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we.are.the.wildflowers. When I recently asked you on my stories ‘what stops you from taking ac

When I recently asked you on my stories ‘what stops you from taking action on your life purpose?’ - the main reason you gave me was FEAR. Everyone feels this same fear as you. The deep, dark fear that you cannot even explain. It’s rooted deep in your psyche. And because it seems so scary and hard, you also fear the fear itself. Your brain doesn’t understand why it’s there. And that makes it suspicious. I can tell you what it is. Because I did something my logical brain didn’t like. I started to walk in the direction of that dark fear 6 years ago and I didn’t look back. I don’t believe I’m particularly brave. I just think I started to see it more clearly than I ever had before. I couldn’t tell you what changed. But something clicked. And I couldn’t go on a minute longer without beginning to discover that part of myself that had been calling me, nudging me and whispering to me. I know you’re waiting for the secret. Here it is: The reason you are so afraid of this new path, of following your calling, is because the ancient part of you KNOWS that you will die many times if you go there. Old parts of you will have to cease to exist and be committed to death for you to become new. It’s this fear of death (at the simplest level) that stops you. But with each mini death comes a rebirth. A newness. A freshness. Tune in now to the truth beyond the fear. Nothing can be dissolved without something being born in its place. This is the profundity of the butterfly symbol. Complete darkness. Dissolving the entire body. Emerging a new being. Let your body and soul respond to these words and as you align to the truth and excitement of the new beginnings, let them soothe and be the balm to your fears. You’re amazing. Love, Em xx

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teacher_speaker_. Happy Saturday 💜Today whatever you do, do it with love. Life can thro

Happy Saturday 💜Today whatever you do, do it with love. Life can throw different obstacles your way in order to grow and can take you to different places but if you go with love you can always return home 💙 GO WITH LOVE 🥰 #love #lovinglife #moveforward #light #goodmorning #gowithin #quotesdaily #manifestation #mindbodyandspirit #loveislove #inspirationalquotes #innerwisdom #positivevibes #post #loveyourself #treeoflife

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nicolalucie. Language, like everything else is learned through our interaction with

Language, like everything else is learned through our interaction with those around us and the society and culture we grow up in and the way we use certain words plays an important role in how we perceive ourselves, others, our lives and the world in which we live. ▼ Words also have the potency to disempower and empower at every given moment, yet they are words we use unconsciously, without second thought to the energy they carry. ▼ When I began to look at my own language through Shadow Walking, I realised making small changes to the words I used changed my perception and the way I engaged with life. ▼ Problem, for example is a powerful word, and one we use every single day. The English dictionary describes it "as a matter or situation regarded as unwelcome or harmful and needing to be dealt with and overcome". Yet the weight of our problems weigh heavily on our shoulders, and they keep piling up until sometimes we feel so overwhelmed we revert to dis-associative behaviour patterns, turning our head away from them, burying them or running away, hoping they will just go away. ▼ However, when we choose to consciously eradicate the word 'problem' from our language, and replace it with the word 'challenge' if we are paying attention we will notice a subtle change in our energy, as challenges can indeed be overcome. ▼ The word kick-starts our personal power to engage with our inner resources and acknowledge what we are experiencing, so we can face it, with kindness and gratitude for what it has come to teach us. It engages our courage to take to the next step, no matter how small towards finding resolution, strengthening our core along the way. ▼ So the next time you are about to utter the word 'problem' I invite you to stop a moment, feel the weight of the word, and then replace it with the word 'challenge' and see how you feel, how the energy empowers rather than dis-empowers. . . . . #selfempowerment #shadowwork #mindyourlanguage #problemsolved #empoweringothers #consciousawakening #innerwisdom #innerknowing #shadowwalking #selfawarenessjourney

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rishikeshyogis. “If you want to befriend your mind, treat the whole world as your fami

