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This in the bathroom tonight

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Stunning butterfly at Sangha lodge

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Stunning butterflies at Sangha lodge

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Ndima the young male Pangolon this morning. Ndima means forest in the Ba’aka language

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The Ba’aka Pangolon trackers Learning to read and write with Tamar Cassidy this morning

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Calabar Ground Python at the lodge this morning.

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Cool butterfly

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sangha_lodge. My favorite waterfall

My favorite waterfall

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Awesome caterpillar

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sangha_lodge. Sangha lodge

Sangha lodge

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Our rehab duiker is very curious about our rehab Pangolon Ndima #pangolin @africanpangolinconservation

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sangha_lodge. Our library, Really envious of Southern and Eastern AFRICAN lodges wit

Our library, Really envious of Southern and Eastern AFRICAN lodges with the choice of books covering their regions. Central Africa has very few choices but we have to do with a lot from other regions. Any suggestions are welcome

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Big spider!!!!!

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This beaut Veiled Lady in the grounds this morning

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Today at the lodge. Please help us with an identification

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Newest arrival at Sangha Lodge

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Blue duiker, Brush Tail Porcupine, python, 2 species of genet, African Palm Civet, White bellied Pangolon and Gambian pouched Rat.... part of what you can get at the bush meat market in Bangui

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Nasty but interesting little guy in our wood store

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