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nqbodyfix. A little reminder to our body conscious clients that we don’t care abo

A little reminder to our body conscious clients that we don’t care about what you look like, we just care about making you feel better! We love all bodies and all their shapes, sizes and oddities. #weareallthesame #loveyourself #weloveyouanyways

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nqbodyfix. #dentonspregnancypillow are the only pillow we recommend to our preggy

#dentonspregnancypillow are the only pillow we recommend to our preggy mummies! No over heating with giant body pillows along with keeping bellies supported all through the night! #pregnacymassage #pregnant #townsvilleheat

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Our Wonderful Boss Madi is getting Married tomorrow! 😍👰 So we, as her ever caring little minions, thought it best we share our congratulations first (a full 24hrs ahead first). For those of you who don't know: Madi is our Boss, the main driver of this Business. She's a Wizard in Pregnancy Massage. She can also cook delicious birthday cakes (double choc oreo cheesecake anyone?). Madi has had this business for 5yrs this years, and she's continually growing and evolving the business in the best direction. Madi loves to help you heal, that's what gives her the drive and passion that she has. Madi has a positive influence on all her employee's, urging them to keep striving for their dream. To our Boss Madilyn, we wish you and Chad all the best tomorrow and for the future. We hope you have a wonderful day, full of a lot of laughter, love, food and drinks. All our love and wishes, from your team ❤️❤️(who are holding down the fort, don't worry about us) #nqbodyfix #ourbossisgettinghitched

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Rainy day checklist ✔️ Hot Beverage ✔️ Massage ✔️ Warm place to read a book or watch a movie You can tick one of those things off by giving us a call to book your next appointment #nqbodyfix #getbodyfocusedgetbodyfixed #rainydays

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nqbodyfix. HOLD UP 
It's a no-go from us sorry 🙅👎 please stay home and d

HOLD UP Sick? It's a no-go from us sorry 🙅👎 please stay home and don't spread your germs #nqbodyfix #sickness #pleasestayhome

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Should you get a massage if you're sick/ showing the symptoms of being sick. No. Please stay home and get better #nqbodyfix #keepyourgermsawayplease

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Fact Friday: It is safe for you to receive massage in the first trimester of Pregnancy. Madilyn is a NurtureLife Practitioner and can massage you as soon as you find out you're expecting. Out other therapists: Jessie, Monique, and Elissa-Rae can massage from 2nd trimester onwards. Visit www.nqbodyfix.com.au for more information #nqbodyfix #getbodyfocusedgetbodyfixed #functionalisthenewfit #pregnancymassage

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nqbodyfix. People in pain!! Check this article out!  I don't think I could explai

People in pain!! Check this article out! I don't think I could explain it any better than this. Pain is your body screaming to you!! Make sure you listen and look after your biggest asset! https://www.bettermovement.org/blog/2010/seven-things-you-should-know-about-pain-science #nqbodyfix #getbodyfocusedgetbodyfixed #functionalisthenewfit #painscience

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Fact Friday: Chronic Pain. This is a common issue, our therapists see daily. Remedial Massage can help alleviate the symptoms of Chronic Pain, however it isn't a cure. For Chronic Pain: "The most effective approach to managing chronic pain... is called a multimodal approach and may mean getting help from more than one specially trained health professional." http://www.painaustralia.org.au/images/pain_australia/PainAust_FactSheet7_Aug_16.pdf #nqbodyfix #chronicpain #painmanagement

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Meet the team! Our team of therapists are: Madilyn, Lei, Elissa-Rae, Monique, and Jessie. All our therapists are Qualified with rebates available through HICAPS. Our Administration team: Andrew (Mon-Thurs), Sarita (Fri), and Sahara (Sat). You can call or go to our website to book online or download our free app! We hope to see you in clinic soon! #nqbodyfix #getbodyfocusedgetbodyfixed #functionalisthenewfit #meettheteam

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nqbodyfix. Not sure what your plans are for this weekend? Well this should defini

Not sure what your plans are for this weekend? Well this should definitely be in your books to go too. Watch some of the best local, national, and international POWERLIFTERS compete this weekend at @ironclad_powerlifting .And there's coffee, burgers, and free entry! What more could you want? 🏋☕️🍔 #powerlifting #ironcladpowerlifting #nqopen2017

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Helllloooo Friday! It's been a long week, and we sure are glad to see the end of it. We have appointments available tomorrow, call or book online! #nqbodyfix #getbodyfocusedgetbodyfixed #functionalisthenewfit

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REFER A FRIEND Refer your friends, family, work colleagues, heck even refer your coffee barista. Any one that you feel like they would benefit from one of our Remedial Massage Therapy Treatments. In return we will give you a FREE 30 Minute Massage! Who ever gets us a new client who comes into the clinic for a treatment will receive a Free ½ hour treatment with their next 60+ minute appointment. **Just so we are super clear this offer** This doesn’t get combined with any other offer, discount or voucher. You need to book an appointment equal or greater than 60 minutes long and $60 will be deducted from the invoice at the point of sale. The offer will be valid for referrals received until April 2017. #nqbodyfix #getbodyfocusedgetbodyfixed #functionalisthenewfit #referyofriends

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You can now download our app, or book online without downloading. You will need to make an account for this online booking system, so you can log in and keep all your details up to date #nqbodyfix #getbodyfocusedgetbodyfixed #functionalisthenewfit

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LOOK WHO HAS AN APP!!! ⌚️📱 Yup that's right! We do! Search: North Queensland BodyFix in the App Store to download our free app. You can make bookings and set up notifications so you know when we've had a last minute cancellation! Click the link in our bio to download. #nqbodyfix #getbodyfocusedgetbodyfixed #functionalisthenewfit #wegotanapp

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We encourage a lot of our clients to take up Pilates to work on their core strength. The team at NQPC have everything Pilates related and are great for beginners. Call 4723 2233 to secure your spot. #nqbodyfix #functionalisthenewfit #getbodyfocusedgetbodyfixed

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