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Spending some time in the beautiful Sausalito. It’s very peaceful here. The sun is rising and the tide is coming in. The sound of waves crashing against the shore and the fog horns add its own eerie setting in Northern California. It never gets old out here. ⛵️

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Just a BAD A$$ view.

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There ain’t many places as grand as the Grand Canyon. This area is rich in beauty. The trekking is amazing along with backpacking if you have a couples to get to the river and back or even rim to rim. I suggest backpacking if you want to get away from most of the tourism. Remember, the easier it is to get somewhere, the more people (tourism) there will be.

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Coming to the end of our summer roadtrip! Hope everyone enjoyed all the stories we shared from flat tires in Pennsylvania to amazing jazz atmosphere in New Orleans and all the way up to the bears and bison of Alaska. This sure ain’t the end of our travels. Join us for more this year in Colorado and all the way down to Peru. Next year will be a great new chapter in our life ⛵️ so be ready!

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Getting ready to head to Grand Canyon tomorrow then to Bryce canon afterwards. It has been amazing seeing family and friends. So grateful to be living the life we are able to live by traveling as much as possible and experiencing amazing new things all the time.

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One of the most tranquil and beautiful places in Banff National Park.

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Missing Oregon and it’s beautiful scenery. Can’t wait to go back next month and experience a beautiful wedding on the river!

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Love spending time at the lake with the fam. Traveling with family is always an amazing time!

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One of the best places on our trip. I hope everyone is enjoying our stories!

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Heading to Grand Canyon soon and Zion National afterwards. The view will be amazing! Do they compare to Banff National Park.

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Can’t wait to go back to Thailand! Anyone ever been?

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Some of the best driving is through Banff National Park to Jasper. The mountains are mammoth I comparison to anything in the states (except glacier). The pictures can never do this place justice. It is a must see for anyone who loves the outdoors! Has anyone been there?

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Leaving Oregon today and headed to Las Vegas! It’s been an amazing trip this summer. It’s coming to an end but our travels will never stop.

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Enjoying the first sunlight on beautiful waters.

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Nothing much better than being on a boat and enjoying the sound of the water splashing the boat, the feel of the wind, and the view is always amazing above and below the surface. 🚣‍♀️

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pantomathic.moxies. Soon heading to Las Vegas then through the Grand Canyon to Colorado to

Soon heading to Las Vegas then through the Grand Canyon to Colorado to finish our roadtrip.

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Just chillin in Oregon. Enjoying a break from things until August when we hit the ground running with school and work again.

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Romantic dinners are a must every now and then.

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