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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in SoCal! The perfect time to grab a friend or family and explore amongst the wintry backdrop in flip flops! . . Disneyland has begun their transformation, and twinkling lights are going up at malls across the US! Are you going somewhere for the holiday season? . . Military families- Disneyland offers specials priced military salute tickets and they are good until December 21st! Feel free to explore and enjoy the holiday decorations before the busiest two weeks of the year!

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When you get a bluey from Daddy ❤️👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 #militarylife #welovedaddy @cdean.338

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Long holiday weekend . When you have time off what do you do ? Let me know ! Also any of you interested in looking into opportunities within the Army and Army Reserves ? Wanna talk about it ? Cause I got all week . A is for Army 🇺🇸💪🏼💫

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With Respect, Honor, and Gratitude; thanks for all you do in serving and protecting our country. Happy Veteran's Day, Brother!!! 1 year deployment in Korea. December 2018-December 9th, 2019. Praying for your safety and security, until you arrive back in the US. #farewellceremony2019 #armystrong #militarylife #servingourcountry🇺🇸

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Well since it’s California and fall colors were non existent till November, we took fall photos and decorated our Christmas Tree in one weekend 🤪 . Any early Christmas decorators? This was the earliest we have decorated but my husband couldn’t wait any longer! We even have the Christmas lights up 🎄 . With the holidays just around the corner stay tuned for a Christmas takeover on the vlog. We can’t wait to show you all of our Christmas videos so make sure to subscribe 😉

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We at Ross Farm hope everyone enjoyed their Veterans Day. As a company that is veteran owned, operated, and an employer of veterans, this holiday holds an immense significance to us. Thank you to all veterans, current service members, and those who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country. • • #veteransday #usmc #devildog #veteranowned #veteranoperated #rossfarm #ashevillenc #avl #greenhouse #militarylife #vetswhogrow #ncfarms #farm #ncfarmfamilies #ncfarming

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webbcityabstract. In honor of Veteran’s Day, a client gifted this beaut to her soon to b

In honor of Veteran’s Day, a client gifted this beaut to her soon to be husband who was and will always be a Marine! Half camo, half American flag with the Marine emblem 🇺🇸🎖🌟🌍 • • • #veteransday #Marines #MarineCorps #Military #MilitaryArt #Abstract #expressionism #marinecorpsveteran #Veteran #Veterans #veteranshelpingveterans #USA #UnitedStates #USMC #SemperFi #SemperFidelis #America #Hero #MilitaryLife

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I did a thing 💕 . . . . . . Don’t worry, y’all, it’s temporary and washes out 🤣 but I’ve been wanting to do something fun with my hair for a while and this way, it’s not permanent. 💖

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only 16 weeks left until we meet baby girl! 👶🏼 for some reason i feel like she will come a little early! i have been having tons of braxton hicks contractions and baby girl is SO active in my tummy. i am 24 weeks now and i feel her kicking HARD at the very least 40 times an hour, sometimes she kicks 20 times a minute. she’s seriously crazy in there. was anyone else’s baby this active in the womb or do i have a crazy baby?! 🤣 quick life update: - daniel and i have both been sick this week, it sucks. - i am working SO hard on planning, restocking & creating new shades for my nail polish line @luckilacquer 😩 it’s insane. - i’m working on creating a site to sell my presets. tons of you have been asking, and yes they are coming soon, but not yet! ☺️ - we have been doing a lot of work on the house lately between furnishing, cleaning and decorating for christmas time, we are definitely keeping ourselves busy! 💪🏼 - we are having TACO TUESDAY tonight! yummmmmm 💛 quick pregnancy update: - i will be 24 weeks on friday! - my belly is growing more and more everyday and i feel like it’s going to pop 🤣 the skin is so tight and itchy and irritating and ugh. no stretch marks yet though! 🙌🏼 - baby girl is becoming a dancer like her mommy! she does full on kicks, turns and stretches ALL DAY in my tummy. she never stops, unless she wants to take a nap which doesn’t last very long, only like 20-40 mins 🤣 & she kicks anyone and anything that touches my belly. when the ultrasound tech went to find her heartbeat she just kept kicking the doppler over and over 🤣 she’s going to be a handful when she comes out, i just know it. - sleep is no longer a thing. i wake up approx 4-8 times a night because i can’t get comfortable, plus that is when she is most active in my tummy. 🙃 - i only get nauseous every once in a while, not all day everyday anymore which i am so happy about 🙌🏼👏🏼 - i am in full on nesting mode. it’s intense. - we have tons of appointments coming up for her! the most exciting one being our 4D ultrasound at the 29 week mark! 😍 question: when did your babies become active in the womb and how active were they? we’re they that active when they were born too? 🧐

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toughmommylove. We went on our first hike as a family with our 2 year old twin boys wh

We went on our first hike as a family with our 2 year old twin boys who were recently diagnosed with autism! It was amazing and they really enjoyed the new adventure! #autismmom #autismdad #autismfamily

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militarywives_. After a quick court house Wedding pre-deployment, Bryce and I had alwa

After a quick court house Wedding pre-deployment, Bryce and I had always planned to do a beautiful ceremony with all of our family and friends. Sunday, September 1 we stood in front of all of our loved ones and professed our love for one another. The evening was absolutely magical, a night we will never forget bride @stacey__carter Groom: @noodles.11b Photographer: @darrenshoots #militarywives_ #milso #military #militarywife #militaryspouse #militarylife #militaryfamily #militarylove #army #navy #marines #coastgaurd #airforce #mysoldier #myairman #mysailor #mymarine #mycoastie

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ssgt_garner. Marines know they made a difference and never second guess themselves.

Marines know they made a difference and never second guess themselves. They put in the hard work and effort to earn the title of Marine. Something that can be never taken away from them. Once a Marine, always a Marine. These men and women took the next step in their lives to do something bigger than themselves. Are you ready to do the same? ••••••••• Earned, Never Given Delta Company completed the Crucible and earned their Eagle, Globe and Anchors Saturday morning on Parris Island. (U.S. Marine Corps photos by Pfc. Michelle Brudnicki) ••••• #Marines #mcrdparrisisland #makeadifference #earnednotgiven #earningthetitle #USMC #crucible #marinecorps #militarylife #challenge #brotherhood #ega #eagleglobeandanchor @speedy_wil @evan_boustead @ariianaguerra @ayefinchy

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belgian__army. #BelgianArmy#military#army#combat#militarylife#militaire#défense#armée
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belgian__army. #BelgianArmy#military#army#combat#militarylife#militaire#défense#armée
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