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Photograph by John Weller // Just imagine what would be possible if 700 leaders got together in the U.S or Canada to protect their communities and natural resources. That's exactly what happened in the Indonesian province of West Papua, where more than 700 local leaders, citizens, and parliamentary leaders have joined forces to ensure that a law (the Perdasus) that would establish sweeping protections for West Papua gets passed. They have worked incredibly hard and are on their way to making the world's first Conservation Province, Provinsi Konservasi. West Papua is the most biodiverse region on Earth - and this legislation would mean all the precious life within it is protected. Local communities have been practising traditional conservation for more than 1000 years, but the force of unsustainable development is putting many of their resources and wildlife under threat. West Papuan leaders have asked for the international community's help to show the West Papuan government that the whole world cares about protecting West Papua and that we are watching. We can't let them down. Go to the link in our bio to add your voice and help make #ProvinsiKonservasi a reality. We only have until December 1st!

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DEFENDER. Meet Cristina. @cristinamittermeier is a defender of nature and positive force of humanity. I had the opportunity to meet Cristina and take her portrait before her @natgeo Live talk 'Standing at the Water's Edge' on Earth Day and I don't think ANY of this was a coincidence... Cristina is a National Geographic Photographer, Conservationist and Writer who has an ability to pause an emotion in time for the purpose of improving someone (or something's) life. You will feel heart through her photos. She said she thinks of herself as an Ethnographer, capturing people and environment to explore cultural perseverance. I learned that not only do we only have one planet to protect; we all have each other at this very instance and that is the most valuable thing we can possess. Cristina founded @sea_legacy alongside @paulnicklen to help reduce the impact of human-induced climate change for healthy and abundant oceans; and now I fully understand why. Cristina, you've left me on fire with heart and passion to create meaningful work with the purpose of LIFE. That's a gift no one else could have given me. Thank you for taking the time to look into my eyes...I saw You. #TurningtheTide #sealegacy #natgeo #cristinamittermeier #climatechangeisreal #climatechange #nationalgeographic #explorecanada #canada #portrait #natgeolive #thephotosociety @thephotosociety

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estherhorvath. Celebrating @cristinamittermeier , the first female photojournalist to

Celebrating @cristinamittermeier , the first female photojournalist to reach 1M followers on Instagram. I deeply admire Cristina’s endless energy to work for environmental issues. Her tireless efforts and her generous support for others make this planet a better place to live. I know Cristina's beautiful work for a very long time and I remember first meeting her at the opening of Paul Nicklen’s gallery in New York City. I am truly honored and grateful to be able to collaborate with her on her book "Back from the Brink: 25 Successful Conservation Stories," where she featured one of my Kemp’s Ridley sea turtle photos from my sea turtle conservation project. . Recently, her new book ‘Amaze,’ was published with her breathtaking images. If you are looking for a holiday gift, I can’t imagine a better choice than this meaningful and important book. From ocean shores to some of the most remote indigenous communities in the world, photographer Cristina Mittermeier explores humanity’s relationship with the planet and possibilities for a mindful, sustainable future. In Amaze, Cristina elicits our wonder and awe at the natural world and the labyrinth or “maze” of navigating a sustainable existence. The book combines two series: “Enoughness” and “The Water’s Edge.” . About the cover photo “Lady With The Goose”: “I photographed this Lisu woman from one of the Tibetan minorities in China, as she took her pet goose for a walk in a street market in the southwestern corner of China. The image, made with an old single reflex Yashica camera, always makes me smile.” - Cristina says. This image is part of The Water’s Edge. . #amaze #cristinamittermeier #teneues #ladywithgoose

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escapethezoo. 📷 by @cristinamittermeier - this week's podcast with Cristina is link

