FACT: Pregnancy may cause morning sickness, swollen feet, water weight gain, excessive snacking, inability to see your lady parts, acid reflux, and waddling. ALSO FACT: Pregnancy WILL cause uncontrollable happiness, a new meaning for intimacy, appreciation for a woman’s body, and a new found sexiness. Own your bump, love your bump, & bring out your inner sexy bump 💚 #husbandandwife #babybump #motheroftwo #motherofgirls #maternityphotography #maternityshoot #thebump #inspirepregnancy #naked #pregnant #35weekspregnant #feelsexy #heLovedit & #hatedit #boudoir #boudiorphotography

likeyourtshirt_fitsyou. @corry1020 Thank you for strength you’ve given me to love myself, you’

@corry1020 Thank you for strength you’ve given me to love myself, you’re always pushing me, giving me that confidence I need 💜 #husbandslove #hegivesmetheconfidence #photoshoot #boudiorphotography #loveyourself #love photo by: @ancoraphotography 💕


I see my fingertips glued to my palm, with my eyes believing in the nothingness of all the false words and hopes which made some sense back then when the tick tock of the clock too had a sound. Scars and blemishes are something which scares the human face every then and now, with the irony smiling, they are enjoyed too, I gasped with the clock's tick-tock. Tick-tock, my brain stopped, thoughts too were now stuck on the same page where I once wrote my dreams and the bucket list to cross out. Tick-tock, I see the nakedness of what shall rise with a hollow identity to fall. Tick-tock, I hear silence while I sense my lips move with no audible sound. Tick-tock, I sense the dead, with a living heart, pumping strength to rise this time with the courage of not falling apart, for it was necessary for the living, to make the dead come alive for once for the sake of humanity and the believes, we have always thought about. . . . . In Frame Supriya Captioned by @somehiddensentiments . . . #portraits #portraiture #portraitphotography #portraitmood #tabooseries #portrait_perfection #portrait_shots #portraitphotographer #makeportraits #portraitoftheday #portraitpage #bondage #bestportraits #bdsm #ig_portrait #top_portraits #postmoreportraits #life_portraits #bestphotogram_portraits #pursuitofportraits #boudiorphotography #boudior #nvedi #naked #portraits_universe #humanedge #monochrome #ticktock #makeportrait #clicksbaba


Happy birthday to me 🎂 ♡ Photographer: @wanderluststudios.jw


As a makeup artist, sometimes one of the perks is getting to shoot, not just behind the scenes, but in front of the camera with some of your favorite photographers. I've started working a lot with Paolo, especially doing boudior sessions. Boudior, as I have said in the past, is near and dear to my heart because I think it gives a woman so much self confidence. It is a chance to embrace and love every curve on your skin. That being said it is also very private and very personal for so many women. It is important to feel comfortable and safe. For this shoot, I put myself in my client's shoes and while many of the photos are for my eyes only, I wanted to share these with you. I have personally never felt so sexy or so beautiful during a shoot, and I have done quite a few. Paolo makes you feel at home in front of the camera. It was also incredibly important to me that I had my scars. So many photographers remove them without telling me and write them off as my imperfections, but those scars are a part of me. They tell a story about who I am and without them something is missing. I feel so blessed to have been able to do this for myself, but I feel even more privileged to be able to help other women feel exactly the way I did on this shoot! 📸 @boudior.and.beauty #jenessamichele #nycmakeupartist #westchestermua #nycportraits #portraitmakeup #portraitphotography #boudiorphotography #boudiorandbeauty #lingerie #boudoir #women #treatyourself #sexy #faces #igers #portraits #igdaily #photooftheday #purposepassionbusinessbeauty


My scars tell many stories. After my motorcycle accident I was extremely insecure of my scars. My legs used to be the only thing I liked about my body. Which meant after my accident I truly struggled to find any love for my outer appearance. After my leg healed I didn’t wear shorts or any dresses. If I did, I would wear a compression sock to cover my leg because I was so fearful of the judgements I would receive from others, especially men. How could a man ever love me with so many scars? How could anyone possibly love me with all these ugly markings on my body? Not only was my leg completely remade during my surgeries at UCI Hospital, but I had a muscle transfer from my back and a skin graft from my upper thigh. So not only was my body “ugly” in my eyes, but I was in extreme amounts of pain. Although my body has been recovered for many years now, it’s only up until this year, 4 years later, that I have completely healed internally. I am proud to say, I love my scars. I love the stories of survival, perseverance, dedication, growth, and beauty that my scars tell. I am no longer ashamed. I am no longer fearful of whether or not someone will love and accept me because of the way my body looks. I love me. Inside and out. And that’s what matters most.

asianpinupgirls. Regrann from @ruby_corvette -  Currently recovering from having a litt

Regrann from @ruby_corvette - Currently recovering from having a little procedure done on Monday and now I have these superb boudoir images taken by @pandomimages to show you how glamorous I could look convalescing in bed! #druggedupshowgirl #boudiorphotography #boudior #asianpinupgirls #pinup #vintage #lingerie #plussizepinup - #retro

whimsicalbadass. I am so EXCITED and HONORED to have been chosen as one of the model AM

I am so EXCITED and HONORED to have been chosen as one of the model AMBASSADORS for @fearlesslyyouboudoir This is a way for me to be part of something that vibrates at the same level of intention and inspiration I am wanting to share with other woman. I love sharing and encouraging woman to rise up, seek within, and love fearlessly.  Self love and self acceptance are HUGE when it comes to embracing our true selves. There is so much beauty in our own truth. There is even more magic in our ability to embrace it. That being said, we as woman struggle with fully loving aspects of ourselves that want our attention. We cut ourselves off from embracing the power of loving our WHOLE selves. Being a part of this business that gives woman the opportunity to tap into their passion, power, sensuality, femine goddess..... it's incredibly powerful to witness woman FEEL and embrace that within themselves. Im super stoked to introduce this opportunity to other woman. Follow in the group on fb to get more info and inspiration. #fearlesslyyou #boudiorphotography #boudior #model #detroit #feminine #goddess #selflove #sexy #instagood #fitmom #fitfam #powerful #sensual #embrace #rise #fearless #badass


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