

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