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Morning stretching 🙆🏽‍♀️ Good morning 🌞☀️😃

pokebtch. @minimalarchivetattoo for Tattooinspiration😍

@minimalarchivetattoo for Tattooinspiration😍

fansports_mx. Gracias a la #Guapísima @livia_____wang por su #foto apoyando siempre

Gracias a la #Guapísima @livia_____wang por su #foto apoyando siempre a la #Juventus y a #CR7. #sexy #fitness

best.yoga. Crane pose – a pose that took me foreverrrrrrrrrrr to be able to do--

Crane pose – a pose that took me foreverrrrrrrrrrr to be able to do-- and not end up in a face plant.😂🙌 Doing this modification/drill really helped me develop the core strength that’s necessary to hold the asana, as well as learning out to transition into it. Helpful tips: *Try to get the knees into your arm pits (or as close as they can possible go) and squeeze them into the arms. *Keep the core and hip flexors engaged *Spread the shoulder blades and round the upperback *Press the floor away to straightenthe elbows *lift feet and shins towards hips *slightly lower the hips. Swipe left to see short video 😊 . 📸 @alexzandrapeters

yogaalignment. 🐥 #SvargaDvijasana ↔ #ParadiseTwiceBorn Pose or #BirdofParadisePose o

🐥 #SvargaDvijasana #ParadiseTwiceBorn Pose or #BirdofParadisePose on 👉 @yogaalignment with @ania_75 ・ ・ ・ Tutorial Monday: how to - Bird of Paradise One of my very favourite standing balance poses. This posture embodies the beauty, stability and vibrancy of this tropical flower. It’s true, this is not a bird, but a beautiful colourful flower which looks like taking a flight. I recommend to warm up the legs (low lunge, runners stretch, forward fold) and do some core work before attempting the pose. Use a strap if needed to bind. 1. Come into warrior 2 2. Twist away from the bent knee 3. Bind the hands behind the front knee 4. Bring the back leg forward and gain balance 5. Slowly raise the leg in a bind 6. Bring the binded leg up 7. Extend the binded leg Stay safe and keep your drishti! Wearing @aloyoga #yoga #yogaalignment #improveyourpractice


Help me caption this pic! 😍 I had so many bad puns running though my head for this one - ‘My Monday morning pick-me-up’ was a top contender 😹, but I have a feeling you guys will do a much better job coming up with a cute caption! 💙 Share yours below! I can’t wait to read them!! 🤗 ps. Thanks to @mandymartini for giving me a hand in taking this pic! 🤣 #sorrynotsorry #allthebadpuns #happymonday


Good morning 😏