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lolahubner. MY PRESETS ARE FINALLY LIVE! 😍🎉 I'm so excited to be sharing these p

MY PRESETS ARE FINALLY LIVE! 😍🎉 I'm so excited to be sharing these presets with you all 💕 Jirapan and I have put so much love into perfecting these presets and I really hope you all love them and that they help you with your photo editing! I can't wait to see you guys using them on your own photos. If anyone is interested in checking out my presets, the link is in my bio or you can check out @lolahubnerpresets for some before and afters ☺️ . Edited using The Wanderlust Collection ✨

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Always making the most of the perfect sunny weather and BEAUTIFUL beaches here in Bali ☀️Fortunately the weather held out for us since it looked like we were gonna get caught in the rain on the way down 😅 I've brought all my summer essentials with me, including this cute seashell phone case from @idealofsweden 😍 . For the next week you guys can use code 'LOLAHUBNER' and get 20% off the @idealofsweden store! #idealofsweden

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We've arrived in FLOWER HEAVEN 😍🌺 I couldn't get enough of this insanee flower exhibit at Gardens By The Bay! The smell when you walk in was completely AMAZING! How good is the smell of fresh flowers 🌺 I've never seen so many beautiful vibrant flowers in one place. Singapore really is amazing when it comes to combining nature with the city 🌿

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BACK TO THE OCEAN LIFE 🌊😍 We were only away from the beach for 1 month and I missed it a bit too much! It feels good to be back by the beautiful Oceanside. Of course we had to head straight to our favourite beach in all of Bali for our first day trip 😋 . I think I'm definitely an ocean child! Anyone else? 🙋🏻

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Escaping the heat by the poolside at @interconsin 😋 After so much running around taking photos in Singapore, It was good to spend a bit of time by the pool! Even if it was just for a few minutes 😁 I don't know how you guys in Singapore manage the intense heat everyday! You're all crazzyy 😝❤️

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Welcome to the Cloud Forest ❤️ As soon as you enter the Cloud Forest at Gardens By The Bay, this is the first thing you come across 🌱 Walking around this mysterious dome and taking in all the incredible different types of flowers and plants was so cool! How awesome is this indoor waterfall! I've never seen one in person before but they're definitely super unique 😍

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Back by the Bali ocean, taking in all these incredible calm sunsets ☀️We couldn't stay away for too long 😜 It's only our second day back in Bali and we couldn't resist heading down to the beach to catch the sunset and snap some photos. Some of my favourite photos are the ones that aren't planned and just happen in the moment 💕

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Good morning Singapore ☀️ What a special place to experience the sun rise over this beautiful city @fullertonhotel 💕 Such a perfect way to prepare ourselves for the busy day ahead. We loved exploring as much as we could of this city in the short time we had! I would love to come back again one day and spend way more time here enjoying everything SIngapore has to offer 😍❤️ I didn’t realise I had so many followers from Singapore! You guys have such a beautiful home 💕

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Twirling through the twinkling lights ✨ This exhibit at the ArtScience Museum was designed to make you feel like you're floating through time and space, and that's definitely what it felt like ❤️ I couldn't imagine a more magical way to replicate the stars and planets 🌌 Have you guys ever visited the ArtScience Museum? It had always been on my list to see 😍 . SWIPE TO SEE THIS PLACE IN ACTION! The end of the video had me feeling out of this world

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It's not always about getting the perfect 'goals' shot 😜 We couldn't resist getting a classic tourist photo while in Singapore! We loved hanging by the harbour and exploring all of the beautiful Singapore attractions 😍 The famous Merlion is such a fun and unique sight to see!

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We keep finding ourselves back at Gardens By The Bay...and for good reason 😜 It's absolutely BEAUTIFUL! We've always had this place on our list to visit and I'm excited that we can finally tick it off ☺️ The whole of Singapore has had so many incredible things to see, but I think this might be my favourite 💕

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Finding some time to relax and cool off from this crazy Singapore heat! Atleast we have the perfect place to escape the heat @interconsin 💕How did I not know it would be so hot here 😂 Despite the weather, nothing will stop me from exploring as much of this beautiful city as I can 😍Been absolutely loving it here so far! - - - - - #singapore #intercontinentalsingapore #beautifulhotels #sheisnotlost #wanderlust #girlslovetravel #passionpassport #travelgoals #femaletravelblogger #traveltagged #travelgoals #travelblogger #traveladdict

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