📷 by @cristinamittermeier - this week's podcast with Cristina is linked in bio!!⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ Cristina's caption: ⠀ A lone rain wolf patiently awaits the dawn’s low tide. British Columbia’s coastal wolves are distinct, special, unlike any other wolf on this planet. Wolves have a strong emotional connection to their pack-mates and it has been shown that when a members of a pack dies, the other wolves mourn. The relationship between wolves and human has often been a tenuous one, with wolves bearing the brunt. These wolves are a critical link in the ecosystem that surrounds them.⠀ ⠀ #TurningTheTide, #WolfAwarenessWeek, @aprilbencze, @tavishcampbell, @karencooperphoto, @colleengaraphoto, @bertiegregory, @melissagroo, @johnemarriott, @neileverosborne, @eric_sambol_photography @grizzlybearfdn

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bekandmeri. Here’s to the weekend! Time to let loose and have some fun!
📸 Pho

Here’s to the weekend! Time to let loose and have some fun! . . 📸 Photo credit @cristinamittermeier. This image is taken in Papua New Guinea during the Mount Hagen Highland Sing Sing Festival, and is one of a collection of fabulous images in Cristina’s new book ‘Amaze’, published by teNeues. #cristinamittermeier #papuanewguinea #mounthagen #singsingfestival #festival #culture #tradition #photography #travelphotograpy #photooftheday #bekandmeri

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SJU anledningar att besöka oss!⭐ Vi har haft lyxen att kunna visa hela sju fantastiska utställningar hela sommaren. Från Linda & Mary McCartneys poetiska familjealbum till SeaLegacys ’Turning the Tide’ som faktiskt bara visas i 10 dagar till. Missa INTE chansen att få se den! Alla utställningar: • ’Turning the Tide’ av Paul Nicklen and Cristina Mittermeier • ’Mother Daughter’ av Linda & Mary McCartney • ’Until the Kingdom Comes’ av Simen Johan • ’Merror’ av Evelyn Bencicova • ’Secret Times’ av Cathleen Naundorf • ’A new me’ av Marie Hald • ’Tak över huvudet – bostadskrisens ansikte’ av Fotografiska For Life & Civilian Act . . . @sea_legacy @paulnicklen @cristinamittermeier @maryamccartney @lindamccartney @simenjohan @evelyn_bencicova @cathleennaundorf @mariehaldphoto 📸

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Look at these snowy faces. Detail from “Family of Muskoxen” by Vincent Munier. Part of the beautiful current exhibit at @paulnicklengallery, which was founded to highlight the work of #conservationist artists. A portion of proceeds support @sea_legacy. Went yesterday and there is such stunning photography to see - check it out if you are in nyc this holiday season. And if you are lucky you just might meet @paulnicklen & @cristinamittermeier too! #turningthetide on #climatechange

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L♡VE protects. L♡VE doesn't leave you alone to fight your own battles. L♡VE fights with you. . . This is a picture that I took of a beautiful picture at the Fotografiska For Life exhibition titled Turning the Tide. 📸The original photography was by SeaLegacy’s founders, photojournalists @paulnicklen and Cristina Mittermeier. What a beautiful project and a moving exhibit! . . #love #protect #fightforlove #family #share #burdens #onepurelove #nature #photography #penguin #sealife #sealegacy #turningthetide #paulnicklen #cristinamittermeier #naturelover #naturephotography

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escapethezoo. 📷 by @cristinamittermeier - this week's podcast with Cristina is link

📷 by @cristinamittermeier - this week's podcast with Cristina is linked in bio!!⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ Cristina's caption: ⠀ The curious eyes of a husky dog peer into my camera as we stop for a moment while travelling across sea ice in northern Greenland. For over 4000 years, huskies have been tied to Inuit culture, and without them the Inuit people likely wouldn’t have survived in this harsh Arctic climate. Full of energy and spirit, these dedicated dogs work as a cohesive team to pull heavy sleds across ice and snow. Travelling by dog sled truly is an extraordinary experience. As I witnessed the connection between the dogs and the musher, and felt the blizzard on my face, I knew that it was a memory I wouldn’t soon forget.

