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#TrueStory it was #LaundryDay so I'm wearing different undies and let me tell you the tuck she ain't tight #LOL

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samanthalauzon. Thank you @followthepolo I needed to see this today 💜 #EndTheStigma o

Thank you @followthepolo I needed to see this today 💜 #EndTheStigma of #MentalHealth #Depression #PanicAttacks #PTSD

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#OMG stop it! @ooobaby bags are now available @aproposandaproposformen?!? We all know how much I love my bags from boho chic to a good over the shoulder or one handed carry satchel #OooBaby has them all and now you know where you can get them in #PortStanley happy shopping folks

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I want this teddy bear so bad #LMFAO

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My #TBT I think this was between 1998-2000 I got that wig at a store called #Metro cut and styled it myself and I lived for it! That outfit was from my friend Marianne’s store on King Street called at first #Purxx and then #PinkVixens it was such an awesome place to hang out. Thank you to @leesh_terese for saving this photo and sharing it with me 💜

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I’m done explaining why saying “I’m ok” is a legitimate answer to the question “How are you?” It doesn’t need to be inflated to “Great/Amazing” etc just to appease others. So from now on if I respond with an “ok” and someone asks “why just ok” I’m immediately going to block you. Be it Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or other #ByeGirlBye

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#Hahaha I'm sure you're all getting sick of seeing #Quiche on my timeline and well I don't care 😋 finding something I love that can be made ahead of time and even frozen means I don't miss out on breakfast and I don't wait until 4 or 5pm to eat something like I normally do #InstaCook #InstaChef #Yum

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#Hahaha thank you @therealbluntcard for bringing some laughter into my kitchen today #YouRock

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#High on #MagicMushrooms #Shrooms watching #StepUp3D still managing to play with my main man. He wasn’t as standoffish this time he actually wanted to play and hang out which was nice. Coming down now and about to take him on his last walk of the night #MentalHealth #EndTheStigma #Psychedelics help!

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#3D clip on glasses check (I know I'm a nerd) #StepUp check #Mushrooms and #TrippingBalls check check #psychedelics #MentalHealth #Depression #EndTheStigma #PTSD

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Second #MicroDose of #Mushrooms I heard during the day is amazing all the colors etc and living so close to this amazing 32 Acre park I can see off my balcony #WishMeLuck

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#Edibles update! All in all a good experience thanks @twistedextracts_2.0 for making a great quality product #THC #CBD

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