“If you want to befriend your mind, treat the whole world as your family and reach out to as many people as you can." ~ Swami Satyananda We are one big family. On the outside we might appear different but when taking a closer look it is clear that we are all related, we share the same core, the same essence. We are reflecting each other in each moment. We are students and teachers, regardless our age, background and gifts. In each moment we give and receive learnings to each other which is invaluable once we become aware of it. We are listeners and healers, brothers and sisters. I am you and you are me. We are one. In yoga we seek to cultivate and create a nourishing evnrionment for that abundant love within us so we can share it with the world. That's why our practice starts with working on ourselves. When we love ourselves and learn to not only accept but even embrace each aspect of our being, we can sink into that stillness. We are able to have the same sense of acceptance and appreciation for others, to share and contribute our peaceful and loving state with the outer macrocosm in a proactive and creative way ❤️🌟🦋🌱🐝🌺🍀 #gratitude #lightwithin #livefromtheheart #truthfulness #awareness #listen #innerwisdom #rishikeshyogis #ytt200 #kundaliniyoga #selflove #universalwisdom #yogateachertraining #yogicphilosophy #intuition #balance #yogarishikesh #meditation #lovebeings #humanbeings #intentions #givethanks #dailyyogapractice #consciouscreators

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kinderyogaberlin. Wann hast du das letzte Mal dein Herz gespürt? So richtig hineingefühl

Wann hast du das letzte Mal dein Herz gespürt? So richtig hineingefühlt? . 💓 Unser Herz besitzt ein Gehirn. Was wir innerlich schon oft vermutet haben - dass unser Herz über Wissen und Intelligenz verfügt - wird von der Wissenschaft bestätigt. . 💓 Manchmal müssen wir erst krank werden, von Herzrhythmusstörungen oder anderen psychosomatischen Beschwerden geplagt werden, damit wir auf unser Herz hören. Nach dem Motto „Wenn die Seele schweigt, spricht der Körper“. Oftmals ist es gar nicht so leicht, denn die Gründe liegen über Jahre in tiefen Schichten verborgen und sind noch dazu vielschichtig. . 💓 Auf dem Weg zur Heilung habe ich das Thema „Heartmath“ oder Herzintelligenz für mich entdeckt: die Wissenschaftler in Boulder Creek fanden heraus, dass unser Herz kohärenter schlägt, wenn wir uns in Dankbarkeit, positiven Gedanken und Loslassen üben. Und zahlreiche Übungen entwickelt. . 💓 Klingt logisch, doch im normalen Alltag geht das simple Herzspüren meist unter. Wir sind analytisch unterwegs, quälen uns mit Selbstoptimierungsroutinen und selbst auferlegter Disziplin. Und gerade auch, wenn du in deinem Beruf viel aus dem Herzen gibst (und zurückbekommst), ist die Schwelle des „Zuviel“ noch viel schwerer zu erkennen. Und Hand aufs Herz: wer von uns hat schon alles für sich verinnerlicht, was er im Außen weitergibt? Auch in der oft so shiny wirkenden Yogaszene gibt es Arbeitsjunkies und solche, deren Workshop und Stunden-Pensum manchmal in die Nähe von Topmanagern kommt. . 💓 Wie wäre es, beim nächsten Stress innezuhalten und in die Weite des Herzens zu spüren? Und ohne Bewertung alles zuzulassen, was aufkommt? Und versuchen, unserem Körper zu vertrauen? . 🦋 Lass los 🦋 #herz #letgo #positivevibes #heart #heartmath #innerpeace #innerwisdom #heartmath #herzintelligenz #herzrhythmusstörung #healyourself #heilung #bliss #vertrauen

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📏 Don’t Measure Your Progress Using Someone Else’s Ruler 📏 ~ ~ Yes, yes and YES TO THIS! I attended a wonderful women in business networking event hosted by The Coven on Thursday and it blew my mind. So many women were at different stages in their careers. Some had just taken the leap to go full time with their passion, others were balancing theirs with full time jobs and some Were committing to lowering their working hours to find balance. ~ ~ It was amazing to hear others struggles and triumphs and feel less alone. But it was a BIG reminder to not compare. To not measure my success or progress in accordance with theirs. ~ ~ It is so important for us to stay in our own lane and measure our progress today from where we were last year or even yesterday. Society conditions us believe that we have to reach X milestone by X age. It’s bullshit! Your journey isn’t supposed to look like everyone else’s. You may reach your peak at age 30 or at age 60. Time is just a concept. We have to enjoy the journey and every milestone in our progression ~ ~ Here are some tips to minimise comparing our success or progress with others; ~ ~ ✨ Reflect regularly on how far you have come in the last weeks/months or years ~ ✨ Celebrate others’ progress at every stage of their journey ~ ✨Express gratitude for everything you have now ~ ✨ Create a plan or vision of what you want to achieve ~ ✨ Keep track of your progress weekly and celebrate every kind of win ~ ✨ Define what success means to you + remind yourself daily ~ ~ ~ The less we compare, the happier we feel. Remember to enjoy your journey and celebrate yourself too. ~ ~ How can you minimise comparing your progress with others? 🙌🏻🌸 ~ ~ ~ #success #progress #progression #measuresuccess #defineyourownsuccess #selfgrowth #selflovejourney #selfprogression #trustyourjourney #higherconsciousness #selfawareness #innerwisdom #innerguidance #innerpeace #nocomparison #compareless #selflovery

