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scigallerylon. What motivates scientists to keep searching for dark matter? @yuchenwa

What motivates scientists to keep searching for dark matter? @yuchenwang_’s new installation shines a light on the personal stories inspiring physicists to dedicate their working lives to researching dark matter. Yu-Chen spoke to physcists from @kingsnms and other institutions, weaving their stories with ⠀ intricate drawings, archive imagery , animation and a voiceover by Helen Arney.⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #DARKMATTER #Installation #Physics #TheoreticalPhysics#ImageDescription #Art #KingsCulturalCommunity #LondonBridge⠀ Four young people wearing headphones lean down to look at a screen on a low table displaying a criss-cross pattern.

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wheeliequeermerbabe. Gross. @fkntuk [ID: Max, a white nonbinary person with blue hair, wear

Gross. @fkntuk [ID: Max, a white nonbinary person with blue hair, wearing makeup, black clothes, a spiked collar and pride badges, takes selfies with Tuk, an Arabic woman with red hair and tattoos, wearing makeup and a green top. In the first three they are smiling nicely, in the fourth they are making grumpy faces and in the last Tuk is licking Max’s cheek. They look unimpressed.] #Beard #Trans #Nonbinary #InMyNonbinaryFinery #Queer #GNC #Them #ThemFatale #ChronicallyFabulous #ChronicPain #CripplePunk #WheelchairLife #BabesWithMobilityAids #Cane #DisabledAndProud #DisabledAndSexy #HotPersonInAWheelchair #DisabledPeopleAreHot #Bi #Poly #Dates #ImageDescription #CrippleQueers

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chronicallycaffeinatedcait. Kalopsia is the delusion of things being more beautiful than they are.

Kalopsia is the delusion of things being more beautiful than they are. So when does strength, courage, and positivity become kalopsic? Maybe it’s when we embrace adaptations that should not be required; step into a realm of existence that is unreasonable, with acceptance. Maybe it’s when we refuse to let go of the glow of the little things to the degree that we deny the truth of the desperate big picture. Maybe it could be analogous to being so caught up in the warmth of the fire that we don’t realise the house is burning down around us. Today I question whether I have been in a state of kalopsia. I learned that I have reached the human epitome of self denial and overachieving. I cannot move my legs because of functional paralysis, a condition which we have now discerned has developed as my nervous system’s way of forcing me to stop and smell the roses, so to speak. Put simply (and it is far from simple), my being is beyond exhausted and the time for being strong and brave and positive? Well, it is not now. Now is the time to swallow the jagged pill that I cannot continue the way I have been, that tube feeds are on the table along with inpatient rehab to address nutrition, mobility, pain management, and self cares. This is insane. The human body has some incredible defensive skills apparently. It’s happened fast and I’m overwhelmed. I haven’t processed any of it, but I’m beginning by weighing what got me here with the concept that is kalopsia. - [Image: a photograph of a paint set next to a sketch pad where a hand drawing has been done in pencil of a manual wheelchair and block coloured with watercolours in pink, yellow, and grey]

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In the window this week: cool winter tones of blue and grey. I like when the window reflection creates a double exposure! #imagedescription: Bell Street’s window display, viewed from the outside. The reflection in the window shows a palm tree and row of old shops on the other side of the road. The mannequins are wearing a grey pleated dress with a black belt, a blue and grey patterned 60s day dress with a grey fur jacket, and a blue lace 60s shift dress with a black fur coat. #outfitdetails: All items pictured are available to #borrowfrombellstreet. Prices include one week hire and all cleaning. L-R Grey dress: Julietta (size 18-20), $70 Blue printed dress: Reiko (size 12), $80 Grey fur coat: Matilda (size 12), $60 Blue 40s dress (on chair): Rose (size 6), $90 Ivory fur wrap (on chair): Dagmar, $60 Blue lace dress: Charity (size 16), $80 Black fur coat: Jacqueline (size 14) $60 Alright, who’s your favourite? Mine is Charity, the blue lace dress on the right. It doesn’t show up all that well in the photo but the lace has a lovely 60s daisy pattern.

