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Meet Niki Jabbour @Nikijabbour from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada 🇨🇦 "When I was a kid, my parents always planted a summer vegetable garden. It was a small, rectangular garden with long rows, & wasn’t very productive, but it did teach me that food tasted better from the garden. By the time I was about twelve years old, I took over the garden, re-forming the rows into beds & mulching the paths to keep the weeds down. The garden became my playground and I never looked back, eventually studying Horticulture in university. Growing food is my passion, especially growing food year round. I love being able to supply delicious, nutritious organic food to my family 365 days a year - even though I live in a cold climate in Eastern Canada. As a kid, our garden was a three month garden, but as I learned & experimented, I discovered that many crops were cold tolerant & could be cultivated into winter with simple season extenders like cold frames, mini hoop tunnels and mulch. I love to grow everything! One of my obsessions is global edibles, and that has led to my new book, Veggie Garden Remix, which celebrates my love of world crops and unusual vegetables. Veggie Garden Remix was inspired by my mother in law, who grew up in a small village in the mountains of Lebanon. I wanted to be able to grow some of the vegetables she used to enjoy, and I discovered that there were many awesome Lebanese vegetables I could grow; and one thing leads to another, and soon I was planting crops from other parts of the world, trying to bring their flavours to my garden. Don’t be afraid to get growing! Many homeowners let the fear of inexperience stop them from trying to grow food, but you can start small with just a few of your favourite vegetables. And, once you’ve got a handle on the basics, be open to trying new-to-you veggies. As a kid, I was a VERY fussy eater, but growing a vegetable garden led me to try new foods and introduced me to a world of global vegetables." Swipe to see her beautiful garden! First picture credit - @storeypub

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These succulent cupcakes! 😍😱 . 📷: @bakedbyjin

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🌸Planting roses and vegetables together is a technique used to attract pollinators, especially bees to fertilize veggies. Both grow best in full sun, like level beds, fertile soil and need regular, ample watering.

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Too much cuteness! 😍🌵 . 📷: @arozona

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urbanveggiepatch. I spy a baby Tromboncino!! Let the games begin 💃🏻🌿

I spy a baby Tromboncino!! Let the games begin 💃🏻🌿

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🌳🌷🌳 Guess what I just saw?!? The first of this year’s tulips poking their heads out! Not to worry, they can handle the January and February cold just fine. Did you plant bulbs that you’re looking forward to in the next few months? Mine are all from @colorblends COLORBLENDS...nobody does it better. 🤗💙🤗 . . . #springbulbs #tulips🌷 #lindavater #gardeninspiration #landscapedesign #gardensofinstagram #tuin #gardenlove #gardenart #gardenlife #trädgård #landscapearchitecture #horticulture #gardener #gardens #instagarden #jardin #garden_styles #landscaping #garten #gardening #mygarden #garden #gardeninspiration #gardendesign #jardim #flowerstyle #tulip #hurryupspring

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urbanveggiepatch. Update on the Tomatoes 🍅 They are growing quick and all of them flowe

Update on the Tomatoes 🍅 They are growing quick and all of them flowers! We are in the middle of a heat wave here, with temps in the 40's (Celsius not Fahrenheit, about 104F). They seem to be holding up well and I'm about to give them a haircut. I always get rid of the suckers and prune the leaves about a foot up the stem to prevent disease 🌿

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cropswap. Wow #Repost @fit_shortie_eats
If you are following our retreat-ers

Wow #Repost @fit_shortie_eats ・・・ If you are following our retreat-ers accounts this week (tagged in photo) you know I must be the zillionth person to post this picture, but in truth this is just a small part of our lunch! Never before have we been able to accomplish such a variety of world’s most rare durians in one meal! Durio dulcis, durio oxyleanus, yellow, orange, red graveolens, we also had durio kutejensis & zibethinus that didnt even make it to the picture! And this is just the starter set - the spread above may be but a mere 10-15% of the jungle durians our group eats in one meal! We dont even eat that much ‘regular durian’ (durio zibethinus, even tho there is some 10/10 durians in our car) as nobody has space for durian when you have unlimited jungle durios to choose from. Their taste - indescribeable, we’ve had some of the the best dulcis, oxleyanus and graveolens in the last days. It brings us so much joy to be able to bring absolute abundance of jungle durian to our retreaters - all those trips combing thro Borneo in the past years are paying off - we totally nailed the timing of our retreats for peak durian season! (Just to be on the safe side, we road-triped for weeks before the retreats and all thro Christmas too, scouting the ever unpredictable Borneo fruit seasons amidst its microclimates - no other way to do it!) I remember our peeps messaging us early December asking ‘is it going to be a bad year for rare durians?’ and then ‘I just read the season is going to be finished by January’ and we were like ‘Relax, we’ve got it’. So happy that we can now together experience the best durian season we have ever witnessed in Borneo! The other day I saw one of our retreaters carrying some mindblowing orange durio graveolens to give to the cleaning staff at a park where we were eating. I smiled watching this scene & in my head patted myself on the back thinking ‘We did good. If our peeps are sharing durians this good, we are in absolute abundance territory’

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Ma Pitchounette 💙 . . A bientôt pour la prochaine photo @merveilles.vegetales ! . . #goats #goatslover #chevresnaines

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landscape.first. Quest’estate, alla fine di luglio ci ha lasciato per sempre, all’età d

Quest’estate, alla fine di luglio ci ha lasciato per sempre, all’età di 93 anni, uno dei più grandi paesaggisti contemporanei, Jacques Wirtz. Egli ha rivoluzionato l’arte del giardino del secolo scorso, reinventando l’arte topiaria nei suoi numerosi giardini, soprattutto privati, ma anche pubblici, come il bellissimo intervento ai Giardini delle Tuileries a Parigi. Leggi l'articolo completo, link in bio . 🇬🇧 This summer, at the end of July, he left us forever, at the age of 93, one of the greatest contemporary landscape artists, Jacques Wirtz. He has revolutionized the art of the garden of the last century, reinventing topiary art in its many gardens, especially private, but also public, such as the beautiful intervention at the Tuileries Gardens in Paris. Read the dedicated article, link in bio #Repost @franck_verhaeghe ・・・ #jaqueswirtz #wirtzgardens #landscape #landscapefirst

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On this #FlowerFriday, can you name this shrub? Hint: the genus name comes from ‘hydor’ meaning water and ‘aggeion’ meaning vessel, in reference to the cup-like capsular fruit. Tag a friend below who may know! 🌼

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florisju. Metas para 2019 - Cuidar do meu jardim ❤️🌺🌷

Metas para 2019 - Cuidar do meu jardim ❤️🌺🌷 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #instaflower #instapic #instaphoto #garden #jardimdentrodecasa #plantas #instagarden #instalove #flowerstagram #insta #instagardens #thanksgod #freespirit #cultivar #semearparaavida

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tulovskaya.u. А знаете, мне нравится флешмобить! 😆😆 Поэтому вот: #зималетовнашихса

А знаете, мне нравится флешмобить! 😆😆 Поэтому вот: #зималетовнашихсадах ❄️☀️Не то чтобы сад, но дача зимой и летом 😋 #допосле

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om_de_tuin_leiden. Wat een heerlijk zonnetje vandaag, daar heb ik wel 15 minuten autoruit

Wat een heerlijk zonnetje vandaag, daar heb ik wel 15 minuten autoruiten krabben voor over! Er komende een paar koude nachten aan; de olijfbomen staan in het tuinhuisje en de buitenkraan is afgesloten! De Viburnum bodnantense 'Dawn' maakt zich gelukkig helemaal niet druk om de kou en ziet er juist nog mooier uit in het zonnetje! Fijne avond! #inmygarden #gardenlifestyle #gardenlove #garden #buitenleven #gardeningfun #outdoorstyling #kijkjeindetuin #kijkjeinmijntuin #gardeninglife #outdoorstyle #wonenaanhetwater #groenevingers #gardenlife #instatuin #instagarden #tuin #tuinidee #tuininspiratie #365dagenkleurindetuin #tuinplanten #tuindecoratie #gardening #tuinieren #gardensofinstagram #mijntuin #indetuin #intratuin #viburnum #winter

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dutch.garden.design. EERSTE INDRUK

Een voortuin is als het ware het visitekaartje van je w

EERSTE INDRUK Een voortuin is als het ware het visitekaartje van je woning. Bij deze woning is er gekozen voor een strakke basis, met speelse beplanting. Hierdoor worden de strakke lijnen van de woning doorbroken waar nodig. Het zorgt voor een optimale balans. ____ www.heartforgardens.nl . . . . . . #tuin #exterior #villa #heartsforgarden #dutchgardendesign #gardeninspiration #gardendesign #garden #gardens #gardensofinstagram #instagarden #gardenlove #instaplants #green #tree #treeporn #wooninspiratie #tuininspiratie #kijkjeindetuin #asia #interior #landscape #landscapearchitecture #interior #wonen #poolhouse #pool #lighting #night #magical

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Sometimes you gotta carry an itty flower around with you to remind you it’s still possible to bloom during dark days. 💕

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We ♥️ our gardening library. What are some of your go-to gardening books?

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mycottagegarden.de. Englisch 👇🏻 Meine Begeisterung für Akeleien kennt kein zu viel. Leid

Englisch 👇🏻 Meine Begeisterung für Akeleien kennt kein zu viel. Leider werden es immer weniger bei mir, angeblich vermehren sich Nachkommen von Generation zu Generation immer schlechter... aber das macht doch irgendwie keinen Sinn?! Auch schon mal gehört? 🌱 My passion for aquilegias is growing from year to year. Unfortunately they get less every year in my garden. I’ve heard that the descendants get worse in reproduction from generation to generation, but this doesn’t really make sense, doesn’t it?! Have you heard something like this as well? #aquilegia #akelei #lfab_challenge2019 #lfab_challenge2019_akelei #ig_challenge #gardenchallenge #gartenchallenge @villa__lena - schöne Challenge, danke dafür 🌸 #nofilter . . #mycottagegarden #cottagegarden #cottagegarten #landhausgarten #bauerngarten #instagarten #gartenliebe #gartenblog #gartenblogger #garten #blumen #imgarten #gärtnern #garden #instagarden #flowers #flower #blumenverrückt #blogger_de #crazyaboutflowers

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How is it going with the seed sowing?! 🌱 I grew these little leeks, broccoli, gem lettuces, and Napa cabbages last year and they were delicious. 👩🏻‍🌾 I know some of you want to save your seeds for next year and the distinctions between these types are key: Open Pollinated seeds, Heirloom seeds and Hybridized seeds. If you want to geek out with me I have put the distinctions below but if you are also like me and just want to know what types you can save, then remember to look for true-to-type open pollinated seeds and/or true-to-type heirloom seeds. Hybrid seeds (like F1 etc) are not good for saving seeds for a couple of reasons👇 ——————————————— 1. True-to type Open Pollinated seeds have been pollinated by forces within nature like wind, human beings, birds, insects and other natural forces. The reason this matters is that natural pollination leads to much greater genetic diversity in plants, slowly enabling them to better adapt to their environments (ie:climate and growing conditions) - impoortant for the cont. biodiversity of the food we eat. Remember that Pollen cannot be shared with different varieties of the same species or they will not remain true-to-type - an imp consideration if you are saving seeds. 2. True-to-type Heirloom seeds - Watch out for fakes - A true heirloom has been passed down through families or within communities. Additionally for a plant to truly be considered an heirloom it needs to be open-pollinated. True-to-type heirloom seeds can be saved if pollen hasn’t been shared with different varieties of the same species. 3. Hybrids (often labeled F1 - when two different varieties or species has been cross-pollinated via a controlled and intentional method. This isn’t inherently bad to use for first generation growing but because the genetics are unstable - ensuing generations of plants will not have the same vitality and may turn out much differently than expected. Hybrid seeds will need to be purchased again next year. Over many years Hybrids can become open-pollinated but it is a many year long process of growing, choosing the right plants, and then saving their seed before their genetics can be stabilized.

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gardening.daily_. GET IT NOW 😍
ONLY FEW DAYS LEFT! Order 2 or more and SAVE on shipping

GET IT NOW 😍 ONLY FEW DAYS LEFT! Order 2 or more and SAVE on shipping! - Tap link in our bio @gardening.daily_ 💥Choose your favourite colour and style! 💥Made in the USA🇺🇸 🌏International delivery📦 - #gardening #garden #greenthumb #urbangarden #gardener #succulents #plants #succulent #urbangardening #growyourownfood #organicgardening #succulove #horticulture #gardenlife #cactus #floweroftheday #vegetablegarden

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brooklynsuccs. The trouble with #waterpropagation of succulent leaves for me is how t

The trouble with #waterpropagation of succulent leaves for me is how to suspend them in the water without using plastic. I’m going to see what happens to the leaves if they’ve been pierced with a tiny needle. Also just going to try a tie-up. #Fingerscrossed 🤞⠀ ▪️⠀ #succulents #instagarden #plantlover #succulove #houseplantclub #succulentgarden #houseplantlove #urbangarden #Brooklyn #NYC #instaplants #apartmentjungle #succulentsofinstagram #urbanjungle #BrooklynSuccs #succs #plantlife #plantgang #greenthumb #plantlove #succulents_only #indoorjungle #plantsmakepeoplehappy #plants #mygarden #houseplants #spoonie #succulentlove

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tragosgarden. Spent a little time transplanting oak sprouts this morning. Now is the

Spent a little time transplanting oak sprouts this morning. Now is the best time to do it when the ground is wet and the weather is not hot and dry. • • • • • #gardenlove #gardenlife #mygardentoday #horticulture #gardener #instagarden #diy #diygarden #gardeninglife #gardeningtips #gardentips #tragosgarden #californiagarden #sustainablelandscaping #mulching #greenthumb #sustainablegardening #backtoeden #plantlover

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