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I had the honour of meeting @cristinamittermeier😍 - a truly inspiring photographer, conservationist and biologist with whom I share the mission of using photography and science to convey the importance of protecting our planet and its oceans🌊🌎 #natgeolive #natgeospeakerseries • • • • #photography #instadaily #follow #instagood #love #travel #nature #sealegacy #cristinamittermeier #photooftheday #natgeolive #natgeo #like #oceans

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On the way to and back from The Figure 8 Pools, had to stop by this natural pond. A womb in the middle of all this stone, a small ecosystem letting itself shown through this translucent water offering us a spectacle of green. 〰️ 〰️ 〰️ 〰️ “The Ocean is the primordial womb all life on Earth came from“ - Cristina Mittermeier

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suhanov.official. ...photo by #cristinamittermeier...

...photo by #cristinamittermeier...

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escapethezoo. 📷 by @cristinamittermeier - this week's podcast with Cristina is link

📷 by @cristinamittermeier - this week's podcast with Cristina is linked in bio!!⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ Cristina's caption: ⠀ #SDG14 is “Life Below Water” - one of seventeen goals outlined in an agenda to increase prosperity throughout the world. I have been fortunate in my lifetime to have explored all of our earth’s oceans and countless waterways; to have seen firsthand that life below water is beautiful and dynamic and complex, just like the crocodile in this photo. Crocodiles are powerful, impressive animals and their ability to survive in difficult conditions has always held a great fascination for me. Of the 26 species of crocodiles, American crocodiles, like the one in this photo, are one of the most beautiful ones. Once hunted intensively for their hides, today, loss of habitat to human development, illegal killing and roadkill are the greatest threats faced by American crocodiles. As sea level rises due to climate change, a significant portion of crocodiles’ coastal wetland habitat may face saltwater incursion or inundation.

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escapethezoo. 📷 by @cristinamittermeier - this week's podcast with Cristina is link

📷 by @cristinamittermeier - this week's podcast with Cristina is linked in bio!!⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ Cristina's caption: ⠀ I had to laugh when this baby harp seal plunged its face into the snow. The frozen seas around Iles de la Madeleine are where harp seals head to have their pups. After a short few weeks, the mother returns to the sea, and the babies trade their white coat for a silver one and head to sea. We must #SpeakforNature to make sure that the drama of nature continues to play uninterrupted by the ravages of climate change.

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escapethezoo. 📷 by @cristinamittermeier - this week's podcast with Cristina is link

📷 by @cristinamittermeier - this week's podcast with Cristina is linked in bio!!⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ Cristina's caption: ⠀ To the casual beach goer, the ocean may often seem like a desert: vast expanses of blue water with little to catch your eye. If you spend enough time out there, however, every once in a while you get a surprise. Imagine how curious these four orcas were when they unanimously decided to spy-hop to take a better look at our small zodiac. Whales are sentient, intelligent animals that have emotions, grieve the loss of their pod members, and can hold sophisticated conversations with each other over vast distances. Their future is in our hands. Please support @sea_legacy with your voice, your influence and your energy so that we can fight for the future of our oceans. #whackamole #whales #stoptheicelandwhalehunt

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escapethezoo. 📷 by @cristinamittermeier - this week's podcast with Cristina is link

