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Scroll right -> The volcano was mired in clouds and fog as we were climbing up during the wee hours of dawn. Not that we could have enjoyed the views - the steep sprint up slushy terrain, rocky scree, and thick vegetation had left us pretty exhausted. And the possibility of not having any views from the top of the Concepcion volcano in Nicaragua had dampened our spirits as well. Then, just we were about to descend, the skies opened up. Lake Nicaragua, the largest inland water body in the country, stretched before us, with the mainland visible far in the distance. Puffy white clouds were floating lazily above the lake and the distant landmass. And it was only now did I appreciate the steep ascent we had made, and the steep descent that we were about to face.

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#ThrowbackThursday to being out on the moor a few weeks ago trying out some of the @brigantes_equipment kit and equipment. - I’m aiming to get out this coming weekend again and give the kit another run out. Personally I find getting outside is great for the soul. It’s not just about escaping to the fresher air, it’s about getting out into the countryside/coast away from the shops and commercial world. - It’s not even about fitness when out in the countryside for me, yes I do enjoy yomping and yes I do load my pack from time to time to make the walking a little more challenging, but that’s not the aim for the most part. - Fitness isn’t just about physical fitness, it’s about mental health and well-being too. Spending a week in London again, producer head back on, has, as it always does, brought up issues and problems to deal with. I don’t care who you are, sometimes you need to give the body and mind an escape from the stresses of work and idiotic people who for some reason like to make life difficult! - If you’re not usually an outdoor person, give it a go. See what it does for you to get out to the green or the coast. Go for a short walk. Eat outdoors. Do some exercise outdoors away from the gym and the mirrors. Enjoy the sounds of the birds and the sun on your skin. You’ll be surprised how good it can make you feel, physically and mentally. - Top/trousers: @montaneofficial Daysack: @deuter Boots: @hanwagofficial Watch: @cwc.watch - #outdoors #nature #train #brigantes #fitness #gooutdoors #jetboil #cwc #adventure #camping #fitfam #dartmoor #military #multicam #outside #hiking #trekking #walking #yomp #hike #military #camping #explore #exploring #royalmarines #commando #greenlightyourself #bemorecommando

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devem.store. Xiaomi mi band 3 can assess the quality of sleep, measure heart rate,

Xiaomi mi band 3 can assess the quality of sleep, measure heart rate, count steps, calories and so on. You can configure and synchronize the clock through the Mi Fit application. The touch screen has easy and intuitive navigation. The buttons at the bottom of the screen help to control the accessory. Among the new features should be noted a stopwatch, weather forecast, the ability to read messages, as well as notifications from social networks. Also, the user can reject incoming calls and mute the phone. Fitness watches can easily distinguish running, walking and riding not on a bicycle. The NFC module is not built into the accessory. Explore more https://devem.org Buy at Amazon https://amzn.to2PTfzaO #giftideas #cityview #trip

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location:mairang khudoifall . . . #travelphotography

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Don't listen to what thay say - go see🙏 📸: @timomistele

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Playing with polaroids 📸

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◾रायलिंग पठार - अतिशय गडबडीमध्ये ठरलेला हा प्लॅन . परंतु प्रयत्नांची पराकाष्ठा करून एकदाचा प्लॅन यशस्वी झाला 😅 . एकीकडे ESE संपल्याचा आनंद आणि दुसरीकडे EDD project चे टेंशन , त्यातूनसुद्धा घराबाहेर पडण्याची इच्छा अस्वस्थ करून टाकणारी होती . ही चलबिचल सुरू असतानाच तन्मय @_somewhere_else_tommrrow चा फोन आला , आणि मग काय झाली तयारी सुरू 🙌 . सगळ्यांच्या वेळांची जुळवाजुळव करून 4 वाजता पुणे सोडले . ' लिंगण्याच्या डोक्यावरून होणारा सूर्यास्त ' एवढ्या आशेपायी आम्ही निघालो . सिंगापूरच्या रस्त्याने घाम आणला आणि कसेबसे आम्ही 6.30 ला पठारावर पोहोचलो . सूर्यास्त तर हुकला 😔 पण दुसऱ्यादिवशीच्या सूर्योदयाने ज्या तेजस्विरीत्या लिंगाण्याची रूपे दाखवली ती पाहून मन आनंदित झाले . जसाजसा सूर्य वरती येऊ लागला तसे रायगडाची सुद्धा झलक दिसू लागली . हे विलक्षण दृश्य पाहून Photo काढण्याची संधी कोणीही दवडली नाही 😂 . आमचे नशीब चांगले म्हणून सर्वेशचा @sarvesh_jo Tripod घेऊन गेलो , नाहीतर हा Photo घेणे मुश्किलीचे झाले असते . सगळ्यांच्या सोबतीने हा Trek सुंदर झाला त्याबद्दल सर्वांचे आभार 🙏 @_somewhere_else_tommrrow @wanderlust._.sid @sarvesh__bamb @___siddheshj___ @sarvesh_jo . . . . . #trekking #nature #hiking #travel #mountains #adventure #landscape #mountain #photography #naturephotography #trek #camping #wanderlust #travelphotography #photooftheday #travelgram #ig #explore #naturelovers #instagood #climbing #hike #maharashtra #love

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camilla_akerberg. Top to toe in @ryderwear [Discount code: CAM10] today in their “gym to

Top to toe in @ryderwear [Discount code: CAM10] today in their “gym to swim” crop, hiking the #SigatokaSandDunes here in Fiji! This beach is filled with tipi tents built by students as a conservation project to protect the sand dunes from erosion! And it looks so incredible!! I loved hearing about the sustainability efforts put in to the environment here! #ryderwear #camillaakerbergryderwearmay1 #camillaakerberg #shangrila #fiji #hike #fitness

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Beautiful and a bit scary... curious whether it is a natural part of a revival process after fire that all the extremely strong weeds become very overgrown... wonder if it is helping or hindering to get back to the original state #hike #nature #malibu #malibubeach #malibufire

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Just the two of us Building them castles in the #adventuretime

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Life is a grand adventure, be brave and take the risk! . . Never forget how wildly capable you are!!

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“Sunny weather means longer walks! I hate walking in the rain but when the sun comes out I’m Go Go Go!!!”-Molly . . #pomeranian #pom #pommy #pommymommy #pompom #instapom #dailypomeranian #dailydog #cutedogs #rescuedogs #rescuedog #hike #nature #adventure #frida #baby #babygirl #love #beauty

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This is by far my favorite hike in Kodiak so far. The first 20 minutes of this hike was a bit discouraging given the incline, but the rest was relatively moderate! The entire hike I received breathtaking views in every direction. 🏔 #marinrange #pasagshak #kodiak #kodiakalaska #hiking #nature #natureaddict #earth #outdoors #hike

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05/22/2019: Hike at Waimea Canyon State Park 🌿🌺🌴⛰

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Octopus 🐙 on the Camino walk in Spain 🇪🇸 . . . @annabnoble1 thanks 🙏🏽 #seafood #foodblogger #caminodesantiago #octopus #hike

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가자! 🤗

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