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Self intro page per my last post; I used oil paints and paper media then digitally rendered the collage self portrait. “She has an artistic soul, heart like a mosaic. She was a different kind of beautiful - the kind not everybody would be able to simply recognize, the kind not everyone would take the pleasure of knowing, the one not everyone would be blessed with. She had complex layers most wouldn’t be able to handle. She burned with passion and ability. She was precious and she made life worth living.”

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The use of photographs intervened with illustrations shows relevant or prominent data on each topic that represents their achievements. See full project, link in our bio.

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It’s been a while since I’ve been able to post as I’ve been finishing residency and working my butt off to finally launch my blog. “This is 26.” Is a personal project I’ve been painting and journaling alongside my nearly ready blog and gives a unique perspective of my 2019 which has truly been so challenging nothing physically & mentally yet the most fulfilled , soulful and revolutionary year one could encounter. My intro page is titled “wildflower”; heart like a wildflower - strong enough to rise again after being trampled on, tough enough to weather the worst of storms, and able to grow and flourish even the most broken places.”

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🔴 ADD NATURAL LIGHT INTO YOUR HOME WITH A SKYLIGHT 🔴 ⠀ 🏠 Make your DREAM HOME a reality with a beautiful skylight installation! Reliable Roofing & Retro-Fit is your go-to solution for any kind of skylight you want to be installed. We can even HELP you FIND THE RIGHT SKYLIGHT and open up CREATIVE design opportunities 😊👌 ⠀ 🔰Skylights can actually LOWER your ENERGY COSTS while you enjoy natural sunlight in your home. Whether you want it in a foyer, bathroom or living room, we've got the equipment and experience it takes to PROPERLY install any skylight ☀ ⠀ ‼ FREE ESTIMATES ‼ 📞 Tel: 844-646-1947 🌐 www.reliableroofingcompany.com 📍12441 Chandler Blvd, Valley Village, California 91607 ⠀ #ReliableRoofing #reliable #roofing #construction #roofingcompany #roofrepair #newroof #roofreplacement #roofs #freeestimates #roofinstallation #highquality #repair #replacement #valleyvillage #experience #protection #skylight #naturallight #energy #creativedesign #dreamhome

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Our pop-up next week on the @rosekennedygreenway will feature art by so many incredible creatives from Boston and beyond—including the radiant @matisse.dupont, a multidisciplinary artist and scholar focused on theories of embodiment in queer, feminist, and critical race and gender scholarship. .⠀ Mati’s artwork is both geometric and fluid, playful little piles of intersecting ink forms—swipe through to see! We’re so excited to add these beautiful pieces to the Hourglass collection. Come and snag one at the pop-up next week before they sell out! ⠀ .⠀ #imagedescription: Slide 1: A photo of the artist, Matisse DuPont, wearing a black turtleneck, dark lipstick and geometric eyeglasses, looking softly beyond the camera frame. Their soft golden curls are cut short and highlighted in a ray of light against a vivid purple background. Slide 2: Art by Mati, an ink drawing of intersecting red geometric shapes. Slide 3: Another composition of intersecting shapes, this time in green. Slide 4: A third piece in the series, in yellow. Slide 5: A fourth piece in the series, in blue.

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produkt.hunter. #produkthunter
Rock Side Tables by Lex Pott
👉Follow @produkt.hunter

#produkthunter Rock Side Tables by Lex Pott . 👉Follow @produkt.hunter for more.. 🙂Tag a friend who would like these!

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Did ya know? You could be letting opportunities slip through the cracks by running around trying to take on loads of new business during the holidays... Sound counterintuitive? New blog just hit the website that will hopefully help you dodge holiday chaos, nurture your current relationships, get aligned for a rockin’ 2020 and hopefully pull you out of the office for a little R&R. Link in bio under “The Blog” 🤟🏼

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Don’t know what’s happening in this photo but I do love this guy...what a friend 🤙🏾

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“Furniture must have a personality as well as be beautiful” 🧡 . . In love with this Bombora event we furnished! LINK in bio for what’s new ✨🔗

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Ceiling of the hotel lobby in the Sunrise hotel

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SUSTAINABILITY + FUTURE PROOFING | Project # 4 Having these private and communal spaces, which Ng identifies as ‘Autonomous Spatial Design’ is the key to sustainability. “By incorporating flexibility in the organisation of spaces and equipping the house with a comfortable equation of communality and privacy, it enables individuals – even complete strangers – to co-exist/ live harmoniously. As such, the house could be organised over the life of the building and as the family composition changes over time (elders pass away, juniors grow up, get married and form their own nuclear family and yet choose to stay with their elders),” he says. CASE STUDY for a Sustainable, Multi-Generational Home by @chiq_lit on @houzz PHOTOS | @fin.barr + @albertlimk

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prismatic_verse. A client contacted me a few a weeks ago and said they wanted a logo fo

A client contacted me a few a weeks ago and said they wanted a logo for their emerging band. I jumped at the opportunity because it gave me another opportunity to do a custom logo animation. This time the animation would also have some sound design in it, to give it a more realistic and grounded feeling. #motiongraphic #logoanimation #logodesinger #aftereffects #branding #videoeditors #mograph #motion #creativedesign #jamaica #logowork #designdaily #animationvideo #animation

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There’s still time to order our one of a kind styles and receive in time for Christmas! Our Barracuda tooth earrings make great gifts! Scroll to see more! For custom gift orders, email: jacto@shopjacto.com so we can expedite your order. + Find us this weekend and shop in person @maisonten 260 5th Ave // Sat - Sun 12 pm - 7pm 🎁🥂 #holidaygifts #holidaygiftideas #sustainabledesign #sustainablefashion #ethicalfashion #ecofashion #slowfashion #styleoftheday #styleinspo #uniquefinds #ethicalconsumerism #fashiontrends #jewelry #oceanlife #unisexfashion #handcrafted #accessories #styleinspiration #upcycle #oceanjewelry #statementjewelry #fishbonejewelry #naticaljewelry #jewelrylover #earrings #creativedesign #mensjewelry #womensjewelry  #madeinbrooklyn #shophandmade

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miiostoreau. Fresh white crisp cotton percale pillowcases printed with black water

Fresh white crisp cotton percale pillowcases printed with black water based ink in Father Rabbits signature design have arrived at MiiO today. They are truly divine 🥰 #Fatherrabbit #luxury #luxurybedding #divinedesign #creativedesign #functionaldesign #newcastlegiftideas #blackandwhitedesign #newcastlehomewares

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designedbyis. I do realism too 😎 piece done for @jamaalabiade check him out!

I do realism too 😎 piece done for @jamaalabiade check him out!

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// M A X // ~ The Sleek & Elegant Black Japan finish to this amazing statement piece is just perfect 🤩❣️ • • • • • • #elegantfurniture #statementpiecefurniture #furnituredesign #creativedesign #interiordesign #melbourneproperty #melbournedesign #melbournebuilders #architecture #interior #style #homeliving #melbournedesigner

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