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Food time 😋🤤😂😂 Tag your Friends 👀 Follow @daddyofdogs for more 🐶

portalanimundo. Momento fofura. ❤️

Momento fofura. ❤️


📸:March 15th 2018 • • • • • • • • • • • • • #dubailife


Autumn color combo.🍂 #norway


Travel Essentials ✈️ . For some people, they’re the items they “cannot live without”, for others the items are well thought out in advance and about practicality, and for others, they’re the things they just remember to pack in their carry-on the night before a flight... . What would you consider to be a travel essential? . There’s a new post up on the blog discussing my Top 10 Travel Essentials — the items I NEVER travel without 🙌🏼 . HINT: this post digs a little deeper than passports and cameras . Link in bio 💻


📍Girdwood, Alaska Chilling out in Alaska is easy because there are thousands of glaciers to see and all you have to do to find one is look up ❄️🇺🇸