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do_be_die. The letter \"c\" is not related to the number 3 nor is it in any other a

The letter "c" is not related to the number 3 nor is it in any other alphabet as it is within the English one. Does that make the letter invalid? No. It serves its purposes within the English language, but to another language, it could be gibberish. Understand that the commonality between all languages is that it is designed for one purpose: communicating. Similarly, everyone, either knowingly or not, wish/do communicate to God by calling upon Him Hu by many names, although the internal aspect of all these names is the same; the essence of Divinity. Allah Hu sent many prophets, peace be upon them all, to all nations, hence why one calls upon God with one name, and the other calls upon God with another, it is all the same as long as Oneness is what is sought after. Prophethood stopped with Muhammad, majestic peace and blessings be upon him, the seal of all prophets, the last and final one. He came with the name Allah Hu, the indescribable One, coming with His Hu's speech: the holy Qur'an, the book of all holy and sacred books. This is the closest we will ever get to "knowing" Allah Hu, for even that speech is a creation of Allah Hu, He Hu is beyond His Hu's creation. We must follow the one whom the book was revealed upon because he had the utmost pure capacity to download all such heavenly and Divinely secrets. Know that we must not judge the one who is calling upon Divinity with different sacred and pure names/rituals because they all belong to Allah Hu, the essence is always the same. Maybe Allah Hu rejects your calling upon Him Hu due to your inner impurity, hypocrisy, and accompanied sin of all sin which is shirk (duality, asserting an"otherness" than Allah Hu) - claiming to know truth. But the one whom calls upon God by a different name that you were raised upon is accepted due to his/her humbleness and sincerity, not claiming to know truth, but rather acknowledging his/her seeking self, being an honest student of The Way. Be sincere ones. When you claim to know nothing, He Hu will raise you in understanding, and if you claim otherwise, then you will truly know nothing. #01A99

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curious_crane. Physical pain most of the time has an underlying cause. If we embrace

Physical pain most of the time has an underlying cause. If we embrace the emotional aspects of our lives, it is possible to heal that pain. I’m not saying in all cases. But...it’s worth looking into. . . . #energyshift #universalenergy #innerwisdom #highestself #universeinsideyou #soulpurpose #vibrationalenergy #youarepowerful #positiveintentions #expandingconciousness #consciouscollective

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jakes_01. Haha yes ☝🏼😀 #introvertlife #mindyourownbusiness

Haha yes ☝🏼😀 #introvertlife #mindyourownbusiness

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rosemarynonnyknight. You are holding yourself back from a truly prosperous life with your o

You are holding yourself back from a truly prosperous life with your old level thinking. . You think it is responsible to do whatever you have to do to get by. . EVEN WHEN YOU HATE WHAT IS REQUIRED OF YOU! . You are building a business you despise. . You are in a job you despise. . There are people in your life that you despise. (Be honest) . Yes, you are working hard at these things but they will never lead to true prosperity because you despise them. . And true prosperity is simply love materialised so while you continue to indulge these things that you hate, you hold yourself back from ever experiencing a totally good life. . Yes, you will have limited success. . Are you happy with that? . Are you happy with other people's ideas of success? . ARE YOU? . For goodness' sake, AWAKEN and stop holding back. . You are a God unit. . You have the power to create whatever you desire out of life. . And yet, you seem to be working very hard to maintain a life you do not adore. . BELIEVE IN YOURSELF and get on the deliberate life path, my love. . Lean into the Divine and open up to all that is possible for you. . Get clear on what you desire and COMMIT TO CREATING IT. . Most people do not get what they want because they NEVER TRY to get what they want. . And all because of a lack of faith that they can have what they want. . We are not most people. . We are the called. . We are the bringers of the new. . We are wayshowers. . GEt deliberate about the design of your life. . Come join me in the Deliberate Millionaire if you are that action-oriented spiritual entrepreneur ready to build a HIGHLY-PROFITABLE business doing ONLY what you love. . Come join in if you realise that your physical action alone is just not enough. . Come join this new community if you are willing to combine both the physical work with the inner work to get the results you want. . Message me the word MILLIONAIRE and I will get the link over to you as soon as possible. . Much Amazing Love

