kimkardashlook. Baddie 🤤😘

Baddie 🤤😘

mhswyi_art. Kendall Jenner ⏳... #Kendall#jenner#kylie#kendalljenner#kardashian#kim

Kendall Jenner ⏳... #ariana #sarasampaio

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My celebrity look-a-likes. 💕💕💕I've had comparisons to Kylie a lot throughout my life not just for the looks but for the height too, She's very, very petite and when she auctioned off a lot of her old outfits to raise money for breast cancer research I was definitely wanting to buy something knowing full well it would probably fit me. Kylie is also a Gemini like me and is Australian (My Granddad's family all hail from Melbourne and I've got family on my Dad's side living there in Brisbane - I'm very proud of my Aussie heritage and I love my Aussie Instagram friends! 😘😘) In my old job the woman sitting next to me started nicknaming me "Mini Jerry" after Jerry Hall. (Of course this is a massive compliment- Jerry was THE supermodel of the 1970s) she's Rock n Roll Royalty if you check out who her ex husband is(!) However, body wise, I don't look anything like her. Jerry is a gorgeous statuesque glamazon who is over 6ft tall and I'm just over 5ft. I'm a massive Sex and the city fan! Just watched the whole box set back to back. I've been told I look like SJP a lot over the years and I (like most women) WANT Carrie's wardrobe! If I had to pick an actress to pay me in a film of my life it would be SJP. (The scene in the SATC movie were she gets jilted by Mr Big at the alter. PROVES she could play me! That anger as she hits him with her bouquet!) Last but not least I get compared to Ellie Goulding alot it's definitely the chin and nose lol. I've been told several times I look like "The girl who's boxing on the shampoo ad" - I like the phase. "Strong is beautiful." I think those are words to live by. #ellegoulding #kylie #sjp #jerryhall #me #celebritylookalikes xoxo 💋


8/14/18 : @KourtneyKardash on the beach in Malibu, California on Tuesday.


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shineyvs. A new manip of King Kylie!
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A new manip of King Kylie! [Tag her? @kyliejenner ] #edit


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