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orissakelly. Some girls were made to wear bows. I was born to shoot them. 🏹😏 #The

Some girls were made to wear bows. I was born to shoot them. 🏹😏 #TheArcheress 📸: @_in_the_flow_ 🖤


When I started out as a performer I wasn’t earning much. People suggested I get a part time job to help with my income but I decided against it. I realised that if I didn’t have anything to fall back on, no ‘plan B’, then I had no other option than to succeed. The consequences of failing were so much worse, it fuelled my determination never to give up. To this day I have never had a ‘normal job’, never handed in a CV and never been to an interview. You don’t need anyone else to believe in your dreams other than yourself! Thank you @london_photo_school for this awesome photo! Wearing my favourite @neilednie costume ❤️🏹


BARCELONA friends! I’ll be visiting from 9-11th December, for anyone interested in handstand/contortion workshops or private lessons. Send me a DM 🙃🏹💪 📸: @nardusengelbrecht Wearing: @sirenpolewear


I’m not upside down, maybe the world just isn’t the right way up 🙃


This day was so much fun. @markwolhuter and I went out to Noordhoek, Cape Town to shoot on the beach. As we arrived the craziest storm kicked off, the wind was so strong that it actually knocked me over. We still managed to get a couple of photos, amongst the laughter and madness. Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about bending in the rain 🙃⛈


This week a back injury kept me from doing any foot archery. A whole week without Bae! I felt empty and struggled to get out of bed. It sucked, but in the end was a real reminder of how much it means to me. I really love what I do. I’ve had a short break and my body has (thankfully) fully recovered. More than anything my heart is so full of passion and excitement to train again! Sometimes even an injury can be a blessing 🏹❤️ Here’s a romantic photo of me and Bae, taken in Ethiopia by the amazing @remy_archer


Enjoy the little things in life because one day you’ll look back and realise that they were the big things 🧡 wearing @neilednie


March of the Penguins 🐧🖤 📸: @markwolhuter 👙: @neilednie


Ooo it’s my first ever #SundayBumday!!! Tag a friend with the best 🍑 Courtesy of the legend @nardusengelbrecht - featuring the juicy butts of @sirenpolewear and @jennyleroux ❤️ #SquadGoals


Spent my day in bed doing admin, applying for work visas and freezing in this English weather. I can’t help dreaming of the peaceful sunrise over Cape Town and spending time with my favourite people. What I would give to relive this moment again! Wearing @sirenpolewear ❤️🇿🇦❤️


What crazy person does 15 hours of flying and then goes straight to a gig? Apparently this Archeress! I may or may not have started my warm up on the plane... also my feets have felt neglected so here is a toe-selfie before I go on stage. LONDON, I’m back! 🏹🖤🇬🇧


Early October I realised I was so busy that if didn’t take time out immediately then I wouldn’t see Cape Town for almost a year. It would mean not taking gigs at Halloween - a financial loss. Spending money on a last minute flight - another financial loss. Forking out for crazy adventures along the way - you guessed it, at a financial loss. Yes it cost me money, but look what I gained? So many people think that travelling costs a lot, but the way I see it - travelling makes you so much richer. Here’s some of my favourite moments from this trip, thank you to every single legend that made this the best experience this year. I love you all and I love you Cape Town. See you again ❤️🇿🇦❤️