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theoriginalsound. We’ve touched already on a few topics but the most talked about; medit

We’ve touched already on a few topics but the most talked about; meditation hasn’t been looked at in a more practical manner. We’ve encountered many that have different methods of meditation, some envision lights, others use sound, etc… However the goal of meditation is to have the mind completely still, no activity, silent. That’s what mystics talk about when they say to have the mind reflect like a mirror, not conceptualize anything, nor give meaning to anything. Any stimulus by use of imagination or concepts will disturb stillness. The easiest way to sync the mind with its natural state of stillness, is by giving no attention to what is; material, but focus on what is not; emptiness, space. Out of all the physical being displayed before you and all the sounds being uttered by it; give it no attention. With eyes open, maintain focus on the vastness of space and awareness of the sensation of the passing through your lungs as you breathe, this will keep focus where it’s most effective. Maintaining this as a practice will sync the mind with it’s original nature; as the Observer of all manifestations, the Self. May love not depend on time or scenery, that it may come with simplicity. From within and without, from one to another. —— Image: @daisygilardini —— ▶︎ Don’t forget to tag us in your posts @theoriginalsound #highervibes #thirdeyeawakening #enlightenment #shiva #innerwisdom #thirdeyevision #thehigherself #path #rise  #higherawakening #knowthyself #higherself #meditation #higherfrequency #spiritualawakening #wellbeing #inner #knowledgeofself #spiritualgrowth #lookwithin #oneness #highvibrations #chakrabalancing #soulwisdom #focus  #introvertproblem #higherconsciousness #perception

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manifesting_magic1111. #jzargoshepard#intuition#innerbeing#innerlight#innerguidance#innerpeac


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manifesting_magic1111. #universemessages#universalguidance#universe#sourceenergy#spiritualtho


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764nacho_nfl. I was est 1988 The Year of The Dragon.. Eastern myth Bruce Lee was a G

I was est 1988 The Year of The Dragon.. Eastern myth Bruce Lee was a Golden Dragon just like my mom and I'm a Earth Dragon.. Only movie I ever remember crying while watching was Dragon Heart and prolly the reason I love Game of The Thrones so much. 👑 💎👑 ☄🐉 ⚡ 🖤 🆖️🏁 ✌🏾 #lifepath7 #leomoon #ariesrising #taurusgeminicusp #enlightenment #innerwisdom #universalenergy #highestself #subconscious #abundance #bepositive #berealbeyou #spiritualjourney #affirmation #divinetiming #dodge #dodgeviper #hellcat #iamnachos #nachogang #bigdragon #isellbeats #flstudiogang #itsaboutyou #you #ymg #youniversalmusicgroup #itsyouniversal #764hod #dontbreak7hepeace

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jessysjourney_. When we’re triggered, upset or feel unsafe in any way - it’s okay to t

When we’re triggered, upset or feel unsafe in any way - it’s okay to take a step back. We often think that because we know the root of our trauma, or the underlying reason for a trigger, that we should be able to move beyond it. Our mind might understand the ‘why’ of something, but our body is telling another story. We needn’t force our way through healing. If a person, place or situation causes your body to have a stress response, give yourself room to breathe and integrate the experience. Consider doing somatic work to help the body to feel safe again. By no means do we need to have repeated exposure to triggers as a means to overcome them, take space when you need it. This method is not a form of avoidance, but rather self-care. If we work with our wounds, gently, slowly and compassionately - we will notice a shift. In time what used to trigger us will no longer have the same effect. Eventually freedom through feeling safe will be louder than the stress response. Trust your body’s wisdom, listen and care for its needs while also inviting growth to the table+ . . . . . #quote #warrior #somatic #risingwoman #wellness #stress #health #growthmindset #innerwisdom #gentleness #compassion #sensitivity #selfhonor #quotestoliveby #art #model #fashionblogger #artistsoninstagram #writingcommunity #freedom #life #love #deepthoughts #survivor #lace #photography #inked #healingvibrations #poetrycommunity #blackandwhite

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