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🍕@joshmulheran 🍕 to a mate that has helped me through some of my worst rough patches who has always been there for me always up for a hang and I can talk to about anything and who continues to be a huge loser with me thanks for being a f great mate mate #jorsh2 #scenewolfbang #spousemates ——————————————— #graphicdesigner #digitalart #art #drawing #queerart #procreate #lineart #australianart #freelanceartist #instadraw #instadrawing #activism #activist #digitalartist #zerowasteartist #digitalnomad #blackandwhite #minimalism #veganart #commissionsopen #tattooartist #tattoodesign #tattoo ——————————————— #imagedescription a body-like black line-art drawing on white background. this #wolfbang has a white tee shirt on, with a short haircut and is looking over their right shoulder]

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sapphic._.euphoria. - 🍁
song of the hour:
[thoroughly modern millie (the musical) - f

- 🍁 . . song of the hour: [thoroughly modern millie (the musical) - forget about the boy] . . [will update image description later! sorry for the inconvenience!] . . . . #wlw #wlwmemes #sapphic #text #textposts #lesbian #bi #bigirls #tumblr #sapphictextposts #sapphictextpost #lgbt #lgbttextposts #wlwpositivity #lgbtaccount #gay #gaypost #girlslikegirls #lesbianpost #lesbiantextposts #wlwtextpost #wlwtextposts #imagedescription #sappho #loveislove

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Rory is one of the two lights in my life. Whenever people meet him, cat lovers or not, they tend to fall in love. Many are in awe of his personality and wonder if I trained him to be my ESA, but the truth is that he trained me haha. I knew he was going to be pure love from the very first second I saw him. He is the best of both cat-dog worlds, although, I recently decided he is actually a pig. Rory truly makes me believe the spirit can jump between animals through lifetimes. I’m the luckiest! See more pics of my angels at @thepawnds 😻😻 😻😻 #JLW30 #CatDaddy #ThePawnds #RoryandAmy #Whovian #Love #Purr #Petting #ChinScratch #DaddyLovings #Rescues #ESAs #EgyptianMau #Tabbysinnian #InstaCat #CatsOfInstagram #MrMau #MauMans #Mauface #LittleFace #AmyFace 😻😻 #ImageDescription Rory, Egyptian Mau Rescue, laying on brown wooden table I’m a playful position with an intense look outward.

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thepawnds. Tough love is part of my job description. 😻
#ThePawnds #RoryandAmy #W

Tough love is part of my job description. 😻 #ThePawnds #RoryandAmy #Whovian #Love #Purr #Petting #ChinScratch #DaddyLovings #CatDaddy #Rescues #ESAs #EgyptianMau #Tabbysinnian #InstaCat #CatsOfInstagram #MrMau #MauMans #Mauface #LittleFace #AmyFace 😻 #ImageDescription Jamie is kidding Rory, an Egyptian Mau Rescue’s forehead, while he looks annoyed. Jamie is wearing beaded necklaces and a blue-white Dear Evan Hansen shirt.

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_trannabis. There’s never a bad time to celebrate Pride!!! 💚🌈🌱🙌
There are only

There’s never a bad time to celebrate Pride!!! 💚🌈🌱🙌 There are only SEVEN @pridewellnessla X @dailyhighclub left! For a super affordable price, receive glass, hemp tea, and other accessories! 💚🌈🌱🙌 Ship anywhere in the US 21+ 💚🌈🌱🙌 Unboxing on @theweedtube Link in the bio 🔝🔝🔝🔝🔝🔝🔝 💚🌈🌱🙌 #Trannabis #TrannabisLifestyle #TransHealth #TransLivesMatter #Trans #TransMasculine #FTM #Queer #Disabled #LGBTQAI #CannabisIsAMedicine #NaturalHealing #PlantMedicine 💚🌈🌱🙌 #ImageDescription Jamie in blue and white Dear Evan Hansen Shirt and three beaded necklaces, holding up an open Pride box with a rainbow sign reading “Daily High Club”

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rachelpangcomics. [FREEBIES] Guess whoOOO is collaborating with @heckin.unicorn to hold