📷 by @cristinamittermeier - this week's podcast with Cristina is linked in bio!!⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ Cristina's caption: ⠀ Why is it such a big deal that Japan has decided to leave the International Whaling Commission? As of July 1st 2019 they will resume commercial whale hunting. Let that idea sink in. Japanese whaling vessels will be roaming the high seas hunting for whales, including populations of Blue, Sei and Fin whales that have never recovered, even after almost 30 years of hunting moratorium. Japan doesn’t want the world to tell them what they can and cannot eat according to their traditions. Perhaps they forget that whales are citizens of this planet and they don’t belong to Japan, or to anyone for that matter. They belong to all of us and to future generations. Over the years thousands of young Japanese people have written me to tell me they don’t eat whale meat and they do not condone whale or dolphin hunting. My 2019 resolution will be to create a movement led by Japanese people that oppose this barbaric idea. We will need your help to mount a massive international campaign to pressure Japan to stop before other countries follow their lead. Please head to the link in my bio and join @sealegacy and The Tide with a monthly donation of any amount you can. Let 2019 be the year we put an end to commercial whaling!⠀ *⠀ *⠀ なぜ日本が国際捕鯨委員会を去ることにしたのは、それほど大したことなのでしょうか。 2019年7月1日の時点で彼らは商業クジラ狩猟を再開する。 30年近くもの狩猟モラトリアムの後でさえも、回復したことのないシロナガスクジラ、セイ、ナガスクジラの個体群を含む、日本の捕鯨船は、公海上のクジラの狩猟をローミングするでしょう。日本は、彼らの伝統に従って、食べられることとできないことを世界に伝えてほしくありません。おそらく彼らは、クジラがこの惑星の市民であることを忘れています、そして彼らは日本やそのことに関して誰にも属していません。彼らは私たち全員と将来の世代に属しています。長年にわたり、何千人もの若い日本人が、クジラの肉を食べないで、クジラやイルカの狩猟を容認しないように私に言ってくれました。私の2019年の決議は、この野蛮な考えに反対する日本の青年が率いる運動を生み出すことです。他の国々が主導権を握る前に日本を止めるように圧力をかける大規模な国際キャンペーンを立ち上げるためにあなたの助けが必要になるでしょう。私の経歴のリンクに向かってください、そして、あなたがすることができるあらゆる量の毎月の寄付でThe Tideに参加してください。 2019年を商業捕鯨に終止符を打つ年にしましょう。⠀ #StopJapanWhaling #turningthetide⠀ ⠀ This work was performed under the authorization n.0 XX-ORAC-2018 issued by the Government, on February 22, 1018

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So I made this painting after I saw a photo from @cristinamittermeier on @natgeo . I don't usually paint animals but it made an impression on me. To me it really goes to reflect how beautiful our Earth is and reminds of how little we are on it. How we appreciate all the colors we can see and the creation around us. Anyway that's what I thought. If you're interested in this. Check the website. Also if you ever want me to do a Commission painting for you, message me. #painting

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escapethezoo. 📷 by @cristinamittermeier - this week's podcast with Cristina is link

📷 by @cristinamittermeier - this week's podcast with Cristina is linked in bio!!⠀⠀⠀ Cristina's caption: ⠀ Under the pink glow of morning light, we head out in search of orca pods in the Great Orca Fjords of Norway and the one thing I can tell you with complete certainty is that these animals are not just beautiful and fascintating; they are also funny, intelligent and playful. I shot this rambonctious male that took a crack at racing our boat, while standing #shoulder-to-shoulder with @PaulNicklen. Head to his profile to see how the two images compare! On expedition with @SeaLegacy to build support for the permanent moratorium of oil drilling in these fjords. #Magiclight @blackfish #LofotenDeclaration #Norway

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mesaartscenter. If you've taken a selfie with a manatee raise your hand.... unless you

If you've taken a selfie with a manatee raise your hand.... unless you are Cristina Mittermeier, put your hand DOWN! . @cristinamittermeier is a photographer for @natgeo and will be at Mesa Arts Center to share her experiences in a lecture called Standing at the Water's Edge next Wed, 02/20! You can get tickets on our website. . #nationalgeographic #nationalgeographiclive #mesaartscenter #downtownmesa #cristinamittermeier #photography #art #photoart

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kimmelcenter. #Regram from @cristinamittermeier who will be on our campus on 5/16 as

