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'Shadow Fall'. One of the countless hidden gems in Kranjska Gora. Always nice exploring new places with @irevu 🙌🏻. Tag your travelmate in the comments below. #roamtheworld

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subeloveslife. Meine erste selbstgemachte Mütze 💛

Und passend zu meiner Erkältung,

Meine erste selbstgemachte Mütze 💛 Und passend zu meiner Erkältung, schützt sie jetzt ganz tapfer meine Ohren vor der Kälte. Für die, die sich fragen woraus der Bommel ist, da ich ja Vegan lebe.... ja - er ist aus echtem Fell und nein - ich habe ihn nicht extra gekauft, sondern recycelt! Ich habe noch einige Sachen aus Fell, die ich jetzt nicht einfach wegschmeißen werde! Jetzt alles verbannen, was in die Richtung geht, wenn man es schon hat, ist meiner Meinung nach auch nicht Sinn und Zweck des Ganzen. Ich denke, man kann durchaus die Sachen auftragen, oder zu Ende benutzten, wenn es eine sind, die man aufbrauchen kann. Wichtig ist, was man hier und jetzt kauft! Und ich werde ganz bestimmt keine neuen Dinge davon kaufen, da könnt ihr sicher sein! Wenn jeder ein wenig auf sich gut und reflektiert, was er kauft, wieviel Müll er produziert und wie nachhaltig er lebt, würde es schon einiges verändern! Man muss ja gar nicht von heute auf morgen ganz radikal leben... ———————————————————— DU BIST EINZIGARTIG - eure Sue 🌸

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huncalife_ile_byanca_net. How to make easy and effective bling cake stand\\.\\.\\.#food#earthoff

How to make easy and effective bling cake #friends

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Mountain roads above the sea 🌊🌲 pretty convinced that everything up here is a piece of art, from the rolling hills to the perfectly placed trees, it’s really close to a form of poetry, love these places where simplicity is apparent and just few elements come together to create something amazing...✨

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sl.ut_outdoors. Thank u Kim for the welcome back to reality. This girl just ate anothe

Thank u Kim for the welcome back to reality. This girl just ate another dog’s diarrhea. Guess who didn’t know what it was and tried to pry it out of her jaw. Looks like she’s trying for a third round of giardia this year. Yay. Love you, boo. Please stop eating shit. #getoutstayout #stayandwander #radgirlscollective #nature #naturegram #travel #travelgram #worldtravel #optoutside #goparks #findyourpark #radparks #trailchat #ourcamplife #wildernessculture #explore #adventure #ourplanetdaily #nakedplanet #earthporn #roamtheplanet #earthofficial #earthfocus #travelstoke #discoverearth #mountaingirls #hike #hiking #hikingwithdogs #welivetoexplore

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the.search.for.everything. i'm free
i'm free 
no chains on me
no chains on me i say
here & now

i'm free i'm free no chains on me no chains on me i say here & now i choose to stay here & now it's all okay i'm free i'm free no chains on me no chains on me i say

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"As Temple Gateways Leads Into Heaven.." . The Gigantic Gopuram (gateway) of Bull Temple. The Dravidian Style Of Architecture is mainly notable for its two main features: The Gopurams (gateway) and The Mandapams (pillared hallways which runs around inside the temple). This style of architecture was greatly promoted and enhance under the patronage of the Chola Empire(300BCE - 1279CE) on of the three dominant kingdom in Tamilakam region (present day South India), the other two being Chera Empire & Pandya Empire. The king from times immemorial was considered to be the representative of God on earth who's ruling on behalf of God. So in order to display the king's power, authority, command and his control over resources the king commissioned the building of colossal temple gateways which could be seen from far distance signifying the king's glory. Even the king's visit to temple on auspicious occasions was considered to be a great event. Mayamata and Manasara texts (treatises on architecture) estimated to be in circulation by 5th - 7th Century CE, is a guidebook on Dravidian style of Vastu Shastra design, construction, sculpture and joinery technique. But the style of gopurams pattern construction was different varying from one empire to other. The Gopuram which we are seeing in the picture is a 'Raya Gopuram' commissioned under the 'Rayas' (kings) of Vijayanagra Empire(13th - 17th Centuries CE) is a remarkable feature of the Vijayanagaran Architecture developed under King Krishnadevaraya. This temple is dedicated to 'Nandi' the bull, the vehicle of Lord Shiva according to Hindu Mythology. . . My travels in the Indian state of Karnataka. . . Dated: 31st of May, 2018. Location: 🌏 Bull Temple, Bangalore, Karnataka, India. . . . . . . . . . . #picoftheday #photooftheday #photographylovers #photographyislife #photoshoot #picturesque #globetrotter #earthofficial #solotraveller #lonelyplanet #traveladdict #travelawesome #travelindia #travelgram #wanderlust #photogram #photoaddict #photographs #photographie #photographysouls #lensbible #fotografia #igshotz #ig_myshot #instapic #instaphotos #awesome_earthpix #pictureofday #photogenic #traveltheworld

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bluebadgerlights. Oh my! 😂🚓👮🏼‍♂️😂

Oh my! 😂🚓👮🏼‍♂️😂

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Mum looks happy under the Northern Lights 💚😉 foto: © Bartłomiej Jurecki, www.jurecki.com #awesome_eartjhpix

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Hey Monday ☕️

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The sun has set on #Afrika2k19. 5 months of shooting my way through Madagascar, South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi & Mozambique. A quick stop in Spain, and I’m homeward bound for a few days. Looking forward to spending time with some amazing people. This youngish Male lion posed nicely at sunset a few days ago while @calvinkotze, @hendriventer and I celebrated the end of a successful stay at the magnificent Zimanga. Thanks a lot for the beasts & laughs lads! See you soon...

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This is the amazing 1000 Steps ranked high in the top Dive sites in the world. Photo @stevefrancees The underwater world is so amazing at this spot and a must visit when in Bonaire. Sure when I'm fully recovered from my back injury will do a dive at this spot again but for now I'm taking it easy. Bonaire is a very nice island and if you love diving, I'm telling you that this is the place to be. Go dive and tag me please, Steve. - - - - - - #bonaire #bonairetourism #ilovebonaire #islandlife #stevefrancees #destination_wild #earthofficial #destination_wild #underwaterphotography #underwater_world_ #diving #divebonaire #divespot #flamingofever #caribbean #travelling #traveltheworld #travelblogger #landscapephotography #ig_countryside #oceanview #luxuryrealestate #luxuryworldtraveler

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Nossa Maceió é linda, né? 📍www.maceioalagoas.com | 📷 @lucasmenesesphoto

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Who love reflections as much as I do?! 🙋‍♂️

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