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bluesandgreens_. #nature#naturephotography#natgeo#natgeoyourshot#natgeoindia#natgeoinsp


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Follow : ✔️ @chopta.official ••• Tag us: ✔️ (@chopta.official ) to get featured. ••• Follow : ✔️ @chopta.official ••• For more treks, visit our website ( www.theindianhimalayas.com ) ••• Advise: ✔️ We request our guests to care for the environment during their stay and help us to keep the area clean. ••• Repost: ✔️ (📸 @twistedshanti • • • • • • New Bird 159: Dark Sided Flycatcher: what a beauty, whatte darkness. I really love the moody color of this guy. - - - #himalayan #Himalayas #darksidedflycatcher #birds_private #birdsofinstagram #indianbirds #flycatcher #himgeo #instahimalayas #chopta #chandrashila #tungnath #birds_brilliance #bb_of_ig #indianwildlife #devlok #instaslayers #agameoftones #moodygrams #nikonindiaofficial #natgeoyourshot #cntgiveitashot #natgeoinspires #photooftheday #potd #postcards #indianbirds #moodygrams #uttarakhand

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Please look at this very adorable yawning seal pup. Inspired to post because of all the yawning I’m doing...I just don’t look as cute :) . . . Just to note I was using a 200mm zoom...and then cropped in during post. I was standing *very* far away from this little one. It’s super important to give wildlife loads and loads of space, especially young! I didn’t want to startle the pup or concern the mom if she happened to be close by.

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Not everyone can/No todos pueden 🙌🚶‍♂️🗣 Caminan mucho? O poco? Me encanta caminar , y cuando viajo mucho más, pero sin depender del tiempo.No hay nada que me desconecte más 💆‍♂️ Investigar el lugar para mi es fundamental.Esta foto es el camino al final del túnel 🛣 Se acuerdan de la vista del anterior post? Bueno los que conocen Chicago entienden , pero los que no les cuento.Esa vista está del lado del río 🌊 El río tiene todo un camino , muy largo y ustedes pueden ver distintas vistas panorámicas de la cuidad 🏙 Ese día no se cuanto caminé , pero lo disfruté tanto.Me fuí de una punta a la otra, pero valió la pena 😍 Al final del camino me encontré con este túnel , y la luz estaba justa para las fotos. Les dejo esta postal , y quiero que si se animan , me cuenten si caminan mucho 🙆‍♂️ Para mi caminar tiene ese privilegio, conocer.Prefiero mil veces caminar por mi cuenta que depender de un tour turístico 🗺

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Great session with the National Geographic Summer Institute 2019 today! We got into some mindful practices for full sensory observation outdoors in Yellowstone National Park! Thank you for inviting me #natgeoedinst #natgeocreative #natgeoinspires

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Another shot from the crafted space. #linadayphotography

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arivera.photo. Después de Denver, dejé el auto atrás y continué con la siguiente part

Después de Denver, dejé el auto atrás y continué con la siguiente parte del viaje: Viajar en el tren Amtrak hasta Nueva York, en dos días, solo con unas horas de pausa en Chicago. Suena largo y lo fue, pero también fue bueno dejar de manejar y solo enfocarse en disfrutar el viaje, mirando por la ventana como el paisaje cambiaba, y tener tiempo para planificar los días que vendrían y de pensar en los días que acababan de pasar. Recuerdos de un viaje el 2017 . . . . After Denver I left the car behind and move on to the next part of the trip: to travel by the Amtrak train all the way to New York, 2 days in total, with a few hours stop in Chicago. Sounds long, and it was, but it was good to stop driving. Just focus on enjoying the ride, looking outside and watching how the landscape changed while having time to plan the days ahead and think about the days that just passed. Memories from a trip in 2017

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El cafecito, los amigos y yendo a buscar olas en pleno invierno, no tiene precio más que el de un resfriado 🥶 🤟🏽😎 🌊 🏄‍♂️ . . . . . . . . . . #surf 🏄🏽 #travel ✈️ #food 🍉 #amazingdestination #tourtheplanet #livingonearth #colors_of_day #traveltoearth #wonderfulworld #earthfocus #earthpics #travellingthroughtheworld #NatGeoInspires #hallazgosemanal #primerolacomunidad #mdq #passionpassport #summer #verano #winter #invierno #carilo

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rivers and seas.

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Cascais | 🇵🇹 Atardeceres portugueses

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[ENG]⬇️ Piękne są chorwackie wyspy. Kocham całym serduszkiem. Nie wiem jak mój Wojtuś, ale ja tęsknię za Chorwacją i marzy mi się podróż na Hvar ❤️ Wyspa ta jest widoczna na horyzoncie 🥰 Od razu widać, że niezwykła 🙃 . The Croatian islands are beautiful. I love them with my whole heart. I don't know about my Wojtek, but I miss Croatia and dream of a trip to Hvar. ❤️ The island is visible on the horizon. 🥰 You can see that it's amazing 🙃 . . #vidovagora #hvar #brac #visitbrac #islandbrac #openmyworldtravel #polishtravelling #lovetravelingtheworld #wspomnieniazwakacji #travellingislife #cozadzien #polishtraveller #bestvacation #miejsca #bestvacationever #natgeoinspires #viewforview #pieknemiejsce #travellust #discovereurope #kochampodróżować #amazingeurope #blogpodróżniczy #zobaczyć #wgorachjestwszystkocokocham #cheaptravel #wonderfulworldpic #mountainvibes #travelwithlove #travelmemories

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It’s great to be back in @southdakota for this gorgeous, green summer! When I first visited in January, I knew I wanted to see more of the western part of the state, and from unique landscapes to picturesque car camping spots, I’m really enjoying myself. If you’re looking for an amazing road trip destination that isn’t packed full of tourists and lines, definitely add Badlands National Park (pictured here) to your list — and consider spending a few days. When you have the time to wander, you never know what sort of hidden gems you’ll find. #HiFromSD

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rhetthbgause. Backpacking was incredible and harder than we imagined. We would walk

Backpacking was incredible and harder than we imagined. We would walk through these Jurassic looking Fern and Redwood forests completely in the shadow of the massive canopy. The small goat sized trail would spit us out high on a bluff overlooking the ocean. We’d gain elevation and lose it just as fast. The gps waypoint said camp was two miles away. Nine miles later we were still on steep dirt switchbacks. No better company than @_adventurepants

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|| T H I S • I S • W Y O || • • • What is your favorite thing about the great state of Wyoming? Tell us in the comments. || Amazing shot by @nik.hardiman 📸

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Hey! That’s me :) Thought it would be a good idea to introduce myself! I’m Aimée, pronounced “Em-Ay.” It’s french, I’m not french, my parents were just goofy :) Here are some random facts about me: I’m a huge nerd (I love Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, The Avengers, I play D&D, etc etc), tacos are my favorite food forever and ever, I don’t like bananas or peppers but I love banana peppers (🤷‍♀️), the desert is my happy place, I feel happiest on road trips, I’m terrified of sharks but don’t mind spiders, I’ve recently discovered matcha and it’s changed my life, and my favorite color is orange. And if it wasn’t obvious, I love my job. A lot. Like a lot a lot. It’s the best thing ever to be a part of a couple’s peak existence day. It’s just the greatest thing ever. 🧡🧡🧡

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