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I’ve been itching for this. Can’t wait to check it out! #Repost @xambassadors with @get_repost ・・・ About 6 months ago, we sat down with some of the folks at @microsoft to talk about creating something with them for this new album. Casey has been a life-long Microsoft / Windows user because their software & interfaces have always proved to be the most adaptable for him— when the opportunity came to work with them on creating X Ambassadors content, we jumped at the chance. As someone who’s been legally blind his whole life, Casey’s experience with music videos has always been limited. Most of the time, he says, it’s not really any different than just listening to the song. With the help of Microsoft Windows Sonic technology, we made an app that is an immersive 3D audio experience of “BOOM”. We call it a music video without the video lol. Within the app, you can choose either “Bushwick” (where we first became a band) or “Ithaca” (where we grew up) as the two environments, and then navigate through the sounds of the world with our music guiding the way. We’re so excited to see this wild idea of ours come to life, and to have created a music video that can give people who are blind / visually impaired a new way to experience our song. Download the app now & enjoy 🙏🏼 #MicrosoftCollab #Partner

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Are you familiar with the work of our team in the National Center for Accessible Media at WGBH? An award-winning pioneer in accessibility, NCAM's expert staff helps our clients to improve the accessibility of their Web Sites & digital content through a broad range of services, including accessibility evaluation/(audit), training, image description/"alt text" expertise, general accessibility consulting, and custom development. We also provide free resources, guidelines, and FCC-Award winning free captioning software (CADET). NCAM's Senior Director, Donna Danielewski, had the chance to talk about our work recently on WGBH. If you have questions, or would like more information, contact us at ncam@wgbh.org And please try out our free, downloadable caption-editing tool, CADET (and join the user forum). The link is available in our bio. #accessibility #disability #inclusion #access #closedcaption #closedcaptioning #opencaptions

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“What? When? How?" A Community Conversation on Accessible Information Design . . . Happening now! Presented by CANE (Cultural Access New England) and hosted at @wgbh (@ncam_wgbh is a founding member of CANE) What are the challenges/opportunities when addressing information design? When should you consider asking for help? How do you reconcile aesthetics and comprehension? From business cards to weekly blogs, let's examine the effective practices of designing marketing collateral, exhibit signage, style guides, and digital graphics. Using real life examples of the good, the bad, and the obtuse, join your colleagues in workshopping the information landscape that includes signage, lighting and logos.

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ncam_wgbh. #Repost @mia.mingus with @get_repost
So excited to announce a new

#Repost @mia.mingus with @get_repost ・・・ So excited to announce a new project i’ve been working on w @notyouravgho of @di_summit and @alicatsamurai of @disability_visibility called ACCESS IS LOVE! 💘 . “Access Is Love aims to help build a world where accessibility is understood as an act of love, instead of a burden or an after-thought. It is an initiative to raise awareness about accessibility and encourage people to incorporate access in their everyday practices and lives.” . For the months of Feb and March, we invite folks to share about access using #AccessIsLove. There are 3 questions on the AIL website to get you started, but we hope folks don’t stop there, since there is SO MUCH to talk abt when it come to access! . The AIL website also has suggestions of some basic access things we can all start to do, and a list of readings/resources on accessibility for events, activism and disability justice. . 🎉 We will also be selling AIL ✨swag✨ in the form of shirts, hoodies, mugs, totes and—bc you asked for it—stickers! You can visit the Access Is Love online store via the website. . All proceeds from Access Is Love from Feb-March will benefit @MissMajor1’s House of GG, the first national retreat site, educational and historical center solely dedicated to trans folks in the U.S. You can read more about Miss Major and House of GG on the AIL website, which has links to the House of GG’s website and social media. . We are THRILLED to support Miss Major and her trailblazing work! We hope you will join us in following Miss Major and House of GG on social media so you can stay up-to-date on all of their amazing work! 💖 . Can’t wait to share/post more about access during Feb and March, and i hope you’ll join us, using the hashtag #AccessIsLove! Would love to repost your words, art, videos, stories and photos of your AIL swag! 💕 . Link in bio: https://www.disabilityintersectionalitysummit.com/access-is-love . . [Korean woman wearing large glasses and hoop earring smiling at the camera with a black t-shirt that says “ACCESS IS LOVE” in white. The “O” in “LOVE” is a red heart. She is sitting on an aqua colored wooden bench in front of a window with white curtains.] . .

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#Repost @wgbh with @get_repost ・・・ On Sunday night, WGBH’s Media Access Group will help provide real-time closed captioning so that the 37 million people who are hearing-impaired can enjoy #SBLIII. No big deal. . . . #linkinbio as we go behind-the-scenes with stenographer Janet Mahoney

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Have an old iPhone t

#Repost @fortworthlighthouse with @get_repost ・・・ Have an old iPhone that you don’t know what to do with? 📱 Our client services department has a use for it! We are looking for donations of iPhone 5S and above, to help folks who are newly blind read mail and identify colors, money and items from the pantry. All donations are tax deductible and will greatly help us with this pilot project. For more information call: Shawn Keen at 817-529-7811 or email: skeen@lighthousefw.org #recycle #ForACause #GiveBack #SupportLocalNonprofits #TechTraining #donate #apple #iphone

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OFFICIAL: The award-winning ‘Won’t

#Repost @wgbh with @get_repost ・・・ OFFICIAL: The award-winning ‘Won’t You Be My Neighbor?’ documentary is coming to our neighborhood next month! Don’t miss @mrrogersmovie Feb. 9th on WGBH 2 at 8pm!

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#Repost @nilsawrites with @get_repost ・・・ My article, I’m not Deaf but I’m not hearing. Where do I belong? Was published in the Huffington Post. Please read and share with friends especially those with hearing loss. The link is in my bio.

