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First of all I want to introduce myself. Im a guy who thinks much. Much about the universe, where we're from, where we go and where we are. I love the theorie that the universe is expending everyday, every second and so on. Lately I had the thought whats behind all that? Im not religious or smth, no Im literally a Atheist who thinks too much about evrything. So whats behind all that? Wich things do we dont know about all that? What if we're just in a fake world or fake universe? Evrything would be fake, you me, youre boy-or girlfriend, youre money, evrything. What if this all is just a dream? What if all that just exists because we want to? What if we dont even exist? When there's a great and big nothing around us? What if we're already dead and just livin in a world between light an darkness, heaven or hell, death and livin? #light

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