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A stunning starry night and a little air glow shining brightly over Mt Kosciusko, what more could you ask for! Oh the company of @ray.chau @horizonphotography_ and @benmazephoto was pretty great too 👍🏼

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A little bit of morning glow over the northern beaches shoreline

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Pools of gold

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Early morning light bringing on a new day, which is your favourite seascape? I hope you appreciate these shots even though they will look tiny on your phones

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The mighty Mt Buffalo Cathedral

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How’s this for some leading lines, Also managed to get some nice light on this particular morning.

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The elusive Camel Rock,well for me. I visited this location 8 to 10 times last year to try and capture some form of light, earlier this year I was able to capture the image. I believe there are still a few more trips needed.

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Probably one of the most iconic locations Iceland has to offer but for good reason! This place is truly incredible! Who is keen to get here?

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Golden sunrise long exposure over the cliffs of Kurnell, Australia. This is one of my favorite locations to shoot as there are so many textures and compositions to find. I have found using long exposures to smooth out details really helps to emphasize textures in the foreground

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Long time no see, How are you guys going? I feel like it’s been a while since I have put a post up and it feels good sharing a new image with you! This one was taken at the Warriewood blowhole on Friday morning! Let me know your thoughts on this one. ✌🏻✌🏻

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Stoked to finally get to this little gem (kinda big) in Victoria, it’s a spot I have wanted to shoot for a long time! Pretty happy to come away with something a little different too, I hope you guys enjoy this one!

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Textural goodness at Myvatn. If you could go to Iceland, what would you want to see? _____________________________________________ #earthpix #discoverearth #theimaged #shotzdelight #roamtheplanet #earthfocus #ig_color

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Night skies over the narrow neck plateau

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There’s a bit of rain coming through Sydney soon, who’s keen to shoot some waterfalls? Here is a gem we captured in Iceland last year!

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Taken on a beautiful dark clear night in Narooma, is it time to go back yet @ray.chau ?

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What’s cooler than seeing a giant waterfall? Seeing a giant waterfall from the inside of a giant cave!

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Chasing mood in the Sapphire Coast.

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Textures, light and flow patterns of Avalon

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