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Walking along the street thinking ‘wait a second, I know that girl’ 😏 #FuegoCarnal @dreamstateentertainment 🖤🔥

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Today I trained on this beach. Does that make it my office? 😏☀️

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Trust in what you love and continue to do it. It will take you where you need to go 💙 #ForeverTravelling #ThisBeautifulWorld

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All I ever wanted in my life was to travel the world. To think that in just 9 days I’ve managed 10 flights across 6 countries over 3 continents is madness. But what’s even crazier is knowing that I’ve been flown over to Australia to perform in Fuego Carnal for the next three months, doing what I love. Excited is an understatement! This is going to be the most incredible adventure ❤️🏹 @dreamstateentertainment

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Just last night I was enjoying life in a very snowy Budapest. Somehow I found my way home, unpacked/repacked - even got my taxes done! Within just a few crazy hours I made it back to the airport, ready to fly to Australia. It was not until I was on the flight that I was told I would actually be going to Amsterdam, and will not be in Australia for another few days....... well I didn’t see that one coming 😂 I guess it could have been a problem, but I’ll take it as another adventure. So, here I am - midnight in Amsterdam exploring the canals. Happy. Confused. Who knows what life is going to do to me next, but whatever happens, I’ll make the most of it 🙂

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The email I’ve just sent to my accountant... Dear Ben, I apologise for my delayed response, I went more or less straight from India to Budapest and have spent the last four days here. I know, I can’t keep up either. The truth is I’m not really sure if I will get my taxes to you before the deadline you set me, as I await my fate on the Budapest airport runaway, watching the large chunks of snow cover every inch of the ground. On top of that I have Delhi belly (still) but you didn’t really need to know that bit. My next big flight is in a matter of hours and right now I question whether I will make it in time. I know - my timing is as well planned as my tax return. I will keep you updated on my adventurous life once I know where in the world I may end up. I appreciate your understanding, in the mean time I shall attach some photos of my trip so you know I’m legit. Feel free to forward them on to HMRC. Kind regards, Orissa P.s thank you SO much to @milkystunts for being the best big brother ever and treating me like a princess 💙

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orissakelly. Going through my taxes from early 2017 is a reminder of how much money

Going through my taxes from early 2017 is a reminder of how much money I spent on someone that hurt me. It’s also shown me how much better off I am without him. So my darling, thank u, next 😘 p.s u can’t have this hehehe

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Last night I arrived back from India after a 9 and a half hour flight. Not only am I jetlagged but I also picked up a stomach bug along the way, so I was definitely tempted to do nothing today but rest. Despite all this, after 5 hours sleep I woke up at 6am and went training this morning! Although my mind was clouded with excuses not to go - excuses don’t make for a good performance and definitely won’t help me travel the world. I often share the amazing places I get to visit, but this time I wanted to share what goes into it because I promise you, these gigs don’t come by chance. My greatest performance was not made on the stage, but in the training venue and any success I’ve had, comes from moments like these. So next time you have an excuse not to, see it as an opportunity to do something amazing. Suddenly something as normal as training becomes a huge achievement. ❤️🏹

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It doesn’t matter how many times I visit this country, it never fails to capture my heart and open my eyes. Thank you for this humbling experience @fantasyboxentertainment ! What a way to start the year! #India

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Happy New Year all of you! Here’s to another year of doing what I love! And scaring locals around the world 😂🇮🇳

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Game face on, getting ready for one of my last shows of the year!! Feel honoured that this is the 13th country across my 5th continent that I’ve performed in over 2018. My dream was always to travel the world doing what I love - and somehow I’ve been lucky enough to do exactly that. So grateful! Thank you @fantasyboxentertainment !

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Here’s to another year of doing what I love. I’m so unbelievably grateful - it is my dream to travel and perform and this year has been exactly that. Now to end 2018 by performing with @fantasyboxentertainment in India!! Let’s goooo ✈️🏹🇮🇳

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