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„Preparing for something big...“ credit: @matilda_soderlund

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Give Kindness ❤️. • #DailyMotivation #DailyInspiration

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pb.om. Fear is the enemy of success. Large rewards only result from taking co

Fear is the enemy of success. Large rewards only result from taking comparably large risks. If you're ruled by #fear, you'll never take enough risks and never achieve #success you deserve. It’s all about your mindset! - Here are a few mental tricks to conquer fear: ✔️Value courage over security. To conquer fear, you must consciously dethrone "security" as the thing that you value most in your #life and replace it with the active virtue of "courage." You must decide, once and for all, that it's more important for you to have the courage to do what you must to succeed, rather than to cling to the things that make you feel safe. ✔️Differentiate between fear & prudence. Prudence is a good thing. Just make sure you aren't pretending to be prudent--when you're just trying to avoid taking reasonable #business risks, for instance, or putting yourself on the line to do what's necessary. ✔️Reframe fear into excitement. Tune in to the aspect of fear that's really fun. Think about the last time you rode a roller coaster: You probably felt plenty of fear, but you were also having a great time. Let's face it, a life without fear--and without the courage to overcome fear would be pretty bland and boring. 🤔 - Let me know if these tips are helpful!👇 - #PBOM

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mantapsbuh. Stop to say what you don't know ##fear

Stop to say what you don't know #fear

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bigboldlife. When my kids were growing up, I used to tell them to face their dread

When my kids were growing up, I used to tell them to face their dread when they were scared to do something. They learned that lesson well. Often as they grew up they will tackle something and say, Look I faced my fear! Makes a happy dad to hear them say exactly that. . . . . . . #fear #fearless #fearandloathinginlasvegas #overcome #feelgoodfriday #success #successquotes #successmindset #fridayquotes #mood #vibe #single #singlemom #aingledad #singleparent

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sirgunkaurmusic. You do ever just catch yourself taking life too seriously? Too persona

You do ever just catch yourself taking life too seriously? Too personally? Life is supposed to be #fun. We #volunteered to come to this #amusement park called Earth and experience all the emotions, all the turbulence, all the thrills, all the quiet, all the surprises, all the ups and downs... but we didn’t mean to make it such a BIG DEAL. And we certainly didn’t mean to go it alone—without #connection to who we really are. If you aren’t enjoying your #moments, what do you expect to FEEL when you are about to transition back into non-physical (“death”)? Probably #regret. Probably a sense that things went too quickly. Probably a ton of #nostalgia and #fear. What about if you enjoyed the #ride a bit more? What if you saw yourself from an #elevated #perspective, and not as a victim, a dodger of bullets, a putter-outer of fires? How might that lessen your levels of #stress, your sense of #urgency? Yoga feels good because it re-tunes you to that expansive vibration of your Soul. What I teach my clients is how to leverage the power of yoga throughout the whole day... to create a positive and #magnetic #momentum that carries them through life. If this message resonates with you and you’re looking for a way to re-connect, dissolve the overwhelm, and start using your whole life experience as your spiritual practice, PM me to book a complimentary synergy session. We can discuss something that is specifically coming up in your life and how to re-frame, re-focus and start enjoying yourself! #joy #sas #yoga #alignment #mentoring

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integrated_wellbeing_. Great question. Who are you not to be? .
#greatquestion #fear #power

Great question. Who are you not to be? . . #greatquestion #fear #powerful #brilliant #mindset #life #poetry

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Your passion & desire is never a doubt #mentalstrength

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goddesslovenhealing. Sometimes we need to redirect our focus & know that we deserve happine

Sometimes we need to redirect our focus & know that we deserve happiness & the best outcomes in life. It’s when we feel we don’t deserve or feel a fear of losing what makes us happy. This can actually block us from receiving what is meant to be ours. Remain open to positive outcomes & know that you deserve the best in life #life #positivevibes #healing #energyhealing #happiness #fear

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paulferrini. #understanding #fear
From 'Light for the Soul\"'

#understanding #fear From 'Light for the Soul"'

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È normale che esista la paura, in ogni uomo, l'importante è che sia accompagnata dal coraggio. Non bisogna lasciarsi sopraffare dalla paura, altrimenti diventa un ostacolo che impedisce di andare avanti; chi ha paura muore ogni giorno, chi non ha paura muore una volta sola." (Paolo Borsellino) #fear #courage #evolution #regeneration #flowerpower #orange #gerbere

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tiapeadebb. #day57of368challenge #season2 
Happy Saturday Family!! How are yall do

#day57of368challenge #season2 Happy Saturday Family!! How are yall doing? What kinds of things do you like to do in free time that you have? So as some of you may have seen this cupboard since December till now. Today was the final finishing touches so that a amazing family could move in & make their history talks in the mirror! This project started on Christmas break, & I got really sick but was able to take hardware off of it, not one screw holding it together matched at all but I wanted to keep the classics on it. So we cleaned up the knob to open it & the hinges that would open the door! I sanded all the gross layers on layers of paint off of it & we painted it the white color like the many other cupboards in the classic home. When it was finished getting painted we put the piece together & set aside to be hung in the bathroom! Well today all the tape was taken off & is all set to go! Im so happy my hubs let me take it on as a project! I love doing things like this where you take something someone would throw away & make it all beautiful again! I love the era of the early 1900’s where the homes had wrap around covered porches & the picture of the old couple sitting in rocking chairs on the porch reading the paper. It brings the homey look that every one is welcome!! To some this may seem small & simple but for me it wasnt easy but it let me hang out with Jasper & sometimes the girls on days they weren’t sleeping in lol! I pray that your day is a great day & that you can take on a small project that you can get that smile that you have when your able to escape how you feel & emerse your self into the things you forgot that you love no matter what it is cause it is special to YOU. I’m not perfect & it did take time to do, but with each little bit done made my heart feel so full & that I could do what I once loved!! So can you! 🌺🦋Go & be Awesome in what ever is in you journey today! 🧡🦋🙏🌺🧡 #igfamily #crpswife #crpsmum #crpspups #loveoneachother #faith #joy #weallbleedthesame #hope #alwaysamum #highhope #greatjoy #mumlifeeveryday #together #crpsawareness #hopetocope #hopeinitall #strengthisuptome #depression #anxiety #fear #againreally #restoringdecor

