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I lost count how many times I go to 7-Eleven in a week, Not only do they have Slurpee, 7-Eleven is making shopping easier for people who live in New York City! 7-Eleven, Inc. has introduced Mobile Checkout for an even faster way to shop, pay securely and be on your way. #7Rewards #MobileCheckout #sponsored @7Eleven

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packmeinursuitcase. Never been so happy! Thanks to @rentthwrunway , now I can wear somethi

Never been so happy! Thanks to @rentthwrunway , now I can wear something different EVERYDAY! Cost saving and with tons of designers, you can never have a dull outfit, EVER! Swipe left to see some of my favorite outfits. Join Rent The Runway now and use promo code: RTREMILYE to get $100 off 2 months of Unlimited RTR (or $50 off each month) #RTRInsider @renttherunway

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By now you should know my obsession with palm trees! Listening to California Dreaming with Sudio Tolv earphones! Experience complete wireless freedom without wires distracting you! Check out www.sudio.com/hk/ and use code: packmeinursuitcase15 for 15% off #sudiomoments @sudio

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My kind of Monday Blue! Hope you guys are having a wonderful week!❤️

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GREETINGS FROM MALDIVES - Where have you been this summer?. . #ig_hotels

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HAPPY WEEKEND! I can’t believe it is already mid August?! It seems like 2019 have just started. haha... maybe a little exaggerated, but you know what I mean🤪

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Dare to be extra✨ . . Outfit: @brideandyouhongkong #styleinspo

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Cause I don't care as long as you just hold me near You can take me anywhere And you're making me feel like I'm loved by somebody I can deal with the bad nights When I'm with my baby, yeah . . . #travelustcouples

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Inside the concrete jungle 💫 . #babeswhowander

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Magic happens when someone not only hears the words you are saying, but also share the depth of the unspoken connection between your souls. . . . @brooklynbridgepark #brooklynbridgeig

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Throwback to the time we were in Bali! It’s taking me forever to edit some of our photos! (Better late than never, right?) Apparently, we were there in March, during Bali’s rainy season! It pretty much rained the whole afternoon after our visit at the rice field! After our visit, our driver drove us to the famous Bali gate, he drove for two hours, under poor road conditions and we almost got lost🙏🏻 sadly the rain was so heavy, we were forced to stay in the car instead! Nevertheless, we were so glad that we had a beautiful morning, beautiful sky! And I enjoyed every moments we spent together under the rain, holding onto one umbrella❤️☔️

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Nothing to loose but a world to see🌱🌿 . . On our very last day in Bali, we decided to cancel all our plans and take a moment to enjoy our stay at the @viceroybali hotel. It was one of the best decision ever. Because of the short period of time we stay in every country, our original plan was to see as much places as possible, making each day packed and super busy. But then I realized, the world is too big and it is almost impossible to see everything in such short period of time. So why not, chill a little bit? Don’t you agree? . #travelingwomen_ #SonyHK_綠野遊蹤 #sonyhongkong #bestvacations

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Happy July 4th America🇺🇸 . . . Little background about this post, we struggled to capture these beautiful lights located outside of @lacma without a crowd. We arrived roughly at 11pm, the urban lights were so beautiful, I was not surprised that there was still a huge crowd! Instead of waiting, we captured many frames and combined all the pieces together! Click my story to see before🌟 . #journeysofgirls

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I let my hair down for the prince to climb the golden stairs, but they are too short🤷🏼‍♀️ . . #bestvacations

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The nights you wrap me around your arms and kiss me gently on my forehead. We then find ourselves looking at this dazzling view of Tokyo🗼, chatting about our little love story till we fell asleep 🌙 My kind of #RCmemories @ritzcarltontokyo . . #bestvacations

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I’ll be an extremely well fed, happy Panda here 🐼 . #travelstribe #SonyHK_綠野遊蹤 #sonyhongkong #sonyA7 #sel1018 #sonyhk_2019

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Monday, running away from responsibility.. . . 📷: @heideexyz #instaworthyla @insta_losangeles

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