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queensland. When you're trying to get a cute pic for the 'Gram and someone photobo

When you're trying to get a cute pic for the 'Gram and someone photobombs the shot 🙄 Even if it is a cute #Cassowary chick 🐣 Have you ever spotted one of these beautiful birds in its @tropicalnorthqueensland habitat? @phlipvids was lucky to capture these two just hanging out @kurandavillage with @kuranda_rainforest_journeys 🍃 Early morning is the best time to spot them along the #CassowaryCoast, though be sure to keep your distance 😉 #thisisqueensland #exploretnq

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If your #FridayFeels are bubbling, switch the 🍾 for the fizzy blue waters that spill over into these @northstraddieisland rock pools 💙 You'll find them perched along the shoreline between #FrenchmanBeach and #DeadmansBeach and they're the perfect spot to cool off after a gorge-ous stoll along the North Gorge Walk at the headland of Point Lookout, where #kangaroos are known to frequent 🤗 Want to know how to find this paradise? Hit the link in our bio. #thisisqueensland by @photobohemian #visitbrisbane

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And the award for the coastal spot with the mostest goes to #BurleighHeads 🏅 Swipe through to explore one of our favourite beachside 'burbs, where you'll find not only the ever-iconic @imrickshores (how's that view right from your table 🤤) and the newly opened @burleighpavilion that's hands down the best spot for a bev in @australia oh, and also that beach. Like, hi heaven nice to meet you 🙌 Hit the link in bio now to plan your escape 🎒 #thisisQueensland by @imrickshores @burleighpavilion  @blaze_parsons & @livingforsun in @destinationgoldcoast

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This could be you right now, but you're at home 🤦‍♀️ Nope, this isn't a Greek island in the middle of the Mediterranean, you're looking at just one of the 74 @whitsundaysqld islands, found just an hour off the coast of #AirlieBeach 🏝️ Hit the link in our bio now for more local's only #WhitsundayIslands beaches to discover now. #thisisqueensland by @jamesvodicka in #lovewhitsundays

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Our definition of #MondayBlues 💙 Say hi to this snorkelling haven, known as #MoretonIsland,  just 90mins off @visitbrisbane 🙌 Whether you're here for a day or a long weekend, you won't be short on adventure here! Take to the ocean and snorkel one of the wreck sites, explore hidden coves and beaches by 4WD or feed the dolphins below the jetty at @tangaloomaislandresort 🐬 Want more info on this Island paradise? Hit the link in our bio! #thisisqueensland by @thedharmatrails, @swaller4 and @gabscanu #visitbrisbane

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Just your casual beach day on the @destinationgoldcoast 💅 This is #TallebudgeraCreek, near Burleigh Heads, and yes, the water really is that blue 🤤 Park your towel and beach umbrella on the sand for a day of relaxation in literal paradise. Our tip is to head to nearby @thecollectivepalmbeach for lunch after for Tuna Poke and a Hugo Spritz. What a winning day 💙 #thisisqueensland by @blaze_parsons and @nathanprostamo #wearegoldcoast

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Set between @visitnoosa North Shore and #RainbowBeach is one of the @visitsunshinecoast's best kept secrets 💚 We're letting the cat out of the bag about the #NoosaEverglades - a 60km stretch of river winding between lush green flora and one of only two everglades in the world 🙌 It's best experienced by kayak, gliding peacefully through the 'narrows', taking in only the sounds of your paddles sweeping through the water. #thisisqueensland by @photobohemian #visitsunshinecoast

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queensland. Confession: we've got a new crush. If you haven't checked out @visitbr

Confession: we've got a new crush. If you haven't checked out @visitbrisbane's newest (and coolest) precinct, @howardsmithwharves swipe through now for a sneak peak of @Mrpercivals to understand why we're so smitten...sunset Aperols anyone?! Hit the link in our bio now for more juicy details 🥂 #thisisqueensland #visitbrisbane by @britinbrisbane,  @mrpercivals, @bubbles_2, @weeatbne and @natalieakeys

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queensland. Beaches + kangaroos...name a more iconic duo. We'll wait 💁‍♀️ A beach

Beaches + kangaroos...name a more iconic duo. We'll wait 💁‍♀️ A beach holiday on @visitbrisbane's @northstraddieisland will see you competing for prime real estate with these adorable locals, but to be honest, we're all about it. You'll find this island gem 45 minutes off Brisbane's coast, so it's the perfect weekender. #ThisIsQueensland by @bourgeoiclaire #visitbrisbane

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Real life or screen saver 🤔 This is just your everyday day view when in the @whitsundaysqld and you better believe it's real and not just a screensaver 😯 You can explore this natural wonder via seaplane, sailing, a hike up #HillInlet and even bareboating - see you there?! #thisisqueensland #lovewhitsundays by @whitsundaysphotography

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🚨 We interrupt your #Sunday evening scrolling to bring you this 9km slice of utter heaven, AKA #LongIsland 🤗 You're looking at beachfront bungalows at @palmbayresort where you can walk from bed to beach in seconds, hop into that glistening water and dive the fringing Reef or paddle around in a kayak 👌 Head out on a sunrise hike (there's plenty of trails) or spend the day exploring the #GreatBarrierReef with @oceanrafting. You know what to do - hit the link in our bio for more deets! #thisisqueensland by @photobohemian #lovewhitsundays

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These White-Spotted Eagle Rays captured by @johnny_gaskell off @ladyelliotislandecoresort are so majestic they're basically royalty 💁 Catch them regularly cruising through the crystal blue water, just taking in the vibrant coral around them. Their friends of the sea include turtles, manta rays, clown fish(aka Nemo) and giant clams. PSA: When flying into #LadyElliotIsland, prepare for your eyes to explode with love hearts at the sight of this coral cay surrounded by ombre blue hues 😍 Hit the link in our bio for more on this gem! #thisisqueensland #visitbundaberg

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