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Remembering back to when my sweet boy was in the NICU for the first two weeks of his life. • I am not a hospital person. Not against them just doesn’t fit my preferences and beliefs but this time was different. I knew what needed to be done and that was getting to the hospital as fast as possible to save my son. • Born at 34 weeks, 5lbs 3oz birthed via emergency caesarean. I am so grateful for having one of my cousins in the delivery room who works in labor and delivery at Memorial Hermann Katy that truly advocated for me when the surgeon wanted to put me under. Thank you Lord that DID NOT happen! • • Thank you to all the NICU nurses, Doctors, and staff for your loving care 24 hours a day for my sweet little boy! You all will ALWAYS hold a special place in my heart. ♥️ • #postpartum #postpartumdoula #kelliduranpostpartum #nicu #nicubaby #prematurebaby #34weeks #hospital #love #healing #surgery #birth #nurse #5lbs #mom #motherhood #savedme #repost #instagood #delivery #pregnant #babyboy #family #newmom #mentalhealth #anxiety #fear #jesus #newborn #ppd

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beingapolymath. Choices⠀
/Quote 19⠀
#beingapolymath #quote #quotes #fe

Choices⠀ /Quote 19⠀ /Machiavelli⠀ ⠀ #beingapolymath #quote #quotes #fear #love #choices #decision #life

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TRAUMA can seriously Impair our decision making abilities. It can be incredibly difficult to make choices after a trauma. It feels as if the wrong decision will end in punishment, hurt, or even death. You are indeed NOT CRAZY for wondering why the idea of making even seemingly "easy" decisions seems harder than climbing mount Everest. Decisions are made in FRONT of the brain while survival happens at the BACK. A brain stuck in SURVIVAL MODE will have a tough time thinking about ANYTHING. So...start SMALL, CELEBRATE every win no matter how insignificant if may seem. Find People, places or things that remind you that you are SAFE. Do not forget that EPWL ALL NATURAL THERAPY will also help you achieve this faster. * * * * * * * #brainfig #survivor #survivalmode #anxietyhelp #depression #depressed #anxiety #fear #fearless #alternatives #alternativecare #magneticenergy #noninvasivetherapy #drugless

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On my balcony in Thailand, the weather is so beautiful. Just finished recording a short clip about how I got abroad. The abridged version. It’ll be published on @chronicles_abroad this week so stay tuned for that. Here’s the thing life can be really f****** scary. But I want to remind you being scared isn’t the main culprit. The main culprit are your thoughts behind that fear that’s keeping you from your dreams. It’s not about changing or eliminating the fear. It’s more about changing your thoughts so you can act despite the fear. Anywho follow us on @chronicles_abroad to get inspired and transformed through travel. Also I’m not gonna lie the birds are just way too much 😩😩. #lifequotes #lifecoach #takeaction #mindset #lifelessons #inspiration #journey #mindfulness #travelblogger #traveldeeper #changeyourlife #livefullyalive #dailyquotes #wanderlusting #chiangmai #meditation #abroad #travelholic #thailand #reflection #fear #blackgirlstraveltoo #lgbtqtravelers #lezbtravelers #chroniclesabroad

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Ek het op die Tafelberg #worldwonder

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cocomotionmumma. I want to tell you a little story about a strong lioness called Chloe.

I want to tell you a little story about a strong lioness called Chloe. Chloe is a mother of two cubs who was going through a tricky divorce. In her wildest dreams she never imagined some of the things that would be thrown her way. Over time, the obstacles started feeling like mountains. The mountains continued to get bigger and more treacherous. The toll on her physical and emotional wellbeing grew. The impact on her nervous system heightened to the point that the smallest thing could feel like a bomb blew up next to her. A dog would bark and she would jump, her heart would skip a beat and she would feel an overwhelming desire to run. As you can guess her fight and flight response was working over time. Thankfully Chloe had some effective tools to support her. 🦄She had amazing people to talk to. 🦄She moved her body every day to release feel good hormones. 🦄She also used essential oils as much as she needed. Certified Pure Therapeutic Oils that worked within minutes of hitting her blood stream. Now there was one in particular. Peace blend. Peace is formulated with specific essential oils that work to dismiss feelings of fear and anxiousness. That promote feelings of calm and reassurance. Chloe carried this roller blend around with her everywhere she went (just in case a 'bomb' was dropped) and she needed to emotionally reset. Essential Oils are an incredibly supportive tool to help during times of stress, from getting out the door on time, during exams or just the stress of day to day life. Emotional wellbeing is important and needs just as much attention as a sprained ankle or broken wrist. We often down play our emotions as we fear being seen as weak. This is NOT the case. I want to offer you support if this resonates with you. Please reach out. In regards to the Peace touch oil I mentioned, doTERRA will gift you with it today when you purchase a bottle of 'Motivate' (another one of Chloes fav's). I can help you with that too if you like 💕 #mum #mom #mumlife #momlife #divorce #seperation #coparent #stress #anxious #emotionalwellbeing #depression #fightflight #naturalhealth #health #anxiety #fit #fitmum #fitfamily #emotions #fear #domesticviolence

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