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NCAM & WGBH Education (@wgbhedu ) co-present on accessible content, technology, and implementation at today's Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) Assessing Special Education Students (ASES) State Collaborative on Assessment and Student Standards (SCASS) meeting in downtown Boston #ccsso #ases #inclusion #accessibility

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Ready! NCAM’s Director Donna Danielewski attends today’s @MassDisability #Summit at #PartnersHealthCare. Ready to learn! #MODSummit2018 #access #inclusion . . . and with fresh apple dumplings, cider donuts, cider and apples—New England welcomes fall in style at the morning meeting 🍎🥧☕️🍏

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Watching @facebook live with #captions while watching the @greatamericanreadpbs #facebooklive event happening at the @wgbh studio at the @bplboston (also captioned for attendees). #innovationhub host #karamiller interviews #NCAM’s @bryangould and #MAG’s Renée Ruthel about how our work helps ensure that everyone (including those with #sensorydisabilities )can enjoy the extended experiences of loving a favorite book — from accessible audiobooks to described films, accessible fan web sites, and even accessible theme park attractions. #accessibleaudiobooks #accessiblemedia #imagedescription #captions #accessiblewebsites #accessiblethemepark #accessiblemovie #audiodescription #closedcaptioning #inclusion #access 📖💻🎥🖥📱🎢🎠 [image description: laptop open to Facebook live feed in foreground, with three-person live interview show happening in background]

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Who hasn’t read a book they wished would never end? Many beloved stories are celebrated away from their pages as movies, TV shows, on fan websites and, in the case of #aliceinwonderland, even as an amusement park ride. In our next #GreatAmericanRead: Beyond the Books Facebook Live discussion, #InnovationHub Host Kara Miller talks to Bryan Gould of WGBH’s National Center for Accessible Media and Renee Ruthel of WGBH’s Media Access Group, about how they are making these broader experiences of loving a book accessible to people who are blind / low vision or deaf / hard of hearing. Using Alice In Wonderland as a common thread, we’ll learn about the methods and technologies making it possible for people with disabilities to participate in the shared experiences of loving a book once it’s finished. Live at the @bplboston Studio and streaming live on Facebook, Thursday, Aug 23rd at 2:00 PM. You can catch the live broadcast here: http://bit.ly/2MpeHOm The BPL event will be #captioned on the studio monitors, and the link for caption access will be shared online when ready. A captioned video will be posted after the event. #accessibility #inclusion #captioning #caption #description #accessibledevices #imagedescription [image is an illustration from Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland, featuring Alice, March Hare, Dormouse, and Hatter around a table at the tea party]

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Congratulations to the team in NCAM on having received the 2018 Barry Levine Memorial Award for Career Achievement in Audio Description from the American Council of the Blind and its Audio Description Project. NCAM’s Bryan Gould traveled to the ACB/ADP conference in St. Louis to accept the award. “The Barry Levine Memorial Career Achievement Award recognizes an individual or organization for outstanding contributions to the field of audio description over an extended period of time, leading, inspiring or providing significant service to others.” Since the early 1990's, NCAM has been researching, developing, and customizing tools, guidelines, and technology that lower the barriers to providing and accessing high quality image and audio description. Congratulations to everyone in NCAM whose steady work has made a difference in the lives of so many. #a11y #audiodescription #blind #lowvision #lowvisionawareness #blindnessawareness #description #accessibilitymatters #inclusion @wgbh

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Congratulations to all of the 2018 @masscultural UP Award finalists & the winner, @opendoortheatercompany Thank you, @masscultural for a fantastic & accessible event. #ThinkUP WTG, Charles! And thank you, Senator Mike Barrett for such a wonderful & thoughtful speech celebrating captioning. #inclusion #accessibilitymatters #captioning

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The team in NCAM is pleased and proud to announce that our free Caption and Description Editing Tool (CADET) was awarded the 2018 FCC Chairman's Award for Advancement in Accessibility. NCAM representatives including NCAM's Director, Donna Danielewski, Bryan Gould, and CADET's Lead Developer, Bradley Botkin, accepted the award from FCC Chairman, Ajit Pai, last night at the MEnabling Conference. This marks the second time that an NCAM innovation has won this award, as our Media Access Mobile (MAM) technology--also led by developer Brad Botkin--won the Chairman's Award in 2012. Kudos to all on our team, and thank you to those who supported this work, and cheered on our efforts. Read more about the event and the 2018 awardees on the FCC web site: https://www.fcc.gov/general/chairmans-awards-advancements-accessibility #accessibilitymatters #CADET #captioning #closedcaptions #audiodescription #freetool #inclusion #deafcommunity #deaf

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#Repost @octoberski14 with @get_repost ・・・ These are all important to practice, whether the person to whom you are speaking identifies as having hearing loss or not. Paying attention to these reminders is often the difference between inclusion and total exclusion for many. #hearingloss #deafawareness #deafawarenessweek

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#Repost @whyisign with @get_repost ・・・ Princess Di was a huge supporter of using BSL. Another fun fact: Prince Philip’s mom, Princess Alice, is deaf. Google to see more videos of Princess Di signing. #whyisign #askmewhyisign #Repost @accessinnovation with @get_repost ・・・ Some wonderful footage of Princess Diana showing off her knowledge of British Sign Language (BSL). She started learning in 1983, joining the British Deaf Association to become its patron. She signed to 800 delegates in 1990 and visited many Deaf schools. Her signing was natural and beautiful, just like her. 👑😍🤟🏼

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How we birthday in @ncam_wgbh Cheers to Brad & Bryan!

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