#Regram from @cristinamittermeier who will be on our campus on 5/16 as part of the @natgeo Live! series... . "When I slipped into warm waters of the Mexican Caribbean, I was greeted by a massive whale shark plowing toward me - its gaping mouth scooping invisible tunny fish eggs and plankton just below the water's surface. Despite the overwhelming urge to stroke the gentle giant as it passed, I kept both hands on my camera, cognizant of observing new and much-needed regulations in place to protect these sharks. This area in Mexico is a feeding ground for hundreds of whale sharks, which draws tourists who want to swim alongside these gentle giants. Recently, new regulations have been implemented in the area to protect whale sharks and educate both tourists and tour operators. Tip #13 for 2019 is to seek out and support local ecotourism practices and companies when traveling." . . . . . #KimmelCenter #ArtHappensHere #underthesea #photography #nature #underthewater #underthewaterphotography #NationalGeographic #speakerseries #liveseries #CristinaMittermeier #deepsea #exploration #Philadelphia #Philly #whyilovephilly

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escapethezoo. 📷 by @cristinamittermeier - this week's podcast with Cristina is link

📷 by @cristinamittermeier - this week's podcast with Cristina is linked in bio!!⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ Cristina's caption: I hesitated before getting in the water with over 1000 southern fur seals in the Falkland Islands. Do they bite? Would they mob me? As soon as I slipped in, they came right up, inspecting my hood and taking curious nibbles on my fins. Several times, while I was concentrating on the scene through my viewfinder, this one seal would come over my head to taste my cameras. I thought it was all fun and games until, out of the corner of my eye, I saw him take off with my brand new Sony Action Cam!

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escapethezoo. ETZ Podcast #25 - SeaLegacy with @cristinamittermeier is available now

ETZ Podcast #25 - SeaLegacy with @cristinamittermeier is available now! Link in bio!⠀⠀ ⠀ Cristina Mittermeier is a contributing photographer, speaker, and explorer for National Geographic. She is the Founder and President of SeaLegacy, a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting the protection of the world’s oceans through storytelling with her partner, Canadian photographer Paul Nicklen. She founded the prestigious International League of Conservation Photographers (ILCP) to provide a platform for photographers working on environmental issues. ⠀ ⠀ Cristina has received the Smithsonian Conservation Photographer of the Year Award and been named one of National Geographic’s 2018 Adventurers of the Year. She is also the first female photojournalist to reach one million followers on Instagram.⠀ ⠀ We talk about:⠀ - swimming in icy Norwegian waters with orcas⠀ - floating beside an American crocodile in Cuba⠀ - the heartbreaking video of a starving polar bear that she filmed last year⠀ - and what it truly will take to save our oceans⠀ ⠀ Please check out and support Cristina’s work:⠀ www.cristinamittermeier.com⠀ www.sealegacy.org⠀ www.instagram.com/cristinamittermeier/⠀ www.facebook.com/cristinamittermeier⠀ www.twitter.com/cmittermeier ⠀

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proskumeoj. I find these images captivating! I love the contrast of modernity and

I find these images captivating! I love the contrast of modernity and cultural heritage. Photo by Cristina Mittermeier from the magazine PhotoLife #cristinamittermeier #captivatingimages

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teneuespublishing. n “Amaze”, @cristinamittermeier brings together photographs from some

n “Amaze”, @cristinamittermeier brings together photographs from some of the most isolated corners of the earth challenging the cult of material wealth and proposing alternatives for a meaningful and sustainable connection to our environment, each other, and ourselves: https://bit.ly/2DmX4sC • • • #teneues #cristinamittermeier #sealegacy #photography #nature #teNeuesbooks #coffeetablebooks #nationalgeographic #amaze #environment #planetnotplastic Photo © 2018 Cristina Mittermeier. All rights reserved. www.sealegacy.org

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kimmelcenter. As a writer and a photographer for the past 25 years, @cristinamitterm

As a writer and a photographer for the past 25 years, @cristinamittermeier's work centers on the delicate balance between human well-being and healthy ecosystems... . ...and as the third installment of @natgeo Live makes its way to Philadelphia on May 16, Cristina’s work will highlight the effect of water on all walks of life, from animals to people 🌊 . . . . .

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