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📸 by @mao.amore” Fill your life with adventures not things. Have storys to tell not stuff to show.”

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📸 by @lucyinthesskyy “Currently planning our summer trips! Who else is excited that summer is just around the corner?! ☀️☀️”

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📸 by @katemeets “Happy hump day babes🌸”

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📸 by @mitch.toft “The incredible colours of Broome ❤💙”

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📸 by @riffstrum “White line fever”

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📸 by @j.scud “Hammock hangs, can’t wait for fall weather 😇”

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📸 by @kuhrmarvin “Even though Trondheim is Norway’s third biggest city there are places that are truly idyllic.“

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📸 by @lucyinthesskyy “All packed and ready to head to my next Greek island adventure tomorrow morning with hubby @angelo_ilio 🤩Sooo excited to explore some islands I have never been to and then head to our summer house! Any guesses where we are headed?! Stay tuned to see where! 🥰”

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📸 by @yantastic “Reynisfjara (Black Sand Beach) has been rated one of the top 50 most beautiful beaches in the world - but it's also one of the most dangerous tourist destinations in Iceland. Over the last decade three people have unfortunately drowned at the beach after powerful sneaker waves knocked them down, sweeping them out to sea. Please stay safe and be extremely cautious when you visit! ———————————————— Remember, don’t settle for anything less than magic.”

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📸 by @marichankobe “One of the things I still love the most about Instagram is the endless inspiration you can find, will it be travel destinations or simply art 💛“

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📸 by @mathiaswichmann “First sights of warmer days in Western Australia. Best place to spend it is at the beach of course. Even better in the water!”

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📸 by @justwotravel “Budapest! This has been our favorite city of our last trip without any doubt! “The Pearl of the Danube” has magical places that this one... Have you visited? Good night dreamers!”

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📸 by @phlyimages “Blues Brothers 💙”

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📸 by @patheight “To create a rather strong contrast to yesterday's photo I decided to go with this vivid photo I took at Stokksnes right as the sun started to rise over the horizon.”

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📸 by @katemeets “Sunday mood ➳ Finding the cutest churches and domes in Santorini💙”

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📸 by @mariefeandjakesnow “We talk about love a lot on our page, we talk about it a lot because we would not be here without it! Love is what gave us the confidence to dream, love made us feel secure even when we were taking big risks, it was also our love for each other that made us want to be better in every way!”

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📸 by @mariefeandjakesnow “HAPPY WORLD OCEAN DAY 🌊 💕 “

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📸 by @marichankobe “{ It’s spring time in LA 🌺 The Getty Center is really worth a visit if you’re in LA ! The Museum really is interesting and the gardens are mesmerizing 🌷🌼🌹 Wish you all a wonderful week 😘} ⁣⠀”

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