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Amazing this place!!!! You can't imagine the felling I had by standing there, in the middle of the road surrounded by gigant walls ! Love it 💙💙💙 🏞 🏞 🏞 🏞 🏞 🏞 🏞 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #travelerphoto #perfectview #travelvibes # #travelbook #travelislife #traveltime #shortvacation #coldwater #travelingthroughtheworld #placestovisit #travel_captures #ig_travel #instravel #bestintravel #discovereurope #europetraveller #familyvacay #familytimes #familyholidays #wander #travelinspiration #mountaintraveller #mountainphotography #bigwall

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dropbarmtb. #bigwall #climber solution using a sling to hang my @boschprofessional

#bigwall #climber solution using a sling to hang my @boschprofessionalth so I can work with greater flow just gotta make sure I keep the drill bit top off my legs it gets really hot drilling stone walls #construction

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derekmdebruin. My colleague stopped me in the hall. She was excited to tell me about

My colleague stopped me in the hall. She was excited to tell me about her new passion for mountain biking. Personally, I found this to be all kinds of awesome. She told me about her recent trail riding endeavors, then she asked how my trip to Yosemite went. . . "It was good. This is my first day back at work, so I'm pretty gassed, but recovering." . . "So, you did the climb?" she asked. . . "Yeah," I replied, "We made it up the thing in less than a day." . . "That's great! I knew you would." . . Her response was not particularly unusual, which is precisely why it left me attempting to parse it. When I set out to do challenging things, it's not clear to me that success is a foregone conclusion. Indeed, that's part of the challenge and why I choose the goals I do. But the frequency of this response makes me wonder whether acquaintances really do simply assume I will succeed. If that's the case, what do they know that I don't? If I have a reputation of making things happen, I'm certainly not complaining. But shouldn't that translate into my own confidence about potential success? Does this mean I underestimate myself and I should be going bigger? Or maybe I'm overthinking it and this is just an expression people use, a thing people say. . . It's tempting to settle on the notion that others don't fully understand what it is the goal entails. Unfortunately, this is unsatisfactory and it smacks of egotism. I am surely not so unique that no one else can understand that I did a difficult (for me) thing or that they somehow lack similar experiences of their own doing challenging things. Not to mention, this idea is rather lonely. If no one understands, how can they relate? And without relationships, aren't we alone? . . Ultimately, there's a considerable let down for me after a big climb. The closure of meeting a goal is nice, but the feeling of success is fleeting. With the box ticked comes a persistent, "Now what?" that leaves me feeling a directionless emptiness. Luckily, emptiness can be filled. . . PS Last chapter tomorrow! . . #yosemite #bigwall #tradclimbing #totockahnoolah #elcap #niad #toughordumber #alpinefamilyman #processgoals #hedonistictreadmill

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svenson.gustav. På väg mot Tromsö!

På väg mot Tromsö!

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etgraffiti. #graffiti#art#iran#newyork#nwa#neverdie#nas#badboysrecords#biggie#bigw


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jerome_coumet. / 🧱 Les murs de Paris 1️⃣3️⃣ 🎨\
🌈 Le street art donne des coule

/ 🧱 Les murs de Paris 1️⃣3️⃣ 🎨\ . . 🌈 Le street art donne des couleurs aux murs de la ville . 📸 @urbanpoetryfr . #Geometry #StreerArtLovers #StreetArt #StreetStyle #Urban #UrbanArt #UrbanPhotography #SprayArt #Mural #UrbanArt #Arcenciel #colors #Rainbow #Wall #bigwall #StreetArtist #Paris13 #Le13queJaime #ArtUrbain #Paris #Igers #graff

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iamjoshwhitmore. Too good not to share, @derekmdebruin tells hella good story! ・・・

Too good not to share, @derekmdebruin tells hella good story! ・・・ Transitions can be difficult. On a big climb they can be the difference between success and failure. Inefficiency in changing from one system to the next might cost just a few minutes, but can quickly add up to hours aggregated over thirty or more pitches of climbing. . . I struggle after a big expedition or climbing trip, transitioning from "the field" back to "real life." On a trip, the pace of life is slowed and everything simplified, stripped to essentials. Problems are immediate, clear, and must be solved. Healthy relationships are crucial to team cohesion and success. Connectivity is limited or non-existent, so it's easy to focus on the task at hand. There are fewer demands on one's time. Spare moments are more abundant, filled with fruitful conversation or simple chores that allow time to reflect, or not, as desired. There is ample opportunity for soft fascination: watching wind in the grass or the aurora shifting across the night sky. There can be meaningful clarity. . . But I won't romanticize. Being in the field can be hard as hell, uncomfortable at minimum. Sleeping takes place on hard surfaces. Sun, wind, rain, hail, and snow all but guarantee exposed skin is burned or chapped in some way. Insects bite. Unfriendly flora causes rashes in the least convenient places. Repeated motions strain muscles and joints. Food is tastier, but hunger is the principle flavoring. Dirt coats from head to toe, to say nothing of the smell that accompanies hard work and a dearth of bathing. The experience can be intense. . . These opposite poles make life in the field what it is: living. This seems to be a thing that perhaps I don't do quite so much of in "real life." Really, the field seems to represent all the ways I probably *should* be living already. But I fail so often at this in my day-to-day it's difficult to accommodate the stark contrast between ideals and the reality of modern life. . . At least the exhaustion is the same. . . #yosemiteclimbing #yosemite #climbing #rockclimbing #bigwall #tradclimbing #aidclimbing #tradisrad #thenose #niad #elcap #totockahnoolah #toughordumber #alpinefamily

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Working 7 days a week has definitely been taking a massive toll on my physical and mental health, however spending everyday doing what I love and getting closer and closer to my dream is totally worth it. Anyone else feel like one day the hard work will pay off?

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