[FREEBIES] Guess whoOOO is collaborating with @heckin.unicorn to hold a giveaway contest for 4 lucky people, to celebrate 1k followers on their account! 🦄🎉🦄🎉 . To enter: 1. Like this post ❤️ 2. Follow @heckin.unicorn 🦄 and @rachelpangcomics ✨ 3. Share this post to your story, and tag both of us (@heckin.unicorn and @rachelpangcomics) 🔥 4. Send a DM to @heckin.unicorn after you’re done! 💬 . Contest ends 28 July! . Each of the 4 lucky people will get 1x “I’m a heckin’ unicorn” pin, 1x “Unicorn” design A5 notebook, AND 1x limited edition A3 art print of my comic “Growth”! Winners will be announced in a story and will be reached out via DM! . WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!?1! Incidentally, I passed the 3k mark too so this is also a huge thank you to everyone who has joined me on this journey :’)) luv luv all of u 💖💖💖🙆🏻‍♂️✨ . . . #giveaway #heckinunicorn #rachelpang #rachelpangcomics #lgbt #lgbtq #lgbtqia #lgbtpride #gaypride #gayrights #pinstagram #enamelpins #enamelpin #notebook #notebooktherapy #giveawaycontest #giveaways #giveawaytime #giveawayalert #lgbtgiveaway #queercomics #comicstagram #sgartist #alttext #imagedescription

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transtrustedconsulting. I continue to believe everything happens for a reason because it’s pro

I continue to believe everything happens for a reason because it’s proven to me over and over again. Two revelations and two cycles to be broken. This was all before noon on Day 34 of the #Touch10Plan 💚🌈🙏 Full video on @patreon Link 🔝 💚🌈🙏 #TransTrustedConsulting #TransTrusted #Touch10Plan #ChooseHappiness #Growth #Improvement #Building #Happiness #Guidance #Purpose #Day34 #Gratitude #People #SpreadLove #TransMasculine #TransMasculineExperienceGuidance #ParentalGuidance #BusinessGuidance #LGBTQAI #Queer #Trans #Disabled #TransMan #Motivation #Realizations #Revelations #Revolutions #Ownership #Empowerment 💚🌈🙏 #ImageDescription Jamie is seated without a shirt on, three beaded necklaces, and a backwards light-blue cap. He has his mouth open and hands up, one holding a glass mug of tea. He is seated on a blue couch with a soft green blanket draping behind him. There’s a white long windowsill and exposed-red brick wall behind him.

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Midweek reflections. We had the opportunity to spend time this weekend at @barefootmidwifery with @courtneybuttsdoula and @birth360atx for the Trauma-Informed Care class they offer for birthworkers. We even ran into @birth_fort_worth there, but we were so busy learning that we forgot to snap a pic! We are so thankful for the folks in our community who share their knowledge, time, and experience so that we can better serve our patients. We strive to provide a safe healing environment for everyone who seeks our care. . . . [Image Description] Metal letter sign spells “gather” and sits on a dark shelf with a wooden vase in the background. . . . #thestructuraldifference #fortworthwhile #fortworthlocal #fwtx #traumainformedcare #traumainformedcaretraining #traumainformedcarematters #believesurvivors #webelievesurvivors #whensurvivorsgivebirth #thebodykeepsthescore #birth #pregnant #postpartum #ptsd #cptsd #imagedescription

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larche_gwdc. My short time at L’Arche has been the sweetest gift. I find myself bei

My short time at L’Arche has been the sweetest gift. I find myself being challenged to love deeper, and dream bigger with all of the beautiful relationships I’ve had the privilege to build. I see God at work in this place and it is truly a sign of hope in the world. What a remarkable thing, that community like this is possible! That’s it for my Instagram takeover! Thanks so much for following along. — Jess 😊 #imagedescription: A picture taken from above two women and a man sitting at a round table. They are coloring pictures, and one of the women looks up at the camera. #larchelife #larchegwdc #community #inclusivity #equality #friendship #relationships

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#imagedescription ‬ ‪Picture of me (pink face, brown bun) leaning over onstage holding a mic with a big green @accidentalcomedy sign 📸 @rustinmccann #textdescription I moved to New York. They say if you make it here, you’ll make it anywhere. But that’s not true ‬ . ‪No one is making a living drumming on a pickle bucket at rush hour in Iowa‬ . . . . #standupcomedy #newyork #franksinatra #newyorknewyork #meme #comedian #funnymemes #womanofcomedy #womenofcomedy #femalecomedian #canadian #redditstandupshots #onstage2019 #jokes

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🎶 Spider bitch, spider bitch, does whatever a spider bitch does 🎶 ⠀ .⠀ Had some fun styling a little influencer innovation lab prototype for @mavrckco! I drew the Zakim bridge with tape! ⠀ .⠀ This was my first styling and set design work since our last @hourglassboston pop-up in December. It’s such hard work to schlep heavy stuff and be on your feet all day and huff and puff while you’re crouching and crawling and fussing with things, and my body just hasn’t been in a place to do anything like that this year. ⠀ .⠀ So today was a bit of a breakthrough! It was a push, and definitely the most physical day of work I’ve had in a long time. It’s hard on my body, but it makes me so happy to fuss with metallic tape and dried florals and fold throw blankets just right. ⠀ .⠀ And even though my body is really sore and tired now, it feels good to use it all day, and to start feeling confident in my physical self again. Even posing for this photo was a big deal—stretching and moving for the camera is something I haven’t done much in 2019. ⠀ .⠀ Okay, Spider-Bitch signing off. Time for cat snuggles and ice packs and some lil edible treats ✨ She won’t be eating flies though. This spider eats chocolate after a long day 💅🏻 🍫 ⠀ .⠀ #imagedescription: A photo of Nicole in a crouching Spider-Man-type pose in front of a white backdrop with an image of the Zakim bridge made of black tape. She’s wearing black leopard print leggings, red sneakers and a black and white gingham shirt.

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When I have conversations with people about what I do and how I see spaces, there is usually a consolation statement such as, “Well, at least we aren’t building split levels anymore.” I wish that was true. This image is from an active local real estate listing, a modern split level built in 2012 with newer split level models in the same neighborhood. It’s hard to see because of the tan walls and carpet, but there is an entry level (which is about 12 steps up from the yard) then 3 steps down to the living room/kitchen, another 5 down to the family room, and another flight down to the guest suite, or a flight up to the other bedrooms. #nomoresplitlevels Would you like to share some of the modern day housing challenges you’ve seen? What does housing done right look like to you? [Image description in alt text]

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The core members of L’Arche GWDC each have their own creative passions and outlets that fill them up! Core member Johnny is a painter, artist and loves to work on his tarea when he gets home from work. El habla español, and I have been working on my Spanish vocabulary, too! #miamigo #larchelife #inclusivity #equality #community #imagedescription: A man wearing glasses and a black hat gives a big smile, holding a pen over a lined notebook.

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_alexokay_. not rly sure what i’m doing with art other than trying not to think ab

not rly sure what i’m doing with art other than trying not to think about it too much? / it’s hard to voice something when there’s 80000 things on your mind / learning focus and patience i suppose - #ImageDescription : a white person with a shaved head wears hand painted canvas that’s dry brushed with a messy olive green checker pattern. They sit in a slice of sunlight amongst draping hand painted canvas and rich green fabrics. Their gesture is soft but angular and their gaze faces downward. Their body is lined with thin lines of olive paint, following the curves and angles of their profile. - - - - - - - #transartists #agenderartists #queerartists #nonbinaryartists #editorial #editorialmakeup #installation #selfportrait #mentalhealth #photography #portrait #mixedmedia #setdesign

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mashalwaqarr. One of the first songs I memorized was Harder to Breathe by Maroon 5.

One of the first songs I memorized was Harder to Breathe by Maroon 5. I think it was the end of 2003 and I’d just changed schools. My new friends had older sisters who loved this song and would listen to it repeatedly. So, we would actually write the lyrics on paper and memorize it. #majormajorthrowback Anyway so yesterday, I saw a tweet asking what the first song I memorized lyrics too was...I thought back to this memory and this song. Funny thing is I still remember the lyrics to it. Although now that I think about it...this was a violent song for third graders tbh so idk what we were doing but we were innocent lil younglings so I’m pretty sure we didn’t know what it meant. #hardertobreathe Music is my way of connecting and holding on to memories and different parts of my life. I may not remember the day or date but I could tell you a conversation we’ve had if there was music playing. This connection makes music a really important part of my life. “How dare you say that my behavior’s unacceptable. So condescending, unnecessarily critical” Image: lights on wires hung in a crisscross manner across a yellow canvas border on the left and poles above building on the right. There are trees and plants in front of the buildings and on the left too. Area looks bright but serene. #imagedescription #mydubai #lamer #lights #music #tb #a11y #maroon5

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Unlearning, slowly but surely☕️🌱✨ • It’s okay to need to take a step back from everything you identify with, even if it leaves you with an unfamiliar feeling. If I’ve taken anything from three years of studying to become a nurse it’s that resilience comes in many forms. Some days it presents as you working the hardest you can. Other days it presents as you building a support system and seeking help. And sometimes all it might mean is showing up despite not feeling present. It’s about what works for you. Don’t be afraid to want and need that time away. Don’t apologise for feeling how you feel, how you need to deal with your feelings or what you do to support yourself. I pray you find that missing piece you’re looking for, that missing piece that brings you your peace..🧿 #itgetsbetter#imagedescription a blue coffee cup containing coffee latte art on a blue saucer, placed on a brown wooden table

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Core member Eileen and I led the weekly house meeting today! This is a great time for community members to hang out and talk about the week’s events. Eileen led the sharing of affirmations and the question of the week, which is: “How was your workday today?” #larchelife #larchegwdc #imagedescription: A woman stands smiling, holding up a whiteboard on a chair from a meeting. #community #inclusivity #equality #larche

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sapphic._.euphoria. - 🍁
song of the hour:
[ghost (the musical) - with you]

- 🍁 . . song of the hour: [ghost (the musical) - with you] . . [will update image description later! sorry for the inconvenience!] . . . . #wlw #wlwmemes #sapphic #text #textposts #lesbian #bi #bigirls #tumblr #sapphictextposts #sapphictextpost #lgbt #lgbttextposts #wlwpositivity #lgbtaccount #gay #gaypost #girlslikegirls #lesbianpost #lesbiantextposts #wlwtextpost #wlwtextposts #imagedescription #sappho #loveislove

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downwithableism. I love this so much!!
{ID: Five slides. They are all of one textpost.

I love this so much!! {ID: Five slides. They are all of one textpost. The first slide reads “okay but to expound on my deaf!Harry post. Dumbledore contacts Lupin before Harry attends Hogwarts and has him learn sign language and hires him as an interpreter for Harry during classes. Snape: ‘are you listening to me Potter?’ Harry, speaking to the best of his ability: ‘to be fair, I can’t listen to anyone, however I was, in fact, paying attention.’” Slide two says “Hermione tirelessly helping Harry with speech and pronunciation so he can get spells right. Ron aggressively trying to learn sign language to communicate with Harry and he’s so embarrassed he can’t get the hang of it at first but Harry thinks it the nicest thing anyone has ever done for home because what are friends?? Draco mouth “I hate you” Slide three. “Harry, misreading hate as date. ‘If you wanted a date you should have said something sooner.’ Harry signing rude things at Umbridge. Umbridge: “what did he say!?’ Lupin: ‘He says you’re charming.” The entire Weasley family learning basic sign language for whenever Harry is with them, making him feel more nat home since the Dursley’s never made a decent effort with it.” Slide four: “McGonagall aware of Harry’s condition from observation at the Dursleys prepared and learned sign language and signs when she can during her class, allowing Lupin the occasional break. McGonagall: “You're not sneaky Mr. Weasley, I very well know what you just signed.’ Voldemort monologuing in sign language. Harry: ‘I’m sorry I don’t understand I’m blind.’ Voldemort: ‘????’ Slide five is two replies that read “god voldemort learning sign language just so he can monologue to his nemesis is honestly something he’s actually edgy and ridiculous enough to do.” and “Voldemort, signing: ‘Harry Potter-” Harry: *closes his eyes* Voldemort: ‘wha- no. Wormtail. Wormtail, make him open his eyes.’”} ☄Seven ♿Tags♿ #Activism #Feminism #ADHD #Disability #Ableism #MentalHealth #DownWithAbleism #Deafness #HumanRights #HearingLoss #SafePlace #BlindIsBeautiful #EveryoneIsBeautiful #Support #Positivity #Autism #Chronic #Spoonie #DisabledAndProud #HardOfHearing #DisabledAndCute #ImageDescription

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