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So much to say, so much to feel . It was amazing experience, I realize this now even more nearly 2 weeks after the event. I finished 7th and I know what i need to do for the next one so I can be triumphant. The thing that really surprised even me was how well I behaved on stage and that no matter the exhaustion and tension My smile was there all along and was showing my true enthusiasm. Now for a few months will focus on improvement and creating a different posing style. I am looking forward to the next event. So yes, @2brospro_events thank you very much for the oportunity to be on your stage and big thanks to @baileyimage for the great shots. See you soon 😈💪🙏

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Bon samedi à tous 😁😊👌💪 #happy #stevecook#

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A few clips of today’s upper body workout 💪 🔗First video: push ups 🔗Second video: bend over rows 🖇I am currently hitting full upper body twice a week. Making sure I am targeting all muscles of my upper body. 🧷 Goal is to master push up, pulls up & bench press! ~ What are some of your goals for your upper body? ~ 🤪These videos might not be the best recording. It’s a bit challenging to record on your own 🤪

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charebearfitness. my fav thing about this outfit is my new toenail color lol

my fav thing about this outfit is my new toenail color lol

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Back at it again! #dadbod #puregym #gymshark

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🌫S T R À D D L E ❌⚰ Une banale straddle. J me suis mis à faire des planches quand j ai su que jesus était menuisier👆🏾 📸@brutalsaiyajin 🏯@onefitnessclubstrasbourg 🥋@xtremotivation

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