Wish that I was snuggling this guy again instead of lesson planning. EVERYTHING ABOUT THE WEATHER IS JUST SCREAMING COZY. Love this cozy capture by: @jcphotographysk


Taylor + Wyatt ♥️


Snowy sessions with a couple of newlyweds 😏 our first official styled bridal shoot 😁


This light, that pony, those flowers. All such a dreamy, romantic, moody time 😏 we had the best time modeling for this shoot! 😭💕✨ This photo is by: @lanaramseyphotography


Hi hello I'm approachable I promise


Love this time of the year ❤️ Want a head start on your Christmas photos? Booking Christmas sessions today! 😘


This week has been so full and crazy and just nuts. It’s been emotional and all over the place. I feel like I’m kinda just running through the motions. It also doesn’t help that it’s full on winter mode here (or how it feels at least) it’s -20 degrees right now. I’m looking forward to some fireplace time and keeping warm for the long weekend 💕 This beautiful photo is by the